Car Insurance Companies Charge Higher Rates in Some Minority Neighborhoods

Otis Nash works six days a week at two jobs, as a security guard and a pest control technician, but still struggles to make the $190.69 monthly Geico car insurance payment for his 2012 Honda Civic LX.

“I’m on the edge of homelessness,” said Nash, a 26-year-old Chicagoan who supports his wife and 7-year-old daughter. But “without a car, I can’t get to work, and then I can’t pay my rent.”

Across town, Ryan Hedges has a similar insurance policy with Geico. Both drivers receive a good-driver discount from the company.

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Nigger neighborhoods have higher crime rate. Everyone knows that. It would only be logical for insurance companies to charge more because their insurance is going to be used more often over there.

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Hurr durr why muh insurance cost so much?

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This. Lefties as usual overlapping with reality by writing such articles.

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I moved to ca from the Midwest, and my premiums shot up $400/year almost immediately.

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Who in their right mind would move IN to cali?

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400/year is pretty good. My company only sells 6 month policies for the same price. Liability only

400 on top of what I was paying. Now I’m at about 1500/year. Gay AF

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Car insurance companies charge higher rates in areas with more crime
Are these bigots implying Minorities commit more crimes

he probably did it because there wasn't any work where he lived, that's why I live in my shithole

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The Reason Car Insurance in the US Shot up between 1992 and early 2000 ish.. is because Russians and Georgians where running a Massive scam, crashing cars of professional victims into others up to 12 times a day, this scam Originated in Brooklyn NYC, Tens of thousands of "New Russians" where doing this for years…. You can blame the Russians for this one!!!

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Who in their right mind would move to any state with a liberal majority?

A: Literally NOBODY

Q: who cares?

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This sounds like a Mafia sort of shit, and if it's Russian Mafia like you're impling then oh my I have some fucking news for you
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I understand that circuses have high insurance rates when they allow the monkeys to drive the tiny cars into the middle ring, too.

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LOL@implying that 'russians' invented fake insurance claims in America


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China and Russia where helpless, Slaves Drug addicts for a hundred years at Your hands.
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early next year, my wife and I are moving back to California. Its excellent. you've simply never worked in the entertainment industry before, and you only know what you 'think you know' because you get your data 2nd hand, and haven't actually experienced any of the things you consider yourself to be an 'expert' in…

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Back to the topic at hand:

inner city niggers and spice being charged more for auto insurance…

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It is posibly to late, the Russians and the Chinese are not allies, they are in a permanent Spiral.
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it would be kinda hard for another state to 'lose californians'

This. Progressives always like to ignore the why of things.