Teens who killed a man by dropping a sandbag on him from a bridge receive suspended sentence


Four US teenagers who pleaded guilty to dropping a sandbag off of a freeway overpass and killing a 22-year-old man have been given a suspended sentence and ordered to go to treatment.

The Ohio teens killed Marquis Byrd, a passenger in a vehicle on a freeway in Toledo, after dropping the sandbag last December.

The teens were all between the ages of 13 and 14 at the time. The teen who actually dropped the bag pleaded guilty to murder, while the other three pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

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I'm going to guess these teens were a minority class

That isn't a guess.

They don't give names or photos of the pieces of shit who did this. They were little niglets for sure.

Golden rule: No name, no face? They are of the black race.

Actually now that I read the charge of "murder" for something that doesn't fit the law definition of murder I'd wager the 4 kids are white. A niglet wouldn't have gotten charged with murder.

Unfortunately they hide behind the because they are minors. That really needs to be changed. If you are old enough to commit murder, you are old enough to take the consequences and the public shame that comes with it.

Underage juveniles do not feel the full weight of the law

No do most woman, politicians, big businesses and certain other "protected" groups.

They give the names and/or faces of white murderers all the time. Look at all these mass shootings. It is only EVER black thugs, sandniggers and kikes who manage to keep their faces and names out of the media. More often than not it's those greesy apes who are the culprits.

At the absolute least they could give the last name of the family and a picture or two.

Excuse me, I mean juvenile white murderers.

Toledo is not that big a city and is visited by winterchan a lot. I'm putting my bet on white.

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we all know these poor youths did this because of systemic racism

this is what happens with single mothers

The victim was a nigger.

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Niggers getting off the hook for murder. Disgusting.

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I don't get it. Toledo is a cold place. I guess if they're willing to live in Canada then places like that aren't off limits… So my guess is south east Ohio is the only part of the state that's not completely fucked.

Is this what passes as entertainment these days? Dropping sandbags on the freeway?

How am I the jew? I was pointing out it was porch monkeys all along. The fact it was nigger on nigger violence was coincidence.

No. My guess is that their form of entertainment is doing something stupid to see what happens next and not get caught.

I'm guessing you're obsessed with minorities tbh

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No surprise there. If they're white, most articles seem to begin with a headline specifically pointing out that they're white. is right. They often hide the race, if they aren't white. I just never really paid attention to it before.

Reminds me how the vast majority of "mass shootings" in the USA are black on black crime, but no one gives a fuck unless it's a kid shooting up his school.

Keep in mind they also count a cop's gun going off by accident and no one getting hurt as a "school shooting."

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Please post evidence of 'mass shootings' by black people.

please post evidence of police officers going off in schools where nobody gets hurt

I've seen the statistics in the past, using the definition of "mass shooting". Of course, there isn't a statistic you can look up like this specifically. That would be racist. You have to pull the information from the raw data on shootings. I'll see what I can come up with.

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Alright, so as a baseline. A mass shooting is defined as the shooting deaths of 4 or more people in a single incident (excluding the shooter).

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The most enraging part of this photo is that some shithead lawyer told it to cry for the cameras.

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According to Jewpedia:
"Between 1966 and 2012, 292 public mass shootings (defined as four or more victims and excluding gang killings or domestic violence) occurred across the world: 90 of these, or 31% of the total, took place in the United States."

So they don't even include gang killings in the statistics. How convenient. I wonder what race would be the ones doing gang killings?


I've waited and waited and waited…

……and not surprisingly, no evidence of 'most mass shootings' being committed by blacks…

…..and no evidence of 'police officers' guns being fired in schools' with no students being shot….

Looks like The Goldwater has found a couple new 'qualified journalists'

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At least they didn't use Assault Weapons. (Highway Department should be held responsible for losing control of their sandbags)