Art Or Just A Good Idea?: Marina Abramović To Shock Herself With 1 Million Volts

Marina Abramović is set to shock audiences with her latest performance piece, but this one is actually going to shock her, literally. A 71-year-old Abramović is set to allow herself to be charged with 1 million volts of electricity, and the man delivering the shock will be an English goat farmer. Her upcoming art piece is more science than art and is something akin to your grandma trying to compete with David Blaine.

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Where is the shock being applied? Does this English Goat Farmer have the authority in this piece to just decide "fuck it, zap her right in the pussy".

Hey look at that, She's doing Mike Pence's job for him.

Am I missing something?

It's all about the currents. If she's doing 1 mil at .01 miliamps it doesn't mean shit.

Wake me when the bitch does 1,000,000V at minimum 1 amp

That snake looks more loving and cuddly than she does.

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Can't wait for that day honest

This is the spirit cooking kook in that cuck Pedosta's emails.

Kirlian photography is a technique ghosthunters try to find spooks.

a lot of people have this shit happen by accident all the time in real jobs and they don't think it's art when it happens


Current depends on resistance, do you even know basic electro? U = I*R, voltage over resistance is current.
The reason tasers can do it is because it is a series of very short shocks.
So the question is more of "how long is the shock?"

You obviously don't understand art.
The idea is to grab your attention and possibly make you think.
The fact you clicked on this thread is already proof that it worked.

You should've seen her thing where she stood naked with her boyfriend in a narrow doorway. Everyone had to slide through to go through. You could see how the men would face the woman and the women would face the men when they did. It was pretty funny.

Bang your head against the wall as hard as you can.
Eat the pain.

It's the only art you'll see news articles of, at least.
And no, I'd rather not.

Let's hope she dies. That would be art.

Its probably static electricity.

A Van Der Graf Generator can produce 5 millionvolts. But its just a static charge. There is hardly any potential for current to flow.

T. Itookonephysicsclassinhighschool

*that is the equation for steady state voltagedrops over an ohmic resistors. The body is filled with ionizale molecules that become conducting in high electric fields so for starters that equation isn't going to work the way you think it is. More importantly thoigh its not steady state.b If she is only sourcing a miliamp then the voltage will start high but it is going to drop like a rock as soon as conduction begins.*

Art fags gonna fag.

Literally who?

Wow, coverage of traditional aesthetic art has been (((coincidentally))) pushed out of the limelight by click bait shock value (((modern))) art. Color me surprised


Why Not? Tesla did it several times.

But of course, he knew precisely what he was doing.

Let's hope her techies provide vast entertainment.

The Dead Girl on TV next week

One of these things is not like the other

Tesla worked for Edison a couple years then asked to be paid as agreed.

Edison said, you just don't understand the American Sense of Humor.

And Fired him.

Then Tesla went to work for George Westinghouse.

tied in with pizzagate. look up spirit cooking


this is a great definition, pal.

what's voltage and wahts amps? what's the diff?

Voltage is the amount of pressure the electricity has on a given resistor.
Amperage is the amount of current, the amount of electrons, that flow through the circuit.
Watts is Voltage multiplied by Amperage. It is power.

Because the snake isn't a kike.

We need more socially relevant and politically astute threads like this.

Reminds me of the supermarket tabloids where unknown soap opera bit players get married then immediately break up to get front page ink on their lame griefs.

I can take a shit in public and call it art too but that doesn't make it art. This takes no special skill, why is it here, we all know the answer

I hope this Satanic illuminati bitch does it. (I know she will because le edgy artist.) gets it. Sadly, it won't have any current, but one can only hope they botch it somehow.

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Someone please rig her device to 2 amps so this literal witch can die