Hilary Clinton warns Theresa May that Brexit could destroy the Irish peace deal


Hillary Clinton has warned that "the hand of history will be heavy and unforgiving" if Theresa May's government allows Brexit to "undermine" the Good Friday Agreement as both Labour and the Conservatives were accused of souring tensions with the Irish government.

Marking the 20th anniversary of the 1998 peace deal, the former US secretary of state and presidential candidate — whose husband Bill helped broker the agreement — said reinstating a hard Irish border would represent an "enormous setback" and a return to the "bad old days" when communities were set apart.

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No fucking shit, armistice only came about in NI because somebody finally realised that because both countries are part of the EU there should be no secured boarder. The loyalists got to say that they are still part of Brittan and the republicans got freedom of movement. It wasn't perfect but it worked and that's all that mattered. Then a bunch of goofy cunts came along and are threatening to fuck it all up

Billary and her open borders agenda 🙄🙄🙄

Anything to get the attention. Why doesn't she just fuck off and die?

Thanks Hillary for being a true guardian of peace.

I don't understand why both sides can't just chill the fuck out. They've been living side by side for 20 years relatively peacefully. There's no reason to freak the fuck out and throw that the fuck away just because another god damned island just decided to do a thing.

Just give her time, she'll fall over like the walking corpse she is, eventually.

Implying the homos and muslims that populate Ireland now care about whitey Catholic/Protestant paddy beef from the previous millemium.

remind me again, what's her party called ? Democra what ?

and all the cultural warfare and real wars that have occurred that have given rise to the result of this vote … what helped cause it ?


I can't cross the border legally mcshamus get out the car bombs!

Clinton logic.

At the moment Ireland is too excited about becoming the only land border between the EU and UK. That's going to be one of the main things bringing money into the republic for the foreseeable future.

Does someone need to remind her that she's not actually the president?

why the fuck are emojis enabled here?

you seriously needed more proof that this place was cancer?

on my defense i was away for some time now, so i didn't know things had become this bad.

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T. Cuck

She'd just scream something about muh popular vote and then blame everyone but her for her loss


She's probably still seething about it honestly. I can imagine daily tantrums in the Clinton household were she's throwing things at Bill and yelling about how much money she wasted buying all those votes from illegal aliens.

Well, yeah.

Has the fact that she won't go away not tipped you that she's assmad?

how much do (((they))) pay you?

IRA 2 when?

Dumb Irish.

If the IRA is a real Army why have they taken so long to invade England? Because they're cunts.
Whats that you say? I'm a real tough guy talking shit about the IRA on the internet. Dude, England is right next door. You could float there. There is no excuse. IRA=Cucks

So? Its not like the agreement was nothing more than a loose treaty signed just to allow time for a better opportunity in the future. You think that Brexit is the reason why shit might go south? That IRA gives a fuck about free travel? No, it just means that the entire fucking EU won’t come crashing down on them when they start pulling out the mortars. What hillary doesn’t fucking understand is that FUCK the Good Friday agreement, Northern Ireland is an occupied IRISH TERRITORY ruled by people that SHOULDNT FUCKING BE THERE. Everybody forgot that the English empire still exists, and that any English control of any part of Ireland is unlawful and Imperial in nature. “Keep the peace” FUCK THE PEACE. Fuck the english, fuck the scots and fuck their ulster cousins. Fuck the clintons for propagating English control of Ireland, too. We fought a war over this shit 230+ years ago but suddenly when Ireland wants its country back from invaders its about maintaining the peace and respecting borders? Fuck you, the clintons are nothing more than pieces of dog shit that deserve to be dragged from the back of trucks along with every invader in NI.

must seem strange when what you really seem to be fighting for is shit like gay marriage
but then you gotta wonder, did the Irish really vote for gay marriage or have the English just completely dispensed with reality ?

Hows that street shitter president working out for you?

and you lost. It's our clay now, you're welcome to the shit parts in the south because we are generous conquerors, but if you're going to throw such a pissy fit about this after so long then maybe you need some more reeducation. That got out of hand, there's no need for us to be rude. I tell you what, if the cocaine business falls through on you guys then you're welcome to tarmac my drive.

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Who you talking 'bout?

I’m American, you pathetic cuck. We whupped your asses out of this country for shit way less than what you did to Ireland. I think we should do it again just to remind you that you are pathetic creatures by nature and fold at the slightest of rebellions. The only reason you surpressed ireland for so long was because of divide and conquer, and once they unified not to long ago you couldn’t put down some catholic guerillas armed with shit made in some dudes garage. Your empire was as easily dismantled as it was acquired, do not forget this. Your overinflated egos do not equal to the amount of military failures you’ve obtained. As seen with France, Us, and Germany, the moment you are matched with organized power you either stalemate or lose. You’ve no right to Ireland and if you weren’t backed by NATO and formely the EU, the Irish would have slaughtered your sheep in the North 20 years ago.

We let you have your 13 colonies because we didn't want to fight a war on five fronts.

I see, so you have no idea how and why your revolution actually happened. Protip, Mel Gibson is not a reliable source.

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Lel, The brits are out in force scrambling to pick up their shattered egos. How does it feel to get thrown out of a country of farmers? How about a guy who took his country from you by starving himself? Shelled to oblivion while your alcoholic prime minister appeals for American Aid? How does it feel to get kicked out from Normandy, having france beat that ass so badly that you got mad at yourself and kicked your own ass in the War of Roses? What about that time unarmed chinamen stalemated you? Ireland isnt the first time the english were exposed as clowns. Everything you people do results in embarrassment on a national level. In the last century and a quarter you’ve been able to accomplish fuck all because you have used the americans that beat the shit out of you as a crutch for everything. EVEN WITH US you STILL manage to fuck everything up, requiring us to do all the heavy lifting. It happened when you couldn’t end world war 1 on your own, it happened when we fed you afterwards, it happened when we gave you billions worth of aid to maintain yourselves in world war 2, it happened in the middle east, it happened during the cold war, AND IT MIGHT HAPPEN AGAIN IF YOU GO INTO BANKRUPTCY BECAUSE OF BREXIT. Hopefully it doesn’t though, ill give you one thing, you told the EU to go fuck itself all by yourself, good job! Its the one thing you managed to do in the last century that didnt either require another nations help or result in failure.

And their government is doing everything it can to reverse that decision.

That day can't come fast enough. I will drink the finest scotch on that day.

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Fuil na hÉireann, deartháir!


She is a witch, she literally just vises a covent just last week.
Would not be surprised if she uses some sort of demonic black magic to extend her life.

Brit LOST, why are you in N I when you should be in England defending blood and soil. How could english have wasted all that hate all those centuries on irish and now let all your daughters get rape tortured?

I believe it was 911 that finally calmed things down. That's when white people realized terrorism was uncool.

It is kinda cute when you get all triggered and try to pretend that you "know you some history"

Pic related America.

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>You better not break up the (((United States 2.0))) goys. Muh jewish masters wont like it.

Fucking bankers need to be lined up and shot.

No it came about because the Cold War was over and the IRA could no longer easily import guns (US pipeline was shut down too). This let the more 'moderate' corrupt and political/criminal focussed leaders finally take over and negotiate a face-saving peace.

Northern Ireland is rightful British clay. The McPotatoes have no business there.

Its an insignificant plot of land. The british have no business laying claim to it and maintaing this ridiculous conflict. There nothing there of value.

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*cough* Spain *cough* Gibraltar *cough*

The Irish and the Brits have no claim to it for it is the location of the future Australian white ethnistate

Everyone pretends that Gibraltar doesn't exist because it might as well not. If we stationed an actual naval group there (instead of 26 guys and 2 patrol boats) then it would be the gateway into the Mediterranean, but for now it's a city that exists to annoy the Spaniards and nothing else.

You misspelled Hillary, you dumb cunt.