Iowa School Nurse, 46, Accused of Having Sex With Male HS Student, 16

Authorities have confirmed that a 46-year-old high school nurse in Iowa had sex with a 16-year-old high school student and that she even received a Snapchat video of the boy masturbating.

The nurse identified as Angela Dee Beik was placed on administrative leave in March from Linn-Mar High School in Marion after she shared to two nurses at St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Lapids that she had consensual sex with a high school student, exactly three decades her junior.

Beik even told her colleagues such salacious details as her having a “make-out session” with the teen in October. She also shared to her fellow nurses that the teen sent her a Snapchat video of him masturbating in March. One of the nurses Beik allegedly confided in revealed that Beik even told them such intimate details as how long her sexual encounter with the kid lasted. The boy allegedly informed Beik in a Snapchat video that his mom has already left and that he was “ready.”

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Surely they cant recover ((snapchat)) videos

These are the fruits of (((MILF))) porn

Usually they get caught when boy starts bragging. How dumb do you have to be to be a nurse who's bragging to coworkers

What's the problem here

The nurse did nothing wrong

She's a nurse, it's not like she's smart.
Raped would be a more accurate word.
If she was hot her picture would have been posted here by now.

Disgusting..she's on FB btw.
Pretty easy to find.

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Fake news. It was penis inspection day. That shit happens everywhere people actually care about hygiene.



The joke, I think, was that she's old and probably ugly, so he wouldn't willingly bang.

Most nurses, but some might just like the job. I suppose a shopworker whose family owns the business is stupid because he has that sort of low-thinking job?

Ok shes not that ugly.

What the big deal. He had sexual drive since 12. Why do need permission from nanny government. Sex is body need like air and food. You don't need to be smart to eat food.

Lrn2probabilly, Billy

I just wanna say, JN, that you're one of the better trolls here.

She looks purdy friggen good for 46, definitely gilf material. Anyone who thinks this woman looks disgusting for 46 is a virgo betabitchboisoy


He must have been hard up for sex, poor guy.

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She obviously has a pretty cool personality if shes willing to fuck a 16yo

Ok, that's rape.