US deploys naval task force to Mediterranean, ready to strike Syria

Just after US President Donald Trump expressed his desire to get American forces out of Syria, due to the fact that American forces haven’t accomplished anything useful to America while over there and have just ended up costing a boat load of money and causing lots of death and destruction, he is now sending a naval task force to the Mediterranean to meet up with its destroyer the USS Donald Cook as the US gears up for war in Syria against Assad and his allies.

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Russia flattens the US with nukes while America is on the wrong side of the planet.

24 hours, huh ?….

Trump said that over 39 hours ago. I guess he's not very good at telling time.

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The things we do for Israel…

you can't do ANYTHING right, can you?

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Trump seems to be the only person on earth who thinks he's actually 'intimidating'. what a fucking douchebag

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Russia will do nothing. They will stand down and watch in silence while NATO pummels Animal Assad's asshole, then they will spin the whole thing as a non-event for maximum damage control.

Aw chicoms, don't feel insecure. you totally have one shitty not very good aircraft carrier. if you give on you plans for naval expansion you can use it as a ski jump.

Assad is not going to die in any attack, so what's the point? More civilian deaths?

Stop France and UK from pulling a Libya.

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If Americans actually pay attention to this fake chemical attack and are forced to confront the fact that America/Israeli deep state is behind it, then at least some Americans will finally be brought around to ISIS and the global war on terror being fake.

I laffed @ the predacock.


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Reading about the USS Liberty cover up woke me up. The current gas attack story does not add up. The world is a stage and the puppet masters hope to put on a show.

those couple sentences you formed are pretty good english for a russian.

They have to do something or loose their pipeline. Unless of course that there has already been back room negotiations and the US is just going to bomb non-targets to keep up the game of pretend.


seriously moishe? try harder.

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They've been pushing the administration into a corner from the start. They had several plans in hopes to tie the conclusion close to what they hope for.

We know who the enemy is and how they play.

We've been told to believe Trump and Russia are working together yet they try to tell us they're attacking each other in Syria?

We were told April showers, and pardons coming by the end of next week, this fleet is headed there under the guise it's to attack Russia so all neighbors cooperate and let us in.

But it'll likely be like the US Liberty retaliation and we're just not going to say anything until everything's in place.

Checkmate Israel, start building a wall to go with your dome, you're all alone