Florida - School Told Bra-Less Student to Cover Her Nipples to Avoid Distraction


A Florida high-school student was reprimanded by school administrators for not wearing a bra one day this week as they told her to cover her nipples “because they were distracting her classmates.”

Lizzy Martinez, 17, said she felt humiliated by school officials after she decided not to wear a bra under her gray long-sleeve shirt on Monday. School officials in Bradenton said Martinez became the target of other students’ stares.

Martinez shared that her ordeal started when School Dean Violeta Velazquez called her into the office. Martinez then confided that she felt like she was being bullied by fellow students, but Velazquez chose to focus instead on the alleged “distraction” the teenager is causing.

Martinez told the local paper The Bradenton Herald, “She told me that I needed to put a shirt on under my long-sleeve shirt to try to tighten my breasts- to constrict them. And then she asked me to move around.”

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It's like complaining when people look at you when you run around with no pants on. A part of the body that has strong sexual connotations was visible because of her clothing decisions. Accordingly, the (hormonal) teenagers in the class had a reaction based on basic human psychology.

You can't control the subconscious telling you to look at sexy things and mate with them. You can control if your tits are covered so as to prevent said sexy things from being visible.

tl;dr Her fault for not dressing appropriately.

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sometimes women have no idea that they are beautiful, but in this case I have been (as a male) in this situation many times before, basically victim blaming. school sees you getting bullied and punishes you instead of the bulllies and makes up a bullshit reason. happens all the time. some shirt nipple never hurt anyone, it's a bullying cover up anyway. poor liz.

Nice b8, i r8 8/8.


wow what a terrible person to use bait accusation to try to get others to not take the truth seriously.


nipples aren't a problem, it's people.

Way to completely misrepresent the situation shlomo

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Are we still in the United States for christ's sake?

If it was a guy wearibg tight shorts to show of the goodsf eminazis would call it eye rape. The media would cry foul. He would end up suspended or expelled and man shamed in local media.

read the story again. the girl wasn't complaining. she was complaining she was being bullied about something completely unrelated and the stupid school employees faked it to make it all about her nipples just to change the subject and victim blame and let the bully cult members walk free.

let's see the nips

Because I do not feel sexually harrassed when people stare at mine.


Ladies don't need to wear the bra except for medical reasons because it distorts the true body shape, which prevent the future male breeders from choosing the beautiful women to have strong and healthy children. No man will want the lady with haggy breasts to breed with.


why is everyone completely misunderstanding the article

Actually it isn't. If you want to really talk about appropriate attire we need to roll back a few hundred years. No skin was shown. There were serious health considerations for this actually people weren't just that prudish. Syphilis was a literal epidemic and many other STI's were rampant as well. We combated it all by reducing the overtly sexual overtones of our attire for centuries. Quite elaborately at times - some of the old style dresses and men's wear are actually quite attractive in their own way. The more common folk wore more common clothing that was conservative but very practical - you can still see it today among the Amish, the Mennonites, and the Hassidic Jews (I think, I never remember the name of that ultra conservative sect of theirs).

It also spelled out the basis for men's professional attire in the realm of business to this day. The suit was born in that day and age and carried forward and evolved. It is quite de-sexualized in terms of what it displays yet, like those old guard forms of dress, still displays a sense of masculinity in the way it is cut and shaped. It's actually an important display, it symbolizes that you are present respectfully for the purposes of business. This all formed the basis of how our society functioned for a long time. We shouldn't be so quick to throw off clothing.

Fashion was and can be a very potent statement of values. It's been a grave mistake handing it over to modern fashion "artists" who basically just pump out stupid trash donned by human rakes. They espouse unhealthy lifestyles filled with hedonistic decadence and no substance and we've bought it wholesale for generations.

It seems to me that the "school officials" told her to put a bra on, and her accusations of bullying are an unrelated issue? Anyhow, she should be able to wear or not wear whatever the fuck she wants. Land of the free my swetty ass

I agree.
Women shouldn't wear bras, it has been proven that it is healthier not to, and that by wearing one, the muscles of the breast are weakened, prematurely aging the breasts.
Women should, however, wear covering clothing that does not show or highlight the form to a vulgar extent.
For schoolgirls in partlicular, they should wear a very short skirt with no underwear, knee high black stockings with short heels so they can't run away, and a loose blouse that becomes transparent when they sweat. They should also be hobbled, so that they feel naturally more comfortable when on their knees with a male penis in their mouths and semen in their gullet.

What is an american surname?
Your freakshow is an amalgam of the worst of Europe forcibly blended with whatever the kikes have dragged over from third world shitholes.

Along with a few dozen other young schoolgirl nipples for comparison.

"Ohhh señor, you is too beeeeeg for my puta concha! Ayyyyy"


Maybe she should have worn a fucking bra then?

They use the deodorant so that won't work. The deodorants need to be illegal.

Or they would wear tight dress with no shape wear or whatever that alter their body artificially.

Why would they need to wear the knee high black stockings short heels for? It's better them to wear the clear flip flop with no stockings so everyone can see how healthy their legs is.

Argh not this disgusting sexual method because it will encourage them to be sluts and spread the STDs.

Thots gonna thot

Or she would have wear the band aids on her tits.

ITT teenage autists, who supposedly value freeze peach, tell others what they should and should not do.
I s'pose that ain't rare nowadays!
Still, you should all just STFU.
You Millenials deserve FOSTA.
Your kind created this fucked up world.
This is why we cannot have nice things.
Nipples are no more sexual than earlobes.
tbh earlobes are very sexy. You should all cover yours.

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Of course
Where fake tits abound and people walk the streets in their skimpy bathing suits

Not an argument jose.

And nothing of value was lost.

It was so easy for us to destroy the internet, get the western world closer to shariah law, and soon all women will be covered from head to toe with full burqahs. We will remove all sexuality from humankind. We will outlaw the showing of skin, or even body shape, for all peoples. Population control, yes; but, more importantly, all forms of social control must be more fully implemented.
we learned these techniques for how to change public opinions from the chans, and now we are using it against you!
You're welcome. Enjoy your future.

Quads confirm.

Nipples are bad, m'kay?
Surgically remove all nipples from high school students. Boys too. I can see their nips through their tanktops. Verry distracting.

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LOL @ Jim hiring illiterate Filipino prostitutes to create the 'news articles', and all of their stories being riddled with grammatical errors, typos, and flubs.

They erroneously put a hypen into the word 'braless'… They're so stupid, they even capitalized the 'L' in 'less'…

Uneducated, illiterate, monkey-faced, stupid fucking prostitutes…

Kek, Johnny boy!

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I detect desperation here.
It's almost as if JohnnyNeptune thought he could singlehandedly take down the pig-farmer's site quickly by pointing out flip grammatical errors (while making his own.)
What a newfag namefag!

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Plox no bully.
It was a simple spelling mistake.

Literally any European name, mainly British.

go back to whence you belong.

Lol @ my faux pas

That was a classic case of ironic timing. Hahahaha !!….

JohnnyNeptune still trying to make everything about him.

again: Filipino Prostitutes are good for one thing, and one thing only: making it appear as if Jim Watkins isn't a homosexual pedophile

but they're NOT very good at journalism

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I see you are putting in a space now between "Johnny" and "Neptune".
Why no "hypen"?
Are you afraid someone might co-opt your name and make posts on your behalf?
And the point has been made:
==Why does everything have to be about (You), Johnny boy?
also, post wife's nipples.

Your newfaggotry is showing, Johnny boy.
This is hardly news.
(As in, anything you have to say.)
You are on a playground. Accept the rules or you will be bullied to death.

Comes here for the "journalism".
Lord Kek! Mein sides!

No bully Johnny boy. He does not know the reason for the rules.
Content is more important than personas or identities.
His content isn't horrible, for a chan, but his presentation needs some work. You see, no one cares about his identity here; nor do they want to contribute to his self-promoting (see what I did there with that "hypen"?) namefagishness. Everyone just wants him to either STFU, GTFO, or learn how to be judged on his content, rather than the bloated egoic /lolcow/ personification he has engendered here, and everywhere else.

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Disable names on Zig Forums when?

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So where is the pics? and no fakes please sir. I know the photoshop and also having seen a few nipples in my day

I'm only here for a picture of the distracting spectacle.
I am disappoint


Nothing "alleged" about nipples being distracting.

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oh no no no no no no no no no no no

I may not fully agree with them but I respect their right to speak. what you're advocating for is an actual witch hunt.

Do you belong to an anti fascist orgainization?

Stop stealing my name faggot or Im calling the cops

When a man wears a bra, I will, too.

What faggot doesn't want to look at women's nipples?

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False equivalency fallacy, not just to the fact that you're arguing that men showing off their bodies is natural and expected, but that women being careless about their nipple outline is impossible and an anomaly. Regardless, all you have actually said is that men showing their muscles is fine but women having a nipple outline is not fine without an actual reason or rationale. In both of the initial cases what remains the same is that both persons have a sex appeal that will get the attention of people being people. What you have failed to do is explain why it's "fine" for a man to go about in public having a sex appeal but not a woman. You can't appeal to tradition either because it's not an argument. A tradition can very well be unjust so just because something is tradition doesn't make it fair. My own issue with schools dress coding females is that their reasoning for it is ridiculous. If someone's sex appeal is distracting you may as well ban attractive people in schools for being a distraction. Because no matter how strict a dress code you have unless you ban attractive people you will continue to have the "issue" where your students are being distracted by someone else's sexual appeal. Obvious there needs to be a line drawn somewhere, so school dress code ought to comply with local laws regarding appropriate street clothing.

Goes to school next day wearing a new bra.

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Does anyone have the old pic of the cat wearing an 8-nipple bra?

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pinned at /r/funny lad

Perky tits piss off older saggy breasted women. Simple as that.

No it isn't.
Thanks for making me look.
It's not in a sticky, and I'm not making a thread for it. That's gotta be one of the deadest boards on this site.
Just some oldfag help me out here!

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You know the rules, femanon…
Post tits or GTFO.
You don't have to be naked or anything. Just a thin white wet t-shirt will be fine.

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Too true.
Thx 4 the tl;dr

This bread somehow made me smile.
Here's an archive:
Johnny Neptune BTFO!

That will never happen.

I get paid per post.

This thread made my nipples hard.

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i sure do LOVE sucking fat nigger cock…

the bigger the better…

my dream is to literally choke to death on one of my mommy's boyfriend's cock…

This post is too good for this shit board, nay, this shit site. gg m90 ;_;7 9/11

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You don't have to be such a try-hard, newfriend.
Johnny Neptune is the easiest /lolcow/ to troll on this entire website!
Why you try so hard?
Johnny, is that you, still trying to self-promote?

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I see what you did there.

Nice "hypen".

You can't get rid of me that easily.

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This loser calls letter spears hypens. Go kiss your boyfriend faggot.