In new book, Comey says Trump 'untethered to truth'

Former FBI Director James Comey blasts President Donald Trump as unethical and "untethered to truth" and calls his leadership of the country "ego driven and about personal loyalty" in a forthcoming book.

Comey reveals new details about his interactions with Trump and his own decision-making in handling the Hillary Clinton email investigation before the 2016 election. He casts Trump as a mafia boss-like figure who sought to blur the line between law enforcement and politics and tried to pressure him personally regarding his investigation into Russian election interference.

The book adheres closely to Comey's public testimony and written statements about his contacts with the president during the early days of the administration and his growing concern about Trump's integrity. It also includes strikingly personal jabs at Trump that appear sure to irritate the president.

The 6-foot-8 Comey describes Trump as shorter than he expected with a "too long" tie and "bright white half-moons" under his eyes that he suggests came from tanning goggles. He also says he made a conscious effort to check the president's hand size, saying it was "smaller than mine but did not seem unusually so."

The book, "A Higher Loyalty," is to be released next week. The Associated Press purchased a copy this week.

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Oh you mean that guy who's brother was involved with the Clinton Foundation when he dropped the investigation into Hillary's e-mail scandal? Yeah, sounds like a completely trustworthy and unbiased source.

who cares what a scumbag traitor thinks

after he commuted treason
and gave Hillary a free pass from prison

his word is not worth the used shit paper its printed on

Yet TRUMP is more honest then the entire US media, let that sink in…

Wow, this is like a year after his fifteen minutes of fame ended. I guess this is for the elderly/cnn viewers or something

I just want to highlight the pettiness of Comey's self-described behaviors to prove that he was a perfectly constructed swamp dweller for this timeline.


wow it's like someone at fox "news" told all their anchors to come to 8ch and spread their projecting lies.
comey is as patriotic as you can get. you're not a traitor because you don't swear loyalty to your president. the exact opposite. no single person is above the constitution of your country, including the president, so if the president decides to start breaking a number of constitutional amendements (he has) it's your patriotic duty as an american citizen to say "fuck you, i'll do my duty"
how quickly they forget that it was the fbi who instigated the probe into hilary right before the election and probably cost her votes. they found nothing outrageously incriminating. so what do you guys want? oh, let me guess… a 'witch hunt?" trumped up charges?

name one thing that comey has done that is treasonous. I can name a few amendments that trump has personally wanted to ignore or outright abolish from the constitution, after he swore at his inauguration to DEFEND the constitution. Trump should be put to death for BLATANTLY OBVIOuS treason.

I guess before trump the "Truth" was locked down?

sure would be nice if we could have a real happening with actual big paedos and traitors getting taken down

I don't mean to blackpill but as a movement I just don't know anymore, there's only so much time and energy to invest into something to have it keep going nowhere

In seeking the approval to wire tap Trump and his associates by knowingly providing false information to the fisa court Comey and several of his associates committed Perjury, this falls under the 4th amendment.

Aside from the 2nd amendment?

Comey is afraid of a man who is shorter than him and twice his age.

Charades to get us to defend Trump when he started WW3 for Israel

Not sure if you know but a few weeks ago Dan Schneider got taken down

Trump was/is fixated on disproving the Steele Dossier because it's most likely true.

Steele is a renowned former British intelligence officer and I really don't think he would risk his very long career by making up a few things that Trump did. It's much more likely that it's true.

But comrade, if Comey had not publicly stated just before the election that they we're investigating Clinton then she would have won.

Remember how the director of the FBI is never to publicly announce that stuff during an investigation, let alone such a high profile target who also happens to be running for president in an election in a, week or so?

I thought we all wanted him fired for ruining it for her. He was probably working with Trump this whole time. Being a reality tv personality he knows people like drama, and this drama keeps him on everyones thoughts good or bad.

Comey plays along, sandbags Clinton's campaign and then he tland Donny play rough after the election. Comey gets a book deal, points out more swamp possibly hiding in the FBI and everyone is happy.

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At the point the piss dossier was created no-one thought that Trump would actually win the presidency, let alone win once it was released.

Steele wasn't "risking his career", he was making (what he thought was) a savvy political move to earn the favor of a grateful President Hillary.

fuck them both tbh

10 rubles have been deposited in your account ivan

the mob wasn't taken down in a day. gotta spend time flipping smaller fish to get to big fish. watergate took a little over two years to see any sort of conclusion with nixon kicking and screaming the whole way

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Ah yes, this raid to uncover evidence of paying off a pornstar for her silence will totally vindicate the Russian collusion narrative!

It seems to me like the left is stuck in the 1960s. They still imagine themselves as glorious revolutionaries holding "powerful" marches to cleanse the world of societal evils, just like those activists their college professors worship did.

It's sort of like how the left used to say that the right was stuck in the 1950s. Well, the left is currently stuck in the 1960s. For some reason, they believe the tactics and talking points that were effective in the 1960s still work, and that they are great activists of their time, when in reality they're a bunch of corporate stooges begging the government to enslave them for their own safety.

you fools talk as if mueller is out to get him. he's doing his job, as professionally as is becoming of a man of his distinction, and why he was chosen for the job. just because you don't like the fact that he's found dirt on practically everyone around trump (and possibly trump himself) should make you pause and think what it is you're actually upset about.

More bootlicking from the peasants at shareblue, I see.

Mueller did some money laundering (with the Podestas no less!) a decade before Trump even considered running. Kushner talked to a Russian once. Trump fucked a whore and gave her some money.

This is the result of the great investigation? Two full years of examining the entire Trump campaign and business empire, with the might of the Big Government data collection system behind it, and that's it? That's your big bombshell announcement?

You've gotta be shitting me.

I guess you've been in a whole the past year, and in the few years prior.
Trump has advocated for warrantless searches and seizures, wanted apple to hand over encryption keys to the government so they can search any device at will, demanded the death of snowden for standing up against warrantless searches, yes, against the second amendment, against free speech, the press, etc. Actually, he just doesn't like the entire constitution, you know the thing he actually SWORE to defend.

how can you swear loyalty to your country by your oath to defend it's constitution and then simply say you wish the entire thing was GONE?! trump should be hanged for that statement alone.





Nigger, what? Telling the corporate media to fuck off is not a bad thing. Hell, we'd be a lot better off if everyone told the corporate media to fuck off.


I can think of a lot of other people who deserve to be hanged a lot more than Trump, even if all those things you said are true. Bush (both dubya and H.W.), Obama, the entire Clinton family, the entire Senate and House… hell, just about everyone in the government deserves to hang.

there's another. from the day he took office. as the article states, this alone is grounds for impeachment, but the republicans don't care, which sets a dangerous precedent. the next time some wealthy democrat violates the same laws when they become president, impeachment for an impeachable offense will have already been off the table because they ignored it this time.

your source can be found by not living under a rock. I guess you don't follow world or national events at all? google it you lazy american.

Bush brought in the patriot act and broke a couple constitutional amendments, but nobody else has betrayed the constitution more than trump. So yes, of all of them trump deserves to hang for his traitorous and treasonous stance against the very ideals of what makes america the country it is.


Hurting your feelings is not breaking the constitution, shareblue.

hahaha lmao

Fast and Furious
IRS infringing on conservative groups
NSA leaks
Escalating the GWOT
Drone strikes on kids
Catch and release

And those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

there's lots more. there I did your work for you lazy ass. you didn't believe it was true, now what do you have to say? it took 5 minutes of searching. are you really that much of a lazy fuck or so beta that you don't even care to take 5 minutes to save yourself the trouble of getting BTFO by an intelligent, handsome, pussy-wrangling alpha like me?

i know meullers just been doing nothing this whole time. just indicting and charging
George Papadopoulos
Michael Flynn
Paul Manafort
Rick Gates
13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies
Richard Pinedo
Alex van der Zwaan

but other than those just a big nothing burger :^)

you know have a mental illness when even fox backtracked on that

how about that steele dossier? evidence just came in that cohen was in prague confirming that point of him meeting with kremlin officials despite him saying he's never been there and #fakenews and even sued the dossier author over it. WOOPS

Fuck off cunt
This is all Charades
You think ANY of this shit matters
Let me fucking tell you that while you've been purpetuating these false dances the Kike Establishment, BOTH SIDES OF IT, has managed to start World fucking War 3
Let that sink in because Trump right now is working on the same side as you, to start a pointless war against Russia so Israel doesn't feel threatened

response to constitution betrayal

said no american ever. oh boo hoo, russkie, you all upset that trump is bombing putin's butt buddy assad? your colors are showing.

Mueller's going on a fishing expedition in the hopes that something, anything, will turn up that can be used against Trump - because this investigation isn't about any collusion (lmao), it's about undermining the validity of the Trump presidency

They're going to be charged with some process crime because - in the hundred or so hours of interrogations, interviews, etc - they've said something that contradicted something else at some point in time.

he's undermined himself by breaking his oath. if you say you'll take job A and do B, but you don't do B, then you're not fulfilling job A.

the evidence that cohen met with the kremlin in prague for daddy trump that came from raiding cohen's house is just fake news huh?



correct. I wonder why he'd feel that way

Like he's one to talk. How's your wife's new job, como? Got a new tv yet?

You may be confusing him with Andrew McCabe

Don't give a shit about (((Jewtin))) Though Assad legitimantly did nothing wrong and desposing regiems in the middle east has not done one drop of good
I'm just pissed that WW3 has started for no fucking reason

assad killed innocent protesters which is what started everything in syria and he's continued to kill them, including with barrel bombs and chemical weapons. hes a monster and deserves to be assassinated. a seal team should go in and put a bullet in his head and be done with it. let someone else in power who won't treat their citizens like target practice because they protest you, and let them know that if they go the way of assad, the next bullet will be theirs.


Fuck Yourself

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How to tell when somebody is so wet behind the ears and naive that they don't understand politics or the way things actually work from a military standpoint:

They're so easily excited that they actually believe World War 3 is about to happen with every news story that's released

TRANSLATION: perhaps you should be playing your little video game right now

In a few decades, you will turn around and realize that what I'm about to tell you was correct:

None of this stuff is actually legitimate. And I'm not talking about 'fake news' or any other trendy current catchphrase or flavor of the month…

And I'm not talking about conspiracies.

This is simply business as usual for these people, and it's always been this way… They're not in the business I'm telling you what's actually going on. It's always some kind of controversy or back and forth he said she said nonsense, and that's all designed to keep us focused on what they want us to focus on.

Even the parts of these stories that are factual are completely deceptive. They're not telling you what's actually important or what you need to be paying attention to. It's a shell game.

This is not going to lead to World War 3
Not at all
Not even close
What's really happening behind the scenes, what's really really important is not being mentioned at all, and has absolutely nothing to do with any of this bullshit.

For your information, FEMA and The U.S. Dept. of Defense don't even use the terminology 'World War 3'.

However, the term NW1 is a legitimate terminology that they use to describe nuclear war one.

The big apocalyptic doomsday scenario you young men seem to be fascinated with is never going to be referred to as World War 3. The RAND Corporation who think tanks all of the various multitude of possible military contingencies has already analyzed all of the hypothetical scenarios that will lead us to 'Nuclear War One', and in all of the different scenarios, it is a limited nuclear theater, very much survivable, and the reason they call it NW1 is obviously because they have also planned contingencies for Nuclear War Two, and NW3 as well.

That being said, only time will tell of course, but I can absolutely guarantee you that one day years from now, you're going to turn around and realize that the Syria conflict was not the Catalyst at all.

All of the investigation into Trump and the Russians is a Smokescreen, and not the kind of smokescreen you think I'm talking about. There's no such thing as Republican or Democrat, because the Department of Defense makes the decisions, not any particular Administration.

And as ideal as your morals and political beliefs may be, you would be foolish to think that 'the dragons hand' is ever going to cut off 'the dragons head'.

Mueller is NOT a legitimate investigator at all, no matter what you think you know. He's the bum who first presented all of the fake 'evidence' about weapons of mass destruction to help sell the war crime committed by the Republicans (the DOD) in Iraq.

Even an elementary school child who's performing his amateurish magic Act at the school talent show knows that you have to distract people's attention with your left hand, so they won't see you pulling out the bouquet of plastic flowers from your jacket with your right hand.

My advice is to relax… There's nothing that any postulation or hypotheses on your part is going to change…

the links to proof were already provided a little further down. read more, post less, moron.

Lol@ 'proof'

That's exactly why I've always said "post more and read nothing"


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It turns out I just discovered I am allegedly being 'contained' in another thread…


You guys play too many video games

Many, many years ago, there was one of the hundreds of 'anti-neptune self-entitled superhero' faggots who actually stood out from the rest of the crowd of wannabe superheroes…

His online moniker was 'DRAK'

Drak was SUCH a fucking douchebag

Just like all the other idiots before him, who had each erroneously assumed that they somehow were capable of 'getting rid of me' (lol), drak had a nauseating sense of self entitlement and arrogance, and he considered himself to be quite the 'online badass'.

He had created the STUPIDEST persona, sappy and sissified, effeminate and cheesy, while somehow thinking he was being MACHO.

He would always say "M'lady" to women online, and he fashioned his creepy personalities after Johnny Depp's embarrassingly gay character Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

While he pretended that he was some form of romantic swashbuckling pirate, he simultaneously tried to mix in a little bit of creepy effeminate 'vampire' bulshit into his routine, hence the stupid name 'drak'.

He was always bragging about how he had 'effected me', saying that he made me 'butthurt' with his ridiculous attempts, without realizing that the fact that I never even acknowledged his existence, and the fact that he was obsessed with me proved conclusively that HE was the one who was butthurt and negatively effected…

He made a fool out of himself for the longest time, wearing horse blinders to the embarrassing truth, and continually claiming that he had somehow 'victoriously won' in some imaginary battle against me that was going on in his head…

I can't even begin to tell you how funny it was, and how many other people seem to enjoy the day by day antics, as I continued doing what I do (irritating people with my presence) without even paying him any attention, and watching him spin out of control in a laughable self-imposed downward spiral…

It really became quite a sideshow…

All of the chicks would always send me messages about how creepy he was, how it made their skin crawl when he tried his swashbuckling effeminate "M'Lady" shit on them, and how they enjoyed seeing how upset my presence seems to make him…

One day I actually made a prank phone call to 'Drak', based on a ruse, I got him to actually start talking on the phone, and halfway into the call I let him know that it was actually ME (his arch enemy) he was speaking to… If you heard his voice, you would split your sides laughing… He had a lisp, and literally sounded like some kind of retarded circus clown born without a jaw. His Goofy 'Mortimer' dipshit voice was HILARIOUS, especially considering how he thought he portrayed the role of some kind of 'intimidating badass' online…

I recorded the call because I knew it would be a classic, and I was correct. It's hilarious !!

I think tonight I'm going to search for that old recording and perhaps I'll put it up in a YouTube video tonight…

The recording serves as an amazing reminder of how fragile certain people's egos can be, and how it's always the effeminate Sissy boys who somehow think that they have the ability to suddenly become intimidating badasses… It's also funny how my simple presence online seems to get under certain people's skin so badly that they spin out of control…

I've been doing this for 26 years now, and if you can multiply 26 x 365, you should have a pretty good idea of exactly HOW MANY of these douchebag 'self-entitled superheroes' I have dealt with…

(And each one always seems to think that they are the first one to come around the bend, as if somehow, I've never dealt with their type before)

L M F G D A O @ F U C K B O Y S

When I upload the 'phone call with Drak', I'll be sure to post the link for everybody so they can hear just how goofy that mother fucker was.

I apologize for the recording quality, but THIS is the 'romantic, cool, swashbuckling pirate/vampire' DRAK, who like so many other hundreds of guys online have also done, suddenly decided that he was the spontaneous superhero that was going to get rid of me, and save everybody from having to deal with me…

Literally sounds like some kind of retarded brain-injured circus clown with a lisp…

… So when you see other people follow in his footsteps, just remember that they probably sound just as fucking weak in real life…

fuck them… I'm just here entertaining myself, minding my own business, having a little bit of fun, just like I always have, and just like I always will…

It's not my fault if small-minded little effeminate boys get butthurt, and forgive me if I'm not surprised when they suddenly decide that they are a 'swashbuckling superhero'…

it's just a basic child psychology reaction

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