U.S. officials: Blood samples show nerve agent, chlorine in Syria gas attack


The U.S. now has blood and urine samples from last Saturday's deadly attack in Syria that have tested positive for chemical weapons, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the intelligence.

The samples suggested the presence of both chlorine gas and an unnamed nerve agent, two officials said. Typically, such samples are obtained through hospitals and collected by U.S. or foreign intelligence assets on the ground. The officials said they were "confident" in the intelligence, though not 100 percent sure.

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Chlorine is not a nerve agent

Chlorine gas was used to create hydrochloridic acid in the lungs in WWI.

Pool Cleaner is a genocidal gas goy just like bug spray

Good enough for (((us))), Goyim! Nuke 'em!

Sounds to me like they bombed a chemical storage facility.
It sucks but how would they know that was gonna happen?

(((US officials)))

The question still is who's chemical weapons were they. Assad's or Isis. More than likely, the Assad strike hit a cache of Isis chemical weapons from either left over stolen canisters or did Isis get them from Merck.

The question is how did they know where exactly these facilities were.

Interesting my attempts to upload are being stopped

Not fucking good enough. In this cultural paradigm we engage the notion of reasonable doubt. Fuck these governments for failing to teach their constituency this in school. These are fundamental western values whose proper full examination and respect are left out of the modern curriculum.

Chlorine occurs pretty much everywhere naturally. Hell it's in salt, one of them most abundant substances on the surface of the fucking planet. The presence of chlorine indicates nothing more than the presence of chlorine. They need to Release the nerve agent documentation to transparency for evaluation.

There is the possibility that they didn't know exactly where they were and that's precisely why they bombed it. Perhaps they merely saw a concentration of enemy combatants, reasoned it was an enemy site and destroyed it without the knowledge it was an enemy chemical processing facility.

Syria uses phosphate not chlorine based chemical weapons though.

Worth watching the video because the only other person talking about the victims is a "poltical activist" working "with the opposition" who I have a feeling was behind pushing the hoax

Nope no chemicals at all. The information they are saying is fake. Its a fucking fake and I am getting sick of these fucking lies being pushed by two faced activists with an agenda.

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But can they prove Assad did it and it wasn't Israel/ISIS/Whoever

The fact you are being ignored means you're right so take heart. Not that anyone who isn't a mindless drone at this point would disagree with you. No one has proven whose chemicals these were. So it doesn't even matter if they prove there were chemicals.

Chlorine gas can be produced easily by incidental chemical reactions.
I say Russia nukes new york and we see if any spontaneous chlorine events occur.

And nuke Paris and London while they're at it.
Nothing of value would be lost.

It could have been luck.
Chlorine is used in lots of industrial and medical processes because its cheap and easy to make.

If you drop as many bombs as Assad, it would be suprising if you didnt occasionally hit some kind of storage facility for nasty chemicals.

No, but cuckmander in chief is going to "liberate" them anyway.
We're headed for WW3 boys, there was no avoiding it, the ones in charge have wanted to slaughter the rest of us for awhile now.

Nothing is gonna happen but some posturing and anal licking. Syria is as strong as ever.

try it, Ivan.

The terrorists rebels chlorined themselves to keep the US from leaving Syria simple as that, it's pallywood 2.0 so fucking disappointed that Trump fell for that trickā€¦

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They got blood and urine samples out of Syria, from an area far from any US forces, flew it all the way to Europe or the USA. Tested it and had the results in a few days.

Uh huh, sure sure. This is more like a Hollywood movie than reality.


Proof the (((government))) uses psychological manipulation to manipulate the goyim.

I drink tap water. If my blood was tested do you think they would find fluoride and chlorine?


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Depends if your tab water was chlorinated. Not every country does that.

Thats all well and good, but where is the proof that Syria carried out these attacks.

I don't think it's really in question whether or not the chemical attacks were carried out. More-so whether Assad, ISIS, UK, US, RU, carried out the attacks.

Considering the US just (tried) to bomb Syria, I am wary of any proof that comes form either US, UK, or France.

I saw a program about how to make your own tap water once.

I refer you to this post guy. It was a placebo effect when a random user said chemical attack in an emergency room. They all had smoke inhalation.

When PVC burns it releases Chlorine, which can convert to Hydrochloric Acid in the lungs. This is why people die in house fires, and this form of poisoning is called smoke inhalation. It is due to chlorine. The PVC is in carpet, most plastic like couch cushions. Nerve agents are Phosphate based and don't work by using chlorine.

Now if only the ziocucked media would listen to reason.

chlorine GAS. is not salt. fool.

oh hai russkie! i saw on the news today that after the air strikes , russian troll activity was up 2000% from average.
most of 8ch is now officially russian.

Holy fucking autism, the pro-Trump shills are real. I was told there were a bunch of Russian trolls here but all I'm seeing is MAGA dick-sucking in the extreme.

Bunch of bitch-made Stockholm Syndrome motherfuckers who still won't get The Wall built. This isn't "America First", fucktards.

Try afganistan or another iraq. Unless assad starts slaughtering isreal it wont escalate into ww3, it will be western asshats slaughtering civies to save civies.

Can confirm. I was gassed twice personally by Assad himself.

What's wrong with a little chlorine, eh? They put it in tap water which means it must be ok.

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Nor did anyone say that it was.

except for the guy that said maybe it wasn't gas, just chlorine, like what you find in salt.

If he had fallen for it, there would be a full-scale invasion going on, like in Iraq. Instead, he still wants to pull out of Syria. The light show was just to make the warmongers shut up and so the media can't paint him as a bad goy for doing nothing about muh evil assad gasser of childrens.

The real problem is Israel is encroaching into Golan area, in preparation of its annexation. So long as Israel keeps up their shenanigans, there's no hope for peace in the area. They're long overdue for a spanking.

Why are we policing Syria?
Are we policing Africa too?

Remember goys, burning PVC is a (((chemical attack))).

Go back to sleep.

those are some really great low resolution photos you have that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that some blurry bearded guy is exactly the same as some other blurry bearded guy. too bad they must have been taken in the 1990s when cameras could only do 640x480 resolution instead of more recently like two years ago when even phone cameras were capable of 4k resolutions that would take 3 laptop monitors to display the full size.

Brainlets need to leave.

Go back to sleep goys.