Supply chains at risk as pollinators die out

The decline of species that pollinate our world's flowering plants has been making headlines for some time. Falling numbers of bees — perhaps our best-loved creepy crawlies — are the focus of much public attention, and have driven a current push to ban certain agricultural chemicals, like neonicotinoids.

But a vast range of insect species, along with birds, bats and even squirrels, are also key pollinators. Agricultural chemicals and climate change suppress biodiversity, making it increasing difficult for them to survive. This is endangering the crops we rely on as well.

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I partially agree with you, although the similar situation regarding Monarch Butterflies has been happening for years and years before the bees, and I tend to think it's a number of variable factors involved.

Regardless, I fucking hate humans SO fucking much, and the awful shit we've done (and continue to do) to animals and to our ecosystem make me so angry that I think it's fair to say that the best thing that could happen to this planet would be for the entire human race to vanish.


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How many decades have they been screaming at us that the only way to save the bees is for complete state control of agriculture? I remember this shit from the early 80s at least.

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The thing is, western honey bees are industrial pollinators. They can be set upon fields like machines. That is their utility and why people give a shit about them as pollinators.

Daily reminder the bee narrative is a psyop.

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Now that Bayer is buying Monsanto the problems will only get worse for bees.
Agricultural interests have been fucked for a long time by governmental collusion with corporate power structures, consolidation and profit protection placed above all concerns for the common welfare of all living beings.
There are still more bees than humans. We should be paying attention to their concerns because we rely on them for many of our food sources.

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Bees are not the only pollinators and European Honey Bees in America are an invasive species, anyway.

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Don't tell me you think we should import more flying squirrels to fix our pollination problems.

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you are correct on the second part of your sentence, but bees are by far the most industrious pollinators

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Why are bee's dying so fast in current year?
Just a hunch here, but back in the day when women spent more time at home and in their yards there would be more flowers and what not for the bee population. Today people are staying indoors more and yards no longer have gardens but are just lawns.
I am no biologist but everyone keeps saying bees are dying at an alarming rate but no ever ever offers an explanation as to why.

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I'm totally not a bum with a 5 year old cell phone camping outside a starbucks for wifi

Bugs land on flowers period. Setting a swarm of bees on to a field of flowers pushes out native sap consuming insects