Bill Clinton Caught with His Pants Unzipped as Women Approach

“Slick Willy” is a term often used to refer to the perverted nature of former President William Jefferson Clinton, more commonly known as Bill Clinton, and now “Slick Willy” been caught in the act of staring down two women as they approach with his pants unzipped, and at least one of his hands in his pockets… “preoccupied.”

Seriously, this is a sight to behold. We're talking about a man who's not only went on national television while he was President of the United States of America and lied to the nation stating, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” but has also been accused by numerous women of both sexual assault and rape in the past.

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let him enjoy a day you fucking cuckolds

This is retarded and taken out of context. You are implying the dude is standing there jacking off. In what way does this pass for news?

Because Printz is sex obsessed and specializes in everything dirty, kinky and pedo related. Just check the catalog. She pushes all the smut on this board. Slut.


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This thread answers the question "Do "Progressives"" have any pretense of moral principals whatsoever.

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Tbh I can't hate Billy, he all and all was an opportunist and in another reality he might of been Fuhrur by accident

Reminder this man got sucked off by a Jewess

Dubs demand it!

or he's just senile

His wife? Ewww

are we really making a thread off a dude forgetting to examine his zipper?

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This is Bill Clinton, who actively has an agenda to push against me. Fuck corrupt!

I hated Bill Clinton even before he was elected President, and during his Presidency (none of you little punks are old enough to remember any of that shit) and I hate his wife.

I hated Ronald Reagan before he was elected, and I hated George Herbert Walker Bush.

I hated George W. Bush with a passion.

I hated Nixon when he was President, and I hated Gerald Ford. I hate politicians in general, no matter who they are.


but I call bullshit on this alleged 'news story'. We men have all occasionally forgotten to zip up our pants after taking a piss.

Everybody except for Jim Watkins, because he sits down when he pees.

Fuck you


Jimmy Carter and Obama were the only 'good guys' we've had in office since Abraham Lincoln.


Clinton is a creep

If he's our enemy, yes!
Read the Talmud.

Clinton was the most insincere president I can remember in my 54 years on this ball of shit planet. Reagan was insane and evil. Carter was a very sincere nice guy, but we all know what happens to nice guys. Nixon was just bad energy all the way around. Gerald Ford was incompetent and irrelevant. George Herbert Walker Bush was it definitely evil, what was his background as director of the CIA and his connections to the Kennedy assassination, but even as evil as he was, he was still incompetent and effeminate. His son George W Bush was one of the stupidest human beings in the history of the human race, too stupid to be evil, and that's why Dick Cheney was the actual one in charge. I don't care what you say about Obama because your opinions are faced on a lack of experience… Obama was actually probably the best president we've had since Abraham Lincoln, and although he was corrupt just like all politicians, he was actually a very good guy, which is exactly why they steamrolled him… Remember what happens to nice guys? Obama was definitely the most intelligent, articulate, dignified President we have had in the history of our nation. Donald Trump is it even worth acknowledging. Trump is a complete moron, and even his close friends in real life will tell you what a stupid worthless idiot he is. He's a liar, and he won't release the income tax records because that would prove he's not a billionaire. The whole billionaire thing is nothing but a lie… He's an idiot, and he's actually a shity businessman , according to real billionaires who are actually very good businessman, who actually know him in real life.

Bill Clinton however was the most insincere person I've ever seen, politician or not. He was SO fake and schmaltzy, that it was nauseating.

If you want to know something about historical facts, you should never ask a person who has only been on the planet for a couple of decades, because they didn't even become aware of the world around them until they were at least 16 or 17 years old, meaning their view, their awareness of politics is only 10 years old at the most…

One of these days, you guys will grow up, turn around, and realize that Obama was the most impressive President we have ever had…

The fact of the matter is:

It doesn't matter who's in office, because no specific Administration actually runs the country. That's not the way things actually work.

It's the United States Department of Defense that runs through the show, and if any particular president tries to go against the Department of Defense, all they have to do is turn and look at John F Kennedy to realize what will happen to them…

If you're discussing actual presidents of the United States, the only valid argument can be about their personality, the 'figure' that they represent to the rest of the world.

That's exactly why Obama was so amazing… For 8 years, the rest of the world saw Obama and he represented an intelligent, dignified, classy, sophisticated, articulate America…

And when they look at Donald Trump, they view America as an ignorant, stupid, fat, lazy, lying, cowardly, pompous, delusional, insane, boring piece of shit …

The only reason you don't like Obama is because YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT YOU DON'T THINK YOU LIKE HIM…

None of you are old enough, experienced enough, or smart enough to have valid opinions based upon the past.

It's the safe to assume most of you were anywhere between the age of 3 years old and 6 years old when the 9/11 attacks happened…

LOL !!!! I would offer to help change your diapers, but you like to pretend that you are big boys now, and you would get upset if Daddy helped change in your poopy diapers…

Nevertheless, as much as I I think Bill Clinton is a fucking piece of shit, accidentally forgetting to zip up your zipper after you piss is not exactly newsworthy

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I hope other anons find the damage control in this thread hilarious while threads about Trump eating a steak how he wants is evil still show up hehe

Nice blogpost you retarded boomer faggot

Wew lad!
How could you have lived this long and be this stupid? You are full of hatred and vitriol, and your opinions are absolute shit. I hope you don't think anyone here actually takes your opinions to heart! No one does. There are older and wiser individuals who lurk this board, so stop trying to beat up the children. I'm personally older than you and much much taller than you, with far more life experience. Mellow the fuck out, ego-boy!
Fun fact: when one is almost 7 feet tall one never stands up to piss indoors, you little manlet. You are one of the most immature little boys on this site, and that is saying something. You know, you become that which you hate; but you would not know that, not having had enough real-life experience. Maybe you should sit down and shut up for awhile before I whip your ass and make you stand whimpering in the corner. You act like a single child little boy with a short-man complex who thinks they are 'all that'. Face the facts – You Are NOT even 1% of the man you think you are or purport to be. It's sad really, and we are all embarrassed for you; especially now that you have made yourself into such a /lolcow/, a caricature of yourself really. Get down off your high horse, your little pedestal. Your ego cannot support that much stupidity. Look where you are! Look who you are trying to convince, and of what! Your wife wants you to get off of here and stay off. Why don't you listen to her, if not to the rest of the world? You will die all alone, with nothing but your over-inflated ego to keep you company. So run off now with your tail between your legs before a real man decides your incessant barking deserves a more forceful response. You don't have to thank me, but you should. You're welcome, Johnny boy! Calm the fuck down! You become like the people you hang out with, and like those you have emotional attachments to. Your main emotion is hate, and you hate everybody, including yourself; which is why you continuously try to pretend to be so much more than you are. Just be yourself. Figure out who that is.
Protip: it is not this husk of a man we see before us; a mere shell with no substance, a facade.
As you so often like to tell others…

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Lol you pisqueak little sissy ass fuckboy

You're a vagina

it doesn't matter to me personally, but,,,,,,
you would not believe the corruption stuff that went on while he was governor of arkansas

the shit that the news talked about (like Whitewater) was just the mountain peaks.
there was a LOT more than that.

Lel! JohnnyNeptune gets BTFO by another boomer, then proves all user's points by lashing out like the whiny little bitch he is. Too childish to even know when he's getting spanked.

your flawed theory is based upon an idiotic label that I refuse to acknowledge, and a premise that can't be proven…

I've never prescribed to labels, like 'boomer' or 'chad' or 'roastie' or 'stacy'…

And just because some faggot says he's 'older than me' (extremely unlikely, unless he's in his 70s) doesn't make it true.

He's a vagina

…as is the case for almost all governors… it goes with the territory…

what's funny to think about is how years from now, looking back in retrospect, Trump will be remembered more for his series of idiotic blunders than he will for his corruption.

Man, looks like things took a bad turn Badger, after Breaking Bad ended.


lol bloody good show, old Chum !!

nice work

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And yes, that's Ernie and Bert…

And Sgt. Peppers

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Johnny, on behalf of the "Kind Campaign" we would like you to stop bullying children on the internet.
Thanks, Aaron and Lauren
And learn how to spell my name correctly, you colossal idiot!

nice E-birdcage-liner Jim

I'm a dildo-eating homosexual and I want to suck hitler's peepee

Are you mad, bro?
You are the very definition of a boomer; and, since I am 56, I am too. That also makes me older than you. You should take your smackdown with some grace and humility, if not a little respect; especially since there aren't too many of us boomers left on pseudonymous image boards anymore.
Really? Do you even realize what a little boy you sound like? I could call you a twat, but why? I think vagina is a good thing – not an insult. My girlfriend and I have enjoyed the way I keep milking you like the /lolcow/ you are. Even my kids laugh at your patheticness. Everyone does.
Sorry you lost your cat recently.
Weirdly, I lost mine on the same day.
Buried him 6' deep which is easier when you're almost 7' tall in the back pasture and planted a Nellie Stevens Holly tree on his grave. What did you do besides "mourn"? In all seriousness though, you should stop namefagging. It makes you too easy to troll, and merely increases your hatred when you get slapped down off your ridiculous pedestal.

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millennial iq

ur gay faggot

Lol @ you actually believing I lost 'my cat' hahahaha dude you're such a fucking idiot

(lowers my left testicle onto your right eye)

(places my right testicle into your left eye)

Hahaha cat ??!!!!
Douchebucket, I haven't had a cat since my female cat LUX passed away in May of last year.


ur not funny

Proving, yet again, that nothing you say can be taken seriously – and I mean
I'm not going to go go back through the archives and figure out exactly which thread you said that in, but I KNOW it was you. It was not a LARPer, because you have a distinctive writing style, and you are leddit-tier in everything you say. I guess I should have downloaded the picture of your cat you posted so I could torture you with it later, but I just don't give a fuck about you that much. I just want to help you grow up and stop namefagging on here so much. Besides, you're in almost every thread, making every topic about YOU, so finding the thread could take awhile. Just accept your lumps and move on. You are full of shit and we all know it.

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Wew, young Millenial lad!


My cat's name was LUX. She died in May 2017. what you're talking about is a few days ago when I said 'my cat died', but that's FOXY, who's very much alive…

you're a vagina, dude…

as in: something guys slide their penises into

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Foxy isn't even my cat, moron…
He's Wendy's cat, and he's sitting on the bed with her as we speak.

MY cat was named LUX™

And Lux™ has been dead for a while now

Don't believe everything you read, dipshit

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(grabs the right side of your existence firmly)

(grabs the left side of your existence firmly)

(carefully pulls your existence open)


This is the photo you're talking about, idiot

Hee Hee !!! You're such a dimwit, you actually thought I was serious about 'my cat' dying ?

Trust me, stupid… If MY cat died, I'd be forcing everybody to endure a year long memorial. You obviously don't know me very well…

(once my testicles have slapped against your existence, I begin thrusting in and out and in and out and in and out again)

you're a god damn VAGINA, little guy

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Post ur wife's nudes bro, that's a pussy I'd like to see.


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if you're looking for a gaping vagina, you really need look no further than , who's running his labia around the clock, or should I have said 'around my cock' ??

Hey that's a clever name guy. You must be an even bigger homo than Freddie Mercury.

Ronald Reagan was like a mixture between a senile grandfather, the Antichrist, and a corpse. Unlike most politicians (especially presidents) he never used the typical groomed 'handler's coached' hand gestures.

When polesmoker George Herbert Walker Bush became president, he used the stiffest, most uncomfortable hand gestures ever. His gestures resembled a parody of 'karate chops', and they did NOT help convey any verbal message at all.

When fuckface Bill Clinton became president, it was quite obvious that his 'handlers' had coached him to use a different hand gesture altogether when he spoke.

He would try to emphasize his redneck hillbilly words by gesturing with his closed hand, and he used his thumb as the leading 'pointer'…

I hated his stupid, contrived, 'hip new' forced hand gesture just as much as I hated him.

fuck him. They said he 'balanced the economy' which is complete nonsense because you can twist and turn numbers anyway you want to reach the end result you are looking for in the first place.

The truth is, ever since Richard Nixon took us off the gold standard, we I've been printing paper IOU's, imaginary money printed on top of imaginary money printed on top of imaginary money printed on top of imaginary money…

We've been bankrupt for decades, and so has the rest of the world…

Fuck Bill Clinton… I don't dislike him for his policies, nor do I dislike him for the scandals, nor do I just like him for any political reason at all…

I just hate HIM…

I hate HIM… I hate his fucking FACE

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your resentment is completely understandable

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(and yes I'm aware that Dragon dictate speech to text is making some typographical errors, and I can live with that)

'hypen', however wasn't a speech to text typo… That was simply an oversight on my part because I was multitasking…


Nice pics of you with a pre-op tranny.
Have you ever heard of a site called reddit? I think you would really fit in there.

I'm about to help my wife with dinner, but before I take off I wanted to remind you how well you have earned my floccinaucinihilipilification tonight.

Another job well done on your part, shitlips.

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again, Sassypants… Nobody here blames you for being bitter and resentful… jealousy is a powerful emotion, isn't it?

in this music video, I actually take my wife's toothbrush and stick it up my asshole. Then, at the end of the video, she unwittingly brushes her god damn teeth with my fecal bacteria…

how's the Ms. Pac Man bullshit working out for you so far ?…

have a good evening, little guy

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my ex* wife

adios, Dungeons and Dragqueens

Back for just one second…

My current wife Wendy wants me to mention something about the insecure douchebucket that thought repeating bullshit about 'being 7ft tall' was supposed to be impressive somehow…

Number one, Wendy says is completely full of shit, because he doesn't have kids or a girlfriend, and spends his days playing video games and beating off to anime…

But more importantly, Wendy says "what in the world makes you think being 7 feet tall is supposed to mean something?"

She laughed while making the pasta and said how stupid that was, because being seven feet tall would make you one of the most cumbersome, inconvenient, ostracized weirdos, and it would serve as a giant obstacle in anybody's life… She says 'it certainly wouldn't be an asset', and that's how she can tell it's bullshit, because if it was true, nobody would be bragging about it…

She says "that would be like bragging about your breath smelling like dog shit"

Why would anybody brag about being the weirdo?


Good night, latent homosexuals

Could you mention to your "wife" the she/he sounds like a cunt. Thanks!

Imagine being so fucking upset that you have to reply to an user THREE FUCKING TIMES……………….. yeah, I know, it's FUCKING STUPID.

Also, I can't BELIEVE I just asked my bitch Wendy for her opinion…………….. man I'm such a CUCK………………………


and as my wife and I enjoy another fantastic vegan meal she has prepared, I'd like to remind you how to always spot a virgin :

only a fucking virgin says the word CUCK

sorry, but it's true…

anyway, enjoy your video games and frozen pizza….

Lol bye

Lord Kek!
I come back to this thread after a couple hours of working in the back-40 with my kids, getting ready for planting our garden, and Johnny boy is still sperging out! I must have really touched a nerve! Lel af! And no – no one after was me. You're just talking to yourself and other farmers who are milking you for the lulziness of how insane you truly are! I'm actually going to archive this thread (and several others), as I have enjoyed getting under your skin Soooo Much! I may share it with Aaron and Lauren Paul, as they live pretty close to me. As for your wife Wendy, she is right. It is a pain to be this tall and thin, so I do look kind of, well, different; but I'm still good looking. I have long hair and a beard below my waist (only the two ZZ Top guys have longer ones, and that would not include the drummer, whose last name is Beard), so I guess looking different has always gone with the territory for me. I was 6' 8" tall when I was 15, and really am almost 7' tall. I don't bullshit, like you, but I certainly don't brag either. There are advantages and disadvantages to every height. I have oftentimes disliked being so tall, but I am who I am. On imageboards I have always (for 15 years) preferred to be judged on my content rather than some trumped up egoic bullshit facade, which is why I don't namefag like you. I only called you a manlet in order to get under your skin, and it worked! You're so cute when you get mad, Johnny boy! I repeat:
I think Wendy would agree. You are truly the epitome of a /lolcow/. Ego is a real bitch sometimes. It can totally get in the way of you being you. I will again suggest you stop namefagging, but then my fun as a farmer, milking you for lulz, would end; so do what you want. You will anyway. I just wanted you to know you don't have to continue being such a pompous fool. I actually agree with about half of what you say, and I think you are articulate and cool enough that you don't really need to build up this false edifice of megalomaniac ridiculousness in order to make yourself feel better around virgin autists on an Argentinian White Power Fellowship site.
I'm not like you, Johnny boy. My life doesn't revolve around me. It revolves around my family and friends. I travelled to 13 countries with my kids, all around the world in the last 4 months (because I am a single father who home schools, so I can do what I want). Just got back a month ago. Made a lot more REAL friends. What did you do? Shitpost, brag and put teenage boys down? You are pathetic. Please stop being so pathetic. It doesn't make our generation look very good. And…

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Gay X / Fag Boomers

Same bullshit filled brains, different birth decades.

Wew lad!
I don't think I want to see that; nor would I brag about it.

climbs a ladder, places my right testicle over your left eye, my left testicle over your right eye, and kicks the ladder away


giddyup, Sally!!
(be sure to tell Aaron that Neppy said Hello)

The more you talk about placing your testicles on men's faces the more you sound like a faggot. All this talk of buttfucking other men does not reassure anyone either, including Wendy, of your heterosexuality.
Sad and pathetic loser. Please just go to bed NAO.

Hey, Bill, stop stealing my moves!

This Thread!
And No Cigar!
few Millenials will catch that reference.

I'm sorry for being such a retard guys. Seriously, I'm insecure but I'm on new medication and it's making me reflect on things.

I almost feel sorry for fucking with you now that I visited your JewTube channel.
Wow! You really ARE a /lolcow/, who most likely has some fairly serious mental issues, besides being an alcoholic drug-addict!
When are you going on a mass-shooting spree, Johnny boy? Live-stream your murderous rampage and subsequent suicide please.
I'm sorry I ever went there, but now I get it. Whoah! You are truly a prime target for /cow/. Maybe I'll post an archive of this thread there.
I think the screenshots speak for themselves, but if anons want to check it out further they can, and don't blame me if they decide to take further action. You opened yourself up for this, Johnny boy!
See why namefagging is a bad idea?
No, you don't, because you are desperate and will do anything for more views, since you have practically none for a supposedly famous person. Besides, you are an unapologetic attention-whore, so you can't help yourself. Get help.

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That's sexual harassment

What is?
Forgetting to zip up your pants and having a hand in your pocket?
Head on back to Tumblr where you belong.
It's been fun and it's been real, but it hasn't been real fun! especially for Johnny boy!

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You're forgetting the world we live in today. Even saying hello is sexual harassment

You’re trolling. You’re just gonna forget about Teddy and Franky, Wilson, Grant, Truman, Kennedy? Can you tell me what exactly did Obama do? Killed Bin Laden? Theodore cleaned our economy up and settled a fuck ton of problems out west and in latin america, Wilson temporarily boosted the US economy and put America in the world spotlight, Franklin took us out of the worst economic downturn in US history AND bailed out western europe through military aid, Truman ended two wars in his presidency, the pacific and korean war, and Kennedy literally stopped nuclear armageddon from happening despite dealing with a bat shit crazy Khrushchev. Yet Obama is the best president we have had? Really? Are you a fucking idiot or are you senile?

You aren't getting off that easy dickface. We have photos. If there is a god, someone is gonna spot you in public and give you a rebuttal you can't refuse.

Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age
It can be a qualitative experience in addition to a quantitative one

Edit: I know some seniors who are ruled just as much by their egos and desires as they were in their 20's.
They have life experience on how too handle certain situations,but no wisdom
my namefag is jerryjewis which i use only rarely,no tripcode.
I'm also posting again because I forgot to not bump.
Your long reply shows that you have the same ego problem as pops neptune,it's just not acknowledged

fuckin' JerryJewis…I…actually I can't remember anything I have a beef with you over at the moment. But I feel like you've posted some shit to /please report me/ i disagreed with. Anyway, carry on.

Thats / J E W S P L U S / you insufferable faggot Jim, you.

kike confirmed

This displeases the namefag

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He's enjoyed quite a few days at our expense. Time for this fuck to die (of natural causes) so the world can finally be rid of this literal cum stain.