French declassified intelligence report on Syria gas attacks

France concluded after a technical analysis of open sources and “reliable intelligence” that a chemical attack on Douma on April 7 was carried out by Syrian government forces, a declassified intelligence report showed on Saturday.

Here is the full declassified national assessment provided by the French foreign ministry in English:

Following the Syrian regime’s resumption of its military offensive, as well as high levels of air force activity over the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta, two new cases of toxic agents employment were spontaneously reported by civil society and local and international media from the late afternoon of 7 April.

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I know it's irrelevant but I'm so happy my biggest problem for the night is wether I can get that cute girl on the dancefloor to go home with me or not.

What a joke. It was disproved last time, and also the time before (pretext for Iraq invasion), but they're still peddling the same exact lies. Also no proof whatsoever, and instead just an empty statement.

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Does anyone have any sources to cite that counter the report's claims?

Boy that is a pretty detailed report. I think we should believe them go…i mean.. guys

He was doing this on a regular basis ever since the West pussied out in 2013.
Assad's mistake was to think it he could carry business at usual in a context of dick contest between Western governements and Russia after the Salisbury stuff.

t. Schlomo McGoldberg

If he ever did it, which I highly doubt at this point, it was forever ago at the first time they said he used it.
After the world lost their shit then, he couldn't possibly do it again without essentially shooting himself in the foot, in regards to military progress towards stabalizing his country.
The fact that each gassing has occured everytime he was getting upper-hand, just goes to show how desperate (((somebody))) is to keep the conflict going, as it makes no fucking sense to gas the enemy, let alone innocent civilians, in order to.. What? Get out a few rebels from Douma that they were getting tired of having pinned down for years? There was no reason, except as a false flag. End of story.

Don't let (((them))) win, don't believe the bullshit. Assad dindu nuffin'

where is your proof that it was a false flag? post it, we'd all like to see your "evidence" it was all fake

What is your proof it wasn't? Good enough for Comey, good enough for me.

Fucking airtight

They didn't even send anyone on-site to inspect, despite the suggestion to do so from Syria during UN meeting. Instead they just took white helmet video at face value.
Actually during UN meeting, USA delegates left the room when Syria got the floor to speak. That pretty much says it all right there. They don't want any real communication or investigation, because they know the results would be unfavorable to Jewish schemes. Not that the MSM would ever report on that anyway.

Your kekistocracy is collapsing
t. John Brennan

What could he possibly gain from continued use of gas, if the first time he nearly got his shit slapped by the world?

Makes no fucking sense. Meanwhile the terrorists who have been getting their asses handed to them stand to gain everything from this fucking bullshit.

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So a virtue signaling pro-war Brit is yelling at a former Colonel that has decades of military experience that he doesn't understand military intelligence reporting? He also yelled "HOW DARE YOU QUESTION THE INTEL REPORTS!!". This statement goes against critical thinking and due process. The burden of proof should always lie on the accuser. Then the sheer amount of cognitive dissonance and arrogance he has to say the founding fathers would want a Syrian war.

Do I believe France, who has nothing to gain from this, or Russia who has been truthful this whole time? This will keep me up at night.


except for kill innocent protesters, which started the crisis in syria, then continued to use the military to shoot and bomb civilians in neighborhoods that gave him the fewest votes and continued protesting him. what a great guy, eh, "people don't like me, I'll kill them!"

I have no problem with the US using it's mighty military as retribution against assholes like assad. forget about stability, supporting democratic reforms, whatever reasoning. he's a sick fuck, may as well drop a few million dollar bombs on his ass. better that than leave them sitting in a warehouse.


trips of Don't Forget about the 17 unarmed killed and hundreds wounded by Israel, Republic of Peace.

You think fighters coming from all over world is unplanned event wew.

Get off shill

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Because that's never happened in the history of geo-politics, right? Oh wait

well, how did it go?

he isnt gonna answer because it wasnt true

Is that seriously all of the report?

Is France's intelligence committee bound by a twitter like character limit? Where's the methodology used to draw this conclusion from the available evidence? What is the evidence? How much of it is possessed.

This is fucking madness.

Sure thing. It couldn't have anything to do with the us helping them with French Africa (and vietnam). It's almost as if you are purposefully forgetting that both France and England took part in the Iraq War. Weird.

Can't wait for that Israel civil war. Nothing to do with mercenaries armed and paid for by US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

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not an argument

you have no idea what intelligence agencies did or didn't do to gather evidence


y didn't Assad gas the 40k rebels and families awaiting evacuation by busses>>165111
at the same place at same time?>>165111

No, this isn't even in the same category as "bad decision". It's something altogether different, and falls into the realm of holocaust-level fraud. Even the details (gassing) is point-on. They always use that (and children) to turn off whatever inherent critical thinking abilities haven't been disabled by decades of public education and MSM brainwashing.

Macron already stated he wants to bring all of Africa into Europe, by building a bridge between the continents. So more waves of "refugees" are just the next best thing, until said bridge is constructed.

They don't have any actual evidence, else they wouldn't need to resort to mere opinions and one-liners. People who have evidence also aren't afraid of verbal confrontation, unlike the UN delegates who left the room when Syria got the floor.

if an intelligence agency "declassifies" information regarding a current event, it's because they're using it to lie to you

Someone went to the knots boysenberry festival

it's kikes who are anti-assad

A scarred and submissive populace?

But he didn't, so he could legitimetely interpret that as "Westerners are pussies so i can do whatever the fuck i want"

From a strategic standpoint, using banned weapons to kill civilians when bullets work just fine makes no sense. The 100% guaranteed outcome is to unify all the other countries against you. No dictator trying to further his own agenda of control would be that stupid. Especially when Trump had just announced his intention to withdraw from the region. It's like sitting one move from check mating your opponent, and just sacrificing your queen for no reason whatsoever. The only people who have anything to gain from such an attack are the war profiteers.

They cant even read. What makes you think they know what gas is

Are you retarded? Jews don't like Assad, there's no doubt Israel is supporting these chemical "findings"

People can make bad decisions, but like that other guy said, this is hardly just a "bad-decision"
It's absolutely propaganda and false-flagging to the point of absurdity.