UK could launch retaliatory cyber attack on Russia if infrastructure targeted: Sunday Times

Britain would consider launching a cyber attack against Russia in retaliation if Russia targeted British national infrastructure, the Sunday Times reported, citing unnamed security sources.

Britain’s relations with Russia are at a historic low, after it blamed Russia for a nerve agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in England, prompting mass expulsions of diplomats.

Russia has denied involvement, and on Saturday also condemned strikes against Syria by Western powers, which Britain took part in.

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60 year olds love the word "cyber"

FINALLY !!!! – CYBERWAR IS HERE!!!! I've been training for this for years. My whole career plan is lined up. I left MIT, I've been hacking and phreaking and botting like crazy. Now I will become a GENERAL of the US Cyber Armed Forces!!! Botting and hacking my way into the heart of the Kremlin! Into the heart of Putin's home!!! OMG check out his p[rivate laptop webcam!!! lmaoo!!! Armies of Cyber Terrorists !!! Blasting and smoking enemy bot servers!!! Internetwaaaarr!!! yay!

The problem with cyber attacks is that the most developed countries are at more significant risk than those that are not as everything is more interconnected and runs over computers. This is game nobody should be playing because everyone has something to lose.

This shit is dumb, because it goes against their own narrative that Russian are super-hackers that are hacking everyone with their mad skillz. If they're so fucking good as that, they wouldn't be wide open for some lamers in the UK to hack them.

It's all just theatre for the goyim

or they could just cut the internet sea cables connecting them with the rest of the world

Russia quakes in fear of the cyber attacks of the country whose latest aircraft carrier runs on Wangblows XP

Russia has Infrastructure?

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what do you think 'cyber command' really means ? it's just industrial shitposting to keep the goyim inline and fooled. It's writing Alex Jones' script.


Most of the best hackers in the world are in Eastern Europe and Russia.
England has nothing, they can barely maintain their sluggish systems, and it is fraught with bureaucracy, preventing any real progress.
The decent hackers in England are against the government in the first place, and know more than the cabinet about current affairs.
It is likely that the government of England has just bought a pre-made botnet programme or something equally lame.

Russians are slav tier hackers.

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I think it's safe to say that I'm one of the most disliked guests ever here on this worthless piece of shit website…

And I am aware that a lot of you guys brag about being badass hackers…

lol really ?… My IP is

hack me….

I say you can't….


H A C K . . . M E ! ! ! . . . . .

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I'm surprised none of you Zelda Boys wants to be the one to be 'the one who hacked Big Mean Old JN'

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Russia should just nuke Britain into oblivion and spare us the Eternal Britbong. If they took Israel out too and I survived I'd build a shrine to Putin in my living room.

your need to always attach 'jew this, Jew that' to every topic is due to the fact that you're bitter about Jews because you know our penises are bigger than yours.

it's a simple genetic trait. it's not your fault. it's not our fault. it's just a fact.

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you guys are easily excited, and too quick to assume that world events and military actions take place 'by happenstance'