Soviet Nerve Agent Poisoned Ex-Russian Spy And Daughter, Watchdog Confirms

A “high purity” form of Novichok, a nerve agent developed in the Soviet Union in the 1980s, was used to poison former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia Skripal, an international chemical weapons watchdog group confirmed on Thursday, leaving little question Russia was behind the act.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said tests on the substance confirmed the British government’s identification of Novichok, a military-grade poison. The organization didn’t identify a suspect in the poisonings.

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Wish they'd make up their minds who did what

MOSCOW — Russia’s foreign minister says Moscow has received a document from a Swiss lab that analyzed the samples in the nerve agent poisoning of an ex-Russian spy, which points at a Western-designed nerve agent as a likely cause.

You mean the report that the Swiss laboratory says they never wrote?

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"The Soviet Union had this nerve agent 30 years ago… surely this is confirmation modern Russia carried out this attack. The formula could absolutely not have been bought or copied by anybody since then"

Well, first of all the organization who supposedly confirmed the UK's findings is funded by the EU. You can check on the OPCW website.
Secondly, they
publish the actual results in their so-called smoking gun document "s-1612-2018_e_.pdf" which can be found on their website on the same article in which they state definitively that they proved it was the nerve agent from Russia.


Thirdly, the entire document is literally an email with absolutely no substantive value, I encourage you to read it. In it, all they say is they totally verified it guys! No way for you to get the information they used to come to this conclusion, however. Not even the final analysis where they could point and say "hey, here it is!". No, nothing. Just a "Yep, they did it we said so".

Finally no one has yet to prove Russia did this at all! So even if this was the nerve agent and even if they could prove it definitively, it still doesn't prove Russia did anything.

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SUMMARY OF THE REPORT pasta from Zig Forums

TL;DR in case you didn't catch that: UK gives samples. UK says "chemical X poisoned these people". OPCW is identifying samples. OPCW says "Yup, it's X".

You want to know what X is and what country had access to X? Too bad, that's fucking classified!

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Novichok kills in minutes if inhaled. Kills in hours if it gets on the skin. The symptoms those two had did not match novichok poisoning and both survived.

The whole story is manufactured MI5 bullshit.

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