Canada - Family Who Hogtied Pedophile Could Face Charges

People used to be allowed to perform a citizens arrest under certain circumstances where you can show "probable cause" for making the arrest such as witnessing a crime. Now, a family in Port Alberti, British Columbia could be facing charges after two parents made a citizen's arrest of their own when a pedophile propositioned their daughter.

The legalities of the circumstance are not exactly clear since it seems the family set up the meeting with the pedophile who believed he was meeting their 13-year-old daughter. Canada has become known for their vigilante pedophile-hunters and the politically correct culture of the Canadian government has been scrutinized for not being harsh enough on pedophiles.

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As a canadian living in BC I can tell you specifically vancouver, BC is full of pedos, they are fucking everywhere in this degenerate shithole, I wish someone would just nuke us

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That is what happened if the government is lenient on the pedo guys.

On the one hand it bothers me when people go off on their own and punish people for shit without due process. It marks a cold end to justice and the rise of vengeance/retribution based satisfaction. This is a problem that spins out of control quickly as minor slights become grievous offences rapidly - history has seen it before and while the societies that were like this functioned more or less they were brutal places where mistakes were often made and the punishers of perceived wrong doing were just wrong doing themselves visiting their brand of justice on innocent people upon investigation.


The fact that it is happening so frequently indicates that Western justice is failing people's needs for satisfaction. This is a serious issue and represents the moral decline of the state - which is supposed to be the leader of and reflect the values of the people it leads in the manner of an archetypal paragon of those values. You should, if it is functioning well, love your justice system. Alas we do not, it is perceived as weak because it cow tows to "multiculturalism" and because some cultures are okay with unspeakable crimes to this culture our justices are curbed to accommodate. This rise in vigilante activity is nothing more than a symptom of a people tired of "ignorance of the law being no excuse" only applying to them, of "one land, one law" not being true.

It's sad, but I think the vigilante's have the moral right of it at this point in history. Multiculturalism as a value must die in legal circles. The idea that pedophilia is something tolerable must die in legal circles. The idea that people can be redeemed from anything no matter how heinous is an affront to the natural instincts of every rational human being. Some people need to be brought low and beaten into line to protect the society at large, and if the system will not provide those measures the people must.

It's clear multiculturalism and its softness is being rejected. The message we've not yet fully articulated is that we may have room for other races but only if they are willing to utterly and completely sever ties to their old cultures and assimilate into Western ones. If they can not, then they are useless to us and should be forced away. This seems harsh, but really it's how every single other culture has self-organized throughout history. This social experiment has failed and it is taking to long for our leadership to candidly admit it.

That's how you get people to take shit into their own hands, this family's trust in the police and the rule of law? Gone.

Well done Cucknada.

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"…If a person does not comply with the laws requirements when making the arrest, the arrestee could allege a number of offenses in a personal injury lawsuit, including the aforementioned wrongful death, false imprisonment, and assault and battery…"


They had absolutely no right to detain anybody, and should have notified the proper authorities if they felt the man had broken the law. They were not in danger at any time.

ALSO : if every pedophile were going to be arrested, 75% of males across the planet would be in prison.

(The other 25% would be in gay bars)

Poor child. hopefully, she can be consoled

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The legal system in Canada is shit so the pedophiles would get away easily so why report this to the cops when you can take them to the remote area and shoot them. Use your brain you idiot.

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I am not a pervert and you know nothing about me. I am saying that the canadian legal system is so shit that the canadians don't have a choose but to punish them personally. How hard is that for you to understand a simple fact?

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They called the police and told them to come nab the guy when he arrived at their home, but the police said "nah, we're not gonna do that."
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