Up to a third of millennials 'face renting their entire life'


Up to a third of young people face living in private rented accommodation all their lives, a new report by the Resolution Foundation has found.

The think tank said 40% of "millennials" - those born between 1980 and 1996 - were living in a rented housing by the age of 30.

That was twice as many as "generation X" - those born between 1965 and 1980.

The government said it was already putting policies in place to improve the housing market.

The Foundation's Home Improvements report said "generation rent" needed much more help. It called for more affordable homes for first-time buyers to be built, as well as better protection for those who rent.

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it`s not hard to understand when Wages are getting smaller for the ordinary working class person house prices increase, how are people going to find the money for a deposit, that's what is holding much back, most peoples rent, are the same as a mortgage…Low Wages is the problem.

"Gordon Brown’s 1997 dividend tax raid on pension funds coming home to roost. It was this that triggered the rise in the number of private landlords as they started to buy up Second homes"

Wow, that one is right out of Goebbels Big Book of Propaganda, isn't it? - Accuse your enemies of what you're doing yourself … Repeat a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it etc …

Its not just greedy, lazy landlords that need to be control by better regulation, but estate agencies and building societies that have both driven prices sky high over the last 30 years….we need to have them regulated too.

The student loan racket sucks up so much avail able capital.

100,000$ for a shit country house here, with a wage-slave hard labour job that pay 12$/hr. from that remove 20% sale and revenue tax -living expense -fixing your fix car and gas price going up to 2$/liter
not even 10,000$~/year loose income.

how the fuck am i supposed to buy a house?
meanwhile the fucking landlord is making million by doing nothing renting cuck-cells in the fucking appartment block that he bought for nothing 10-20years ago.

Not to mention property speculation from Asia driving up prices, and the increasing number of "Asians" creating ghettos.

I am seeing $ and Liters… where the fuck are you? Everything from the pay to purchase power is U.S., but why liters bruv?

salaried job which requires education, which requires you either go to a community college and not look good for the job you need, or you go to a university on a parent's money or by loan.

The rich have dumb kids who don't have any passion because they've been handed everything, and everyone else has the talent but no money to throw around, and none of the businesses are making enough to justify hiring people or even going through the firing process unless forced because that costs resources to organize.

big businesses have to operate on skeleton crews in most places and increasing wages isn't going to help, there's a much bigger problem in this country and it starts at the top.
CEOs are keeping more cash for themselves then they did back in the 70's, there's loads of laws being broken and the rich are going unchecked. America is still the fucking capital of the goddamned world in most places and has a huge fucking reach into cultures of foreign countries, there is no way the most financially successful country in recent fucking history is naturally falling apart like the USSR did, there's a concerted fucking effort on someone's part to take down the country from within.

A quick jewgle shows that foreigners are buying properties in the UK. Some Brits are saying the solution to the crisis is to ban foreign nonlegal residents from owning property in the UK.

Which is half of the solution, the other half is to deport the 20 million immigrants that came here over the last 30 years.

Grow up, losers.

eat a dick faggot

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Debt begets more debt that beget more debt.
Gets to the point you require such a tower of debt that new borrowers without previous lines of credit or capital are left out in the cold.
This is the evil of central banking at play.

shut up, faggot parasite. you shitpost all day and live off neetbux while paco pushes a lawn mower for 3 dollars an hour

This sounds like bullshit, do you have any proof to back up your claims?

Not him but paco can get away with that because his entire illegal family lives in one shitty house crammed together. Thus he can live off so little because he is paying far less then the average white man. Doesn't help that paco is part of the reason wages are so low and labor jobs are shit now.

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That's because top tier jobs require top tier education at best schools, top of class, recommendations, internships, etc. super competitive with very few openings and lots of foreign students get those jobs anyway not mexicans
Most jobs in the economy are middle and low tier jobs which may required a degree, but basically any brainless monkey can do them
ai and robots are eliminating this class of jobs
it's not "boomers" it's technology and economics. millennials are fucked, nothing personal m8
take the black pill and give up hope, lel

know how i know you're a shut-in, kid?

underground jobs don't count, chaim

Millennials are generation Y? I think this is the bigger story here.

Most of the jobs today that require degrees did not 30 years ago. This is the most over-qualified generation ever and they're still barred entry at many places because they need to go to school to get this or that asinine little certificate - and worse its government enforced now so you can't without it. The post secondary education system is seriously one of the most insidious hidden taxes ever implemented.

If it's at all government enforced it ought to be %100 government subsidized as well. The onus should not be on the business or the employee to educate the citizenry in what the government needs its citizens to know.

Is this your first day awake? Insults aside, which bit aren't you sure of?

life is unfair, user

get used to it

Remember that when your Social Security bubble collapses and you're faced with spending the last years of your life desperately trying to turn tricks at your local truck stop.

Fuck China and Boomers

that should be an easy sell seeing as i have a very tight, virgin asshole

Le ebin kike millennial maymay. No. Fuck that shit, it's boomers, gen x and gen y. It's not this 900 decade long span that encompasses 4 generations.

You've only got one anal virginity to sell, it's not going to be all that tight after 'Big Bubba' buys your first time, and there's going to be pretty cutthroat competition with your entire generation joining you.

but i won't have any teeth by then, so i'll be able to give awesome head too

Enjoy your AIDS, gonorrhoea, syphilis, loosened sphincter, arthritis, memory loss, and creeping realisation of your own worthlessness.

stay salty

When the social security bubble collapses, turning tricks voluntarily for cash is going to be the least of his worries when an army of angry 20-30 year-olds kick down his door to take everything he's got


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Basically my neighbor anally sodomized my brother and I when I was 5
not much of a story teller and I try to block out the details so sorry if that disappointed you

did it make you gay?

How did the boomers destroy all 1st world industry?
How did that give them a 0.028% increase for a quarter?
Also I don't think people spend enough time looking for what jobs are in demand before they get their degree.

What is outsourcing? What is free trade? What is shutting factories down in the US/UK/EU and moving them to countries where you can pay your workforce pennies a day?

What is an exaggerated statement for effect? This was meant to be interpreted as "for a small amount of short term benefit".

t. boomer

t. cum-guzzling gen x retard

The wage is stagnant and the house price is growing uncontrollable in Australia. The house debt is trillions. There are almost 3 millions in poverty and it is growing fast.

I'm sorry to hear that. Did your parents know?

Ban anyone who isn't 10th generation English from owning any property at all.
Most landlords are shitskins, pajeets, kikes and gooks.

and this.

Suddenly, infinite jobs, infinite housing, can demolish all the filthy ghetto squats and tower blocks, burn the paki neighbourhoods, and purge the land of anything that does not belong.
Then stop exporting all the meat, cheese, vegetables and other foods, and instead sell them locally for a decent price. Instead of English people paying more for the same fucking foods than someone a thousand miles away would pay.
Also, execute every last member of the government, and all the judges and lawyers. Next, slaughter 50% of the police and sack the rest.
Then enstate a new system of guards based on chivalry, a self cleaning group to enforce the new laws that will be written, instead of the old juden laws.

Southern European immigrant living in Australia detected
The chinks bought all of the property, and the government let them have it.

Outsourcing production to third-world shitholes like India and (at the time) China
Transforming western economies into almost purely service economies
Significantly loosening immigration requirements and importing millions upon millions of third-worlders into the first world in order to suppress wages
Look back at the 80s and 90s. There were record factory closures in the US. Companies that had been around since before World War 1 were forced to shut down because they could not compete with the massive uncontrolled influx of cheap goods coming to us straight from the filthy asshole of the planet.
The legacy of the Boomer generation is a world in which Walmart has annihilated locally-owned small businesses and everyone's homes are filled with cheap, foreign-made goods that fail within a year.

Ever wonder why big car corporations pay two percent tax and the guys on the assembly line pay forty?

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Preach it.

Good. Older folks like me near retirement age cant get a stable part time job because of these millenial scum taking all of them. They shouldnt complain then when I need to raise the rent to support me or my ocxasional gambling habit. Reminder: we built this nation you leech off of.

I am Queenslander. The poverty is real in Australia. Too many of them can't afford the houses and there is a lot of new house being built. It's crazy that the house price is set quite high for the rich people to buy.


This guy hits the nail on the head really well.

t. some larping 20 year old faggot

good shit

A roastie cannot take half your house, if you don't actually own your house

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this is the shit they expect bluepilled cucks to swallow along with the bull's semen.

These people are majorly fucked and don't even know it yet, this shit doesn't work on redpilled men.

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a house is just an overhead like a computer or a car.

why take on debt and risk when there is no need?

for most people,a car is a thing to take them somewhere a house is the same.

it only makes sense to do something when it is economically viable, why buy a house when the deposit of £25,000 for a £250,000 house is a good 5-10 years of rent, end up with a house in the "great cultural melting pot (tm)" of london. or hand it to a woman for access to a vagina twice a month after she decides to "upgrade".

only the stupidest normies in normieville want a roastie wife,goblina and a high interest at 30. mortgage.

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As a WHITE man who works in the industry I can tell you right now as a FACT pack is making way more than three an hour, in fact he's probably making more than Johnny and Jamal combined.

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it wasn't the millenials or boomers it was the jews and freemasons and it was that way in 1930s and before. kinda why mr le do nothing wrong had a solution for that.

I see you're back and with a slightly different approach, you'll still never be white you sack of shit

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you want a shit commie (not socialist but commie) country to make the world east germany.

tell the stasi and gchq that they can suck my cock.


Lol that's the same shit skin who kept spamming WN are anti white spam threads on poll

1 for 3 aint bad for a boomer

Gotta wonder why this is the fault of "every" boomer and not just their shitty leaders though.

Hell some of the issues that boomers will give us are just because of how many there are. Which is hardly their fault.

Friendly reminder that the kids of the 80s and 90s are the kids of the boomers.

Why hate your parents?

Because they were self-centered enough to ruin it for everyone else. Every generation before them had the foresight to leave something behind for their children and their children's children. Boomers just consume everything as if they're going to live forever.

A good chunk of boomers out there are not living well either you know.

every generation needs to piss and shit all over the generations before them, no exceptions. it's pointless to expect otherwise.
that said, there's a reason millennials are known as snowflakes, because they were coddled, given participation trophies just for showing up, and told they were "special" from birth to adulthood and when they finally had to contend with the nasty real world ran screaming for their space spaces.
they can't cope with a world that doesn't care about them, so they need to lash out and blame the same people who stroked and coddled them with comforting lies.
guess what, kiddies, the world has always been a mean, heartless, unjust shithole where most people are the "have nots" and the elite class gets fatter and richer at your expense.
this isn't a new thing that just happened to annoy oversensitive snowflakes

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yeah, but there is a basic expectation that an older generation doesn't sell their children as sex slaves to Muslims (Rochdale, Rotherham, Telford etc.)

and if you carry on with the logic that an older generation can abuse and deceive a younger one, then why should anyone give a shit about pensions being paid out or looking after elderly people, just let them be cared for about £2 an hour immigrants or let them die.

Also, you might as well do away with state education because kids are not going to jump through hoops for adults who would happily sell their organs to Jews for a fiver.

and young people in the army should rebel and seize the assests their 'superiors' - fuck society

He still works at Dollar general.

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Good goys. Rent forever.

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yes, it is so much better to buy a brick in bum fuck knows where and spend 2 hours each day in the rush hour just to get to work. Get over it property fags, the golden era of suburbia is over. Young people don't marry anymore, they don't have children either so there is no need for suburbia

It sounds like the problem is politicians rather than boomers.
Most people don't care or understand much about politics or economics so blaming boomers is pretty pointless. Especially since people now still don't understand much about economics, but just go along with what they are told is good.
Also I am pretty sure that the corporate tax in the US was 35% until recently so I don't get where you are getting the 2% from.

my boomer mother did


I blame everything on zionism,and poor decisions.

t.gen zyklon


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What a fashy goy you are :^)

He's an Australian apprentice

because you get paid to buy the house. You get interest back in tax refund. So you just chip away at the principle and write off and cost associated with it. And then when you feel like it sell out or rent to some suckers at a rate above your mortgage.
while the next guy pays rent at x you pay x but get (x-69%) back so you pay less for houseing but at the same time you are building equity.
You are paying yourself and getting a tax break so you keep all the money you spend on housing while the renter loses every single penny he spends on renitng.
It is the best way to buiuld wealth. Ever heard the term starter home? But it and then sell it to buy something better.
take on debt to make money and to raise capital. This is a capatialistic system and capital is the way. if you aren't building capital or working to increase your means of production you are losing and your genes are going to be disadvantadged.
renters have no control. homeowners have all the control. why cede power to a landlord when you could be a free holder?


i am in maple cuck land.

The ideal thing to do in this day and age is to become a neet and shun work forever

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makes me sad

You're ignoring the lost opportunity cost of investing the money instead. Hell, you can straight up buy REIT funds that pay an 8% dividend just like renting a property but without any of the work. Just max out a 100k line of margin and buy stocks instead it's the same thing.

opened my mind
would you make a >>>/biz/ thread?

cant find any @8%