London’s Murder Rate Shot Past NYC Even With Gun Ban — Mayor Now Targeting Knives

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is cracking down on the carrying of knives in response to a spate of stabbings that pushed the city’s murder rate past New York’s for the “first time in modern history.”

Khan deployed an additional 300 Metropolitan Police officers over the weekend to work exclusively against knife crime, urging them to be more “confident” in their authority to stop anyone suspected of carrying a weapon.

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*but only if white.

that's a nice way of saying snitch on your friends

Diversity is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop being racist, open borders always works.

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Why should they be confident in their police force's ability to do anything when they clearly can't even quell the insane murder rates?



It's totally the knives, folks! The knives are the problem!

Yes. The problem is east europeans.


It's almost like weapons aren't the problem, like weapons don't kill people, people kill people. A lot of US states have extremely high rates of gun ownership and extremely low rates of gun violence, and violent crime in general. Other states have very low rates of gun ownership, but still somehow have very high rates of gun crime and violent crime.

You can ban guns, and even through some magical spell make them never exist. But violent people will still be violent with whatever means available (knives, bombs, trucks, even a fucking club will do the job).

More crime, higher taxes. It checks out. If you're a lawful person… Well, you probably deserve it.

I want to blame them. I really do. I even wrote a little song:
But no volume of people like that should ever be put into such a small space. The Japanese struggle with it and they are quite an orderly bunch. Saxons require raucous fun and when you take that away from them the pressure builds up. If you deported all the wogs I'm sure the murder rate would halve yet overall rates would still be ridiculous. Just less so than the levels achieved so far.

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What next? Banning wands?

Death Eaters did nothing wrong. Muggles are objectively inferior and you can only keep the magical secret for so long, sooner or later they'll either have to be forcefully subjugated or they'll turn on magic users because they're a threat.

the order of the phoenix was about arming students and teaching them self defense against the death eaters

Even if they were able to remove every single last butterknife from London, the place would still be a violent shithole. After all, you don't need knives to kill someone. In prison, they use shanks. So pretty much anything can become a weapon. They could literally kill someone and use his bones as weapons to kill other people. Short of putting everyone in their own empty, padded cell, there's no way to stop this UNLESS they kick out all the immigrants.

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1984 is utopian in comparison to real life.

Here's what Morrisey had to say about this:

We truly are living in the End Times when Morrisey is the only one talking sense.

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good brexit lads

take your meds

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wake me when the British people actually grow the balls to start a revolution