Euthanasia Expert Unveils Suicide Machine: Die At The Push Of A Button

A euthanasia expert has unveiled his latest machine designed to bring an easy, quick, and painless death to anyone with the press of a button. The suicide machine was 3D-printed by Dr. Philip Nitschke who opened up his latest suicide-assisting machine "Sarco" (short for sarcophagus) to the public at Amsterdam's Funeral Fair.

Anyone will be able to try the machine out for themselves, but it isn't lethal yet. In fact, this machine offers a virtual reality experience that offers users a glimpse into how the suicide machine works. Dr. Nitschke plans to release the 3D-printing plans online by next year so that anyone can assemble the machine anywhere. The intent is to "allow a person a peaceful passing" at a location and time of their choice.

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Paging Dr. Kevorkian

If only there were a smaller, more convenient and readily available item that would allow you to end your life without needing to own a 3D printer

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This sounds dangerous, at least have an age limit on it.

Why do you need a complicated expensive machine just to commit suicide?

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because the neighbors have one and Joe Rogan has been going on about it for months after he got bored masturbating in a float tank.

Here's the sauce.

Fuck you and that link

Butthurt much?

That's fancy and all, but we already have the guillotine. The guillotine was invented to fulfull two purposes: being cheap yet effective, and killing people quickly and painlessly. Yeah it looks gory, but it's a simple machine (cheap) and when you cut someone's head off they die instantly (humane).

I guess this might be good for removing humans from the equation so nobody really feels guilty about it. Still though, somebody has to push the button.

This is incorrect. When your head is severed, you remain aware for a few moments before your brain loses blood.

People can and have botched it with firearms before, it's not uncommon.

You drop into this spiral of the dream state and then you die. It's very quick.

Do you really think the pod looks effective? The whole point in helping people to die is that discounting the mentally suicidal they're usually old or ill. You can't step into that rendering with a broken hip, and even if you do what happens to your body?

It just looks fancy, as to garner attention and interest. Makes sense especially for an event prototype. The real thing may be way different.
May as well get rid of beds for the elderly then. Its not like it's possible for a human being to pick up another human being . :^)
If he was smart it could double as a coffin and charge more but otherwise the body gets buried or cremated as per that person's dying wishes.

I've heard that before, and even used to believe it, but there's just no evidence for it. If you cut someone's head off, the blood pressure in their head will force out the blood within seconds, tops. Even if it took a full 2 seconds, it's still faster than a firing squad, lethal injection, hanging, or the electric chair.

Also in those 2 seconds the reduced blood pressure would pretty much kill any conscious thought and would put you in a semi-conscious state.

C'mon user

The guillotine was developed so they could hold the person's severed head up, and since there was still oxygen in the brain, the person's head would be forced to look at it's severed body

This thing is far more expensive and complicated than a simple helium exit bag. Using the same principle for a comfortable and easy death, you only need to cover the head or face. Encasing the entire body is needless, stupid, and overengineering a simple task.

There is no evidence that 2 seconds without oxygen will shutdown brain.

Also. People stay concious for 15 seconds after being beheaded. Some even more probably

I recall reading somewhere that a scientist did experiments on executed prisoners, and once had an individual whose eyes would focus and respond to their name being called a full 2 and a half minutes after decapitation.

It shouldn't exit morally, it should take effort and consideration to kill yourself and possible failure by ending in a worse way. You should have to put your family through putting a vegetable down. Morally.

team up with elon, bolt some wings on and make it a flying car

a helium exit bag is far more expensive and complicated than a simple plastic bag rubber banded over the head after taking a sleeping pill or having half bottle of vodka to drowse off a bit. Using the same principle for a comfortable and easy death, you only need to cover the head or face. Using a complicated apparatus over the face and having to buy and use a helium tank is needless, stupid, and overengineering a simple task.

substance x sounds much better tbh