Austria - Government Calls For Investigation As Children March In Military Uniform In Mosque

The citizens of Vienna react shocked to the news that children could be seen marching in military uniforms in a mosque in Vienna, in honor of the remembrance of the battle of Galipoli, and for the sake of the Turkish state and President Erdogan, draped with Turkish flags and saluting.

The city of Vienna has now, via its local government office, started an investigation to see if the mosque, which is one of the largest in the country, is organizing activities that can be deemed “dangerous to children”.

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Oh boy, what a surprise. Nobody could have possibly foreseen this.

We only lost Gallipoli because Churchill hates Australians

Prove it.
More like he didn't know what he was doing.

Freedom of religion is the biggest mistake of classical liberalism. Religion needs to be treated like ideology. And Sunni Islam needs to be abolished and outlawed. Shia Islam can stay though


A religion started by a warlord trains child solders. Stop the presses!

Fuck right off. All of the sects are cancer.

why do 'you people' continually make such avoidable simple grammatical errors ? For example, right now there's another 'news feed' titled "Syria strike appear to show missile interceptors firing blindly, totally failing to stop missile", when the correct term would've been 'Syria STRIKES*'

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I have more 'data', but would prefer you curb your own behavior rather than have it curbed for you.
I'll just leave this here again:

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In this post, things that actually happened.

Oh, trust me… It happened… Night after night after night until I met Kirsten…

Since I'm going to be doing this unilaterally across all the different threads simultaneously, I might as well go ahead and tell you the story about Kaitlyn…

(I would say that it's a shame you insist on turning Zig Forums into NEPTUNEchan, but I really don't mind at all)

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You realize that "freedom of speech" implies "freedom of ideology", right?

Banning "ideologies" is in a very literal sense banning the concept of ideas.

You’re right that there’s nothing newsworthy about the religion of peace not being peaceful. It’s newsworthy that a European country is just not acting like a wuss about it for once.

Of course knowing the current state of Yurop I doubt anything will actually come of this

An ideology is like a pathogen in that it spreads from person to person. It’s mediums are not air or saliva but words. You can’t ban the ideology but you can supress it by quarantining it’s followers.

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I'll just leave this here

Austria was on the side of the Turks in the Great War, so they should support this.

Why I only go halfway? Why not Post the actual story?…

Here you go, little guy…

I'll do it for you… I love this story. It's one of my favorites…

"You could bet, oh, dollars to doughnuts that the harebrained scheme was never going to work. But it did involve doughnuts and, had it been successful, it would have netted its mastermind at least $1,000.

The caper, which has to be one of the most half-witted extortion efforts ever concocted in these parts, involved a homeless man known as “Johnny Neptune.”

His real name is Andrew Lawrence McGovern.

He was jailed earlier this week for allegedly trying to bilk a local Dunkin’ Donuts proprietor out of $1,000."

I fucking love that story, dude… Every time I read it, it makes me smile… In fact, I think I'm going to post it in every thread, because I want everybody to read it…

You're terrible at this… You should find something that 'actually embarrasses me', if you intend on 'embarrassing me'…

Unfortunately for you, there's not a goddamn thing about that story that embarrasses me…

Absolutely nothing.

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Hey johnny neptune which protective custody prison did you parole from?

I want to post my favorite story about myself… This is a news article written about my arrest last year, where I was charged with attempted extortion… Even though there was no actual attempted extortion at all I'm, I'm proud to say I was still arrested for this cry, and they threw it out of court because there was no evidence…

Since I have been asked today to show everybody exactly how fucking obnoxious I can be in here, and make them realize that things were much better before I started turning up the volume, I figured I might as well go ahead and tell everybody the story about how I was wrongfully arrested on both charges, and how I ended up having the case disposed, thrown out of court…

I'll tell you all the details later, but right now let me show you the news story…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Homeless ‘Johnny Neptune’ jailed in alleged and wacky Dunkin’ Donuts extortion caper

"You could bet, oh, dollars to doughnuts that the harebrained scheme was never going to work. But it did involve doughnuts and, had it been successful, it would have netted its mastermind at least $1,000.

The caper, which has to be one of the most half-witted extortion efforts ever concocted in these parts, involved a homeless man known as “Johnny Neptune.”

His real name is Andrew Lawrence McGovern.

He was jailed earlier this week for allegedly trying to bilk a local Dunkin’ Donuts proprietor out of $1,000."

Authorities say McGovern was threatening to sue the doughnut man and two of his employees for $250,000 if the shop owner didn’t fork over a grand in real dough.

What’s more, the reason behind it all was a cracked cellphone. Or so McGovern claimed.

McGovern, 53, has been locked up at the Bibb County jail 11 times for charges that include harassing communications, trespassing and contempt of court, records show. He filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 1996 and appears to have lived in Macon most of his life.

On Monday, a Bibb sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the Dunkin’ Donuts on Forsyth Street near the hospital in downtown Macon.

There, Krishna Patel told the deputy that McGovern had been “harassing his employees and his business” at another Dunkin’ location on Tom Hill Sr. Boulevard since March 6, a sheriff’s report said.

McGovern’s outlandish claims revolved around him supposedly leaving a cellphone at that establishment, where, according to him, its screen was busted.

Patel, 41, told the deputy that McGovern had stalked him and “slandered his race,” and also enlisted a lawyer to sue Patel about the phone.

Patel, the deputy’s report said, “could not understand Mr. McGovern’s reasoning.”

While Patel was trying to explain it all to the deputy, McGovern apparently text-messaged Patel and upped his demand. Patel now had 15 minutes to pay or be sued.

McGovern, the sheriff’s report went on, claimed he was headed for the county courthouse to file suit.

That’s when the deputy, Cpl. Greg Thomas, hatched a plan of his own.

He told Patel to find out where McGovern was and to arrange a meeting.

Patel did and Thomas went to the appointed location: the courthouse.

The deputy cruised up and spotted McGovern sitting on a curb across the street.

Thomas arrested him on harassment and extortion charges and took him to jail, where McGovern was being held Wednesday in lieu of $5,370 bail._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Like I said, I will tell you all of the actual details surrounding the incident later

But I absolutely LOVE this 'news article' about my 'crime', because an incident that some of you might think would cause me a lot of embarrassment actually ended up being a really great experience for me, and it led to several events in my life that have really worked out very well for me, and it changed my life for the better…

Trust me… I'm not going anywhere, and I'm going to make God damn sure that each and every one of you knows the entire story, from beginning to end…

So just be patient… Hang in there and I will give you all the details…

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thread needs chemo

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Like I said, over the course of the next several excruciating weeks, the next few months… I promise I will make sure that every person who comes to this shit hole is made painfully aware of exactly how I ended up getting arrested last year, and when you hear the full story I promise you're in for a lot of disbelief, even though it's all hilarious and true…

It has something to do with a cell phone that was stolen by an employee at a Dunkin Donuts, and a cracked screen on the phone caused when the employee threw the phone into a garbage can, trying to hide it when I called the police.

It also has something to do with the general manager of that particular Dunkin Donuts, who refused to pay for the repair of the screen on that phone.

It also involves an attorney, who assured me it was completely legal to write out a document, agreeing not to pursue civil litigation against the restaurant in exchange for the payment for the repair of the phone…

You see, in America we have the right to pursue civil litigation. In fact, it's one of our constitutional rights. Even if my case had no merit (which it did because I had text messages from the manager agreeing that one of his employees broke my phone while trying to steal it) it would still be a civil matter, not a criminal matter, and up to a civil court judge to rule in favor of either the plaintiff or the defendant…

So I actually violated no law whatsoever

It turns out you don't have to actually break the law to be arrested… Trust me…

It happens all the time.

But I was indeed arrested, and charged with attempted extortion, which sounds really bad on paper, but when the judge looked at the case, there was no merit, and the case was thrown out of court…

However, sometimes bad experiences have a silver lining, and I can honestly say I'm very happy that I was arrested that day…

That event led to a series of really good things happening in my life. When I'm done sledding this fucking website incessantly for the next several months, I promise you'll never forget me, and I can also promise you won't like me at all, and I will also go as far as to guarantee you will actually understand what I'm talking about when I say "being arrested that day was one of the best things that ever happened to me, because now a lot of great things have come my way, and I'm so much happier than I was before"

Just hang in there, because I'm going to be disseminating this story over the course of time…

Some people think I would be embarrassed by this story…

Those people are mistaken…


You'll see….

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as I have clearly stated earlier today, I don't come in here to flood your threads with self grandiosity bullshit, or to (needlessly) irritate people (when I irritate people it's necessary LOL)

I come to this website to LEARN

I have a lot of respect for your intelligence, although I have absolutely no respect for any imaginary 'imageboard culture protocol'…

This morning, I came here to read people's opinions, and to post my own opinions… I learn a lot from you guys believe it or not…

But today I was challenged by a douchebag, who erroneously assumed that I am embarrassed by anything he could post about me

(He didn't seem to realize that I'm the guy who's own logo clearly states that I am a PIECE OF SHIT)

He thinks just because I'm not going to follow the predictable 'anonymity trend', and just because I attach my name to my thoughts, that I am an unbearable presence…

Today, he challenged me to put him in his spot exactly what I'm going to do over the course of the next several months…

If you thought I was grandstanding before, I'm going to make him wish he could turn back the hands of time, and have things back to the way they were this morning, when I was simply contributing my opinions…

Thanks to him, I'm no longer interested in reading people's opinions or contributing my own….

Thanks to him, I'm going to punish everybody else that comes here, by destroying and derailing every single thread that I enter…

Thanks to him, I'm going to make everybody regret the fact that he thought he had what it takes to challenge me…

He actually thought he was going to embarrass me…


He doesn't seem to realize that I don't mind his effort at all, and if he wants to see a real attention or at work, all he needs to do is look in the mirror because he's the one supplying me with everybody's attention…

(I couldn't care less if it's negative attention or positive attention)

But he's the one who decided he was going to shine a spotlight on me this morning…

And I'm the one who's going to pick up where he left off and make him wish things would just go back to normal, the way they were earlier today…

No hard feelings…

I'm not doing this because I dislike you..

I'm doing this because I'm not a video game bitch boy who cowers from The Challenge of a sheltered sissy sitting in front of a computer…

I'm going to take this all the way…

Thanks to him, I intend on turning this place into NEPchan, at least for as long as it keeps me entertained…

So please forgive me for what has been started today, and as the days roll on, and it becomes more and more frustrating for you, just remembered that I didn't start this…

HE did

I'm simply finishing it. And I haven't even begun yet. Just wait. I'm going to show people levels of self-absorbed grandiosity and grandstanding that nobody thought possible…

I really don't mind at all…

In fact, I'm just getting warmed up.

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That fucking idiot simply doesn't 'get it'

Attached: 1507376402429(2).png (300x250, 46.38K)

Before I tell you the entire story revolving around my most recent arrest (the ridiculous attempted extortion charges) I think it's worthwhile to note that the stupid 'news article' got almost everything wrong…

seriously, it did…

Just about the ONLY I think the article got right was my name.

All of the important details were left out of the story, and the 'details' he included were actually erroneous, because he simply wrote out the bullshit that the alleged 'victim' told him.

(If anything, I was the actual victim, although I'm not complaining, because as I already told you, everything worked out perfectly for me. Much better than I could have ever imagined. I'm actually very that I was arrested that day, because it initiated a sequence of events that made my life much much better and much more rewarding)

For example, I wasn't homeless at all…

In my 54 years on this planet, I have experienced just about everything I could have ever dreamed, and much much more that I never even dreamed of at all…

I have seen many Ups and many Downs, having lived in many houses and apartments and even luxury high-rises. I've even been homeless two times in my life, and to be honest, those were some of the best times I've ever had… I'm not embarrassed or ashamed that I have been homeless two times. (I was getting more pussy when I was homeless than most people could get if they lived in a mansion, and I'm not joking)

But on the day that I was arrested, I wasn't 'homeless' at all… In fact, the strange irony of the matter is, on March 20th 2017, I was actually renting an apartment from a Bibb County Deputy named April Johnson.

For some reason, the deputy who arrested me (who was close friends with Mr Patel, but I'll explain that later) didn't listen to me when I gave him my address, and listed me as 'homeless'…

(I'll get back to that later)

Trust me I'm going to drag this story out for the next couple months or so you'll know every single detail by the time I'm done.

Next, it's important to note that the reporter named Joe Kovach Jr approached this is a story with a 'wacky crazy news of the weird' angle, and in doing so, he was more concerned about making double entendres about 'dough for donuts' then he was about getting the facts correct…

For example he neglected to mention that 5 minutes before my arrest, I had been in the offices of Dozier Law Firm, Consulting with an attorney named David Dorer, being advised that what I was about to do was completely legal.

(Going to Dozier Law Firm to verify the legality of 'writing an agreement not to pursue civil litigation' clearly shows a complete lack of Criminal Intent)

Criminals don't go to attorneys before committing their crime, Consulting on the legality of their next step.

Joe Kovacs jr. also incorrectly stated that I "claimed I left my phone at the restaurant"… Bullshit… Why would I claim that I left my phone at the restaurant?

That's not what happened at all. My phone was actually stolen by an employee at the restaurant, and when my wife called the police, the employee broke my phone trying to hide it from them.

Also… In the name of sensationalising his 'wacky news story' he incorrectly stated I was asking for $1,000…

(Read my actual handwritten agreement in the photograph. It clearly says $100. Smartphone digitizer screens do not cost $1,000 to repair)

He also said that I threatened to ask for $250,000 in punitive damages if I had to take the case to civil court…

(That's strange because in Georgia, the cap on small claims court damages is $25,000)

So… Mr. Kovacs added a '0' after the $100, and after the $25,000…

I guess it made his story more sinsational and exciting, but it completely strayed from the actual true details of the incident…

LOL !!! Again, let me reiterate…

I don't regret the incident at all, even though I was wrongfully arrested, after committing no criminal violation.

The case was thrown out of court, and suddenly a chain of events began to occur in my life, and it almost seemed like a magnet, that was suddenly attracting good energy and positive experiences for me.

I will explain those positive experiences in full at a later time.

These days, I continually catch myself smiling and thanking the Stars that I was arrested, because everything ended up much better then things were before the arrest…

I'm not even mad at Mr. Patel, nor am I mad with Joe Kovach jr.. I'm not even mad at the deputy who arrested me.

Without them, I might not be in the excellent spot I find myself in today.

Attached: 1508565512795.jpg (257x267, 20.07K)


In the United States of America, we have two Justice systems… The criminal justice system, and the Civil Court.

We have the right to take another person to civil court, in order to seek remedy, in the event of financial loss or emotional distress.

Punitive damages are awarded (punitive means to punish) by the civil court system to send a message to the civil defendant, reminding them not to do this again, if the civil court judge rules against them and finds them liable.

The $100 for the repair of my 6 in 1080 DPI high resolution 32gig Snapdragon 820 octa-core processor phone's screen was a pittance, but it was the principle of the matter as far as I was concerned

My wife and I were regular customers at the Dunkin Donuts, and on March 4th of 2017, as we sat at our table drinking coffee, a young jive ass nigger female employee actually walked by our table while I was turned and speaking to my wife.

When I turned back and reached for my phone that was laying on the table, I suddenly realized it was gone.

(By the way, as absurd as this story may sound, it's absolutely 100% true)

I looked up, and I saw the stupid fat nigger employee quickly walking towards the counter with my phone in her hand, and I got up and walked towards her, and as I told her "that's my phone", she handed it over the counter to another Dunkin Donuts employee.

The stupid nigger (on duty and wearing her Dunkin Donuts uniform) turned around facing me, and with that typical 'nigger bitch head shake jive', she brashly said "I ain't got yo phone!!"

(the other nigger bitch employee on the other side of the counter was already putting my phone into the pocket of the little brown apron the employees wear)

I laughed and told my wife "call the police. This bitch just stole my phone"

The responding deputy was named Deputy Mobs, and my wife and I actually know him. (We all Vape, and we met each other one day in a conversation about organic e liquids)

When Deputy mobs arrived, I went outside the front of the restaurant and spoke with him to explain what had happened.

During our conversation, I saw the nigger bitch behind the counter quickly run into the men's restroom, and then quickly come running back out, and took her place back behind the counter again.

I told Deputy Mobs I wanted the security camera video, because it captured the entire event. While he went to speak with the stupid fat nigger bitch who actually took my phone off the table, I went into the men's room because obviously the other employee had tried to hide my phone in there.

I looked in the garbage can, but there was no phone. Then I looked in the paper towel dispenser to see if she stuck it in there. No phone.

Finally, before I left the men's restroom, I opened the garbage can one more time, and I lifted the garbage bag out of it. BINGO !!!! There was my phone at the bottom of the garbage can. She put the garbage bag back in on top, in order to securely hide my fucking phone.

Just one problem……………………….

When she threw it in the garbage can, it cracked the corner of the phone.

I called Dunkin Donuts corporate office that afternoon, and I was informed that because I had called the police, it has now become a 'criminal matter', and the corporate office would not get involved with the franchise's problem.

Over the next few days, I reached out to the general manager of the franchise. He was impossible, repeatedly telling me "but you got your phone back", "but you got your phone back", "you got your phone back"…

He refused to acknowledge that his store was responsible for the damage to the digitizer screen…

As the days passed, the simple cracked corner of the screen 'spider webbed', and I had to go buy another phone.

But I was very pissed off about the principle of the matter.

He didn't fire the employees. And he seemed to be disregarding any liability on the part of his restaurant.

But what really pissed me off was THIS:

If you went to a restaurant, and they burned your French fries, the manager of that restaurant would say "I'm very sorry you had this experience at our restaurant, and I would like to make this a satisfactory customer experience for you"

It's called common courtesy, it's the way business is handled. It's how managers are supposed to manage their business.

But this cock sucking piece of shit eastern Indian manager never apologized for my experience at all.

In fact, he was very rude about it. Even though he certainly looked at the security video and saw that I was telling the truth.

Give me a minute and I'll tell you about March 20th 2017

Attached: JN SUPERSTAR LOGO.jpg (473x424, 71.01K)

MARCH 20th 2017:

It had been 16 days since the Dunkin Donuts employee try to steal my phone, and broke the digitizer screen in the process.

The manager had been extremely rude about the situation. It did not fire either employee involved in the theft and damage to the phone.

I had to go buy another phone, and a local cell phone repair shop had quoted me $100 to replace the digitizer screen.

(not $1,000)

But I was indignant about the principle of the matter, and I had finally had enough. I told Mr Patel that I was going to take him to small claims court, and proceed with civil litigation against him and his restaurant.

(The hassle of going to small claims court was not my goal. I was simply trying to demonstrate that I had reached the point where if he did not help me with the cost incurred by his employees, I would name his restaurant in civil litigation and hopefully he would just pay for the repair to avoid the hassle)

But on the way to the courthouse, I stopped and told my wife that I thought I should speak with an attorney before proceeding.

One of the oldest and best known law firms in Macon Georgia is Dozier Law Firm. I consulted with an attorney named David Dorer. I showed him the broken phone, and explained everything that had occurred over the past 16 days.

I told him that I didn't really want to go to court over the matter (after all, it was only $100 - but it was $100 Mr. Patel was refusing to accept responsibility for)

I specifically asked the attorney if it was legal to write out an informal agreement, saying I would agree NOT to go to small claims court in exchange for the payment for repair of the screen.

David Dorer asked me, "are you asking me if an out-of-court settlement is against the law?" When he put it in those terms, I felt kind of silly. I answered, "I guess so, because I'm concerned it might be viewed as some form of extortion or something"…

"Not at all. We do it every day. In fact, we always urge people to try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement before proceeding in the courtroom"

AGAIN: he was correct. I was not violating the law at all. I told Mr Patel that I was willing to go to court over the simple $100 repair fee, and if forced to go to court, I would ask for punitive damages of $25,000 from the restaurant… All I really wanted was my goddamn phone to be fixed because THEY WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE, NOT ME.

I shook the attorney's hand and walked across the street to the courthouse. I wrote the informal agreement you see in the photograph, and I texted the picture, including my broken phone and sent it to Mr. Patel, telling him, "I'm at the courthouse, and I wanted to settle this matter before I went in and filed the paperwork against the restaurant"

…. Mr. Patel has a brother who happens to be a Bibb County deputy. Is brother graduated in the same class as Deputy Thompson , who just so happened to be a good friend of Mr Patel, and he just so happened to be hanging out with him that day.

Mr. Patel sent me a text message, "okay. I'm on my way to the courthouse and I'll give you the $100"

(In the article, it says Deputy Thomas and Mr. Patel 'hatched a plan')

The 'plan they hatched' was to arrest me at the courthouse, after Mr Patel told me he was coming down to settle the matter.

About 5 minutes after leaving the lawyer's office, I was approached by the deputy (friend of Mr Patel) and told to put my hands behind my back.

It's not the first time I've been arrested, and it's probably not going to be the last time either. The erroneous news story claimed I had been arrested 11 times.

That's not true. I've been arrested 25 times in all, but only convicted one time.

The story also claimed I had lived in Macon for most of my life, which is also untrue. I lived most of my life in Atlanta Georgia. I'm only here in Macon because my mother is down here and her health is not well. The story also mentioned that I filed bankruptcy in 1996. That part is completely true. I absolutely did file for bankruptcy in 1996, which is my right as an American citizen, and had absolutely nothing to do with this incident.


Now I'm going to tell you about what happened after they threw the case out of court, and how a series of amazing events has taken place, and everything ended up working out much better then I could have ever expected possible…

(Being arrested triggered a series of events that brought my life full circle in many ways, and brought closure to some ongoing problems, ended several troublesome situations for me, and reunited me with several loved ones)

not only that, but I ended up making some really good friends in the court system, and I even got commissioned to do some artwork for a judge and some of the judge's personal friends…

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…. And have no fear, because thanks to your self appointed 'superhero' idiot, I'm going to be copying and pasting every single word of this shit, and flooding every thread with it for the next several weeks if not months…

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Hey johnny neptune which protective custody prison did you parole from?????