Jewish men beaten with belt in Berlin anti-Semitic attack

There has been public outrage in Germany after video footage emerged of two Jewish men being violently assaulted in an apparent anti-Semitic attack in central Berlin.

The two men, who were both wearing kippahs, traditional Jewish skullcaps, were insulted before being set upon and whipped with a belt in one of the city’s most fashionable neighborhoods.

A group of three unidentified men can be heard on the video clearly shouting “Yahudi”, the Arabic word for Jew.

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And how is this a problem? More Jews need to be beaten.

Clearly, these were blond blue-eyed Germans using Islam as a cover for their completely and utterly nonsensical hatred of the nicest, most honest, and peaceloving Jews that just want to coexist.

I hear that both of them required 6 million stitches

Exactly. It's not like "die Juden" truthfully have anyone else to blame for this anti-Semitism; import a million anti-Semites, expect to get beaten with belts. Play stupid games…

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on top of that, 2 german rappers (one of them marrocan ancestry) got the echo award for best urban/hip hop act of 2017 and jews are butthurt beyond repair because they are allegedly antisemites.

Who had the stupid idea of allowing tons of Muslims in Europe?!

…oh, wait.

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And they honestly think the muslims wont com after them next? If jews are tapeworms then muslims are locusts.

Really all you need to figure out they're mudslimes. Just remember (((you))) are the ones that wanted to import a group that's historically extremely violent and anti-semetic.

Hah, those must be white university students, majoring in middle-eastern studies.

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great. where are the german aryans who will beat the durkas and push them out of the country?

Its still has not sunk into the minds of nonjews that the importation of muslims was deliberate.

Its manufactured aliyah!

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He was clearly speaking in arabic in the video so one can hope it'll be a wake up call for the german people.

One can hope…

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But there's too many jews to fit them all in Israel. They would need a much greater area.

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Jews imported them their to encourage more people to come to israel




I hear that both of them required 6 gorillion stitches.

Fixed that for you, though it still isn't enough stitches.

To death

Islamphobic man gets beaten for not giving everything to his new master.