UK to become first country to ban plastic straws

The United Kingdom will implement a ban on plastic straws as soon as next year, becoming the first country to impose such a measure.

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May announced the move Wednesday as part of a previously announced plan to ban all plastic waste by 2042, BuzzFeed News reported. The ban would also include stirrers and cotton swabs.

She also said that she plans to push Commonwealth nations, the 53 countries largely made up of former British colonies, to take up similar bans.

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Fucking normies

Bin those stirrers. Someone could get hurt.

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Nah, you're just a retard.

Video related is the reason plastic straws are getting banned. Grow up.

Have to agree with his user.

Yeah,, this is a good thing for many reasons. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I came to this thread to make a weapons ban joke but in reality nothing of value was lost.

Plastic straws suck.

Aaatttt… least have our culture…..

I take it you don't live near the coast. Take a trip to a beach and look at the shit floating in the water and being eaten by the wildlife. All small, 1-use pieces of plastic marketed to make the lives of teenagers and women easier need to be addressed.
There are biodegradable alternatives made from seaweed or compressed organic fiber.

Poor turle probably was possibly eaten by a shark with that bloody nose.

Have they banned plastic knives?

We're taxing your tea
We're taxing your sugar
We're Frenching your passports
We're taxing your carrier bags
We're banning your straws
We're taking your cotton swabs
We're taking your forks and spoons
We're taxing your cans and bottles
We're banning your combustion engines
We're banning your steak dinners
We're mandating the introduction of flouride and soy sauce in all future produce

Saxon culture is destroyed
No more Saxons. No more Romans. No more.

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I'm beginning to think overexposure to BPA could be bad for your emotional health.

Were there any straws in 1984?
Check and mate.

Ok what do they use for the hospital patients?

So called environmentalists put it there in the first place.
Fake shit, "oh it's a worm!!!!!!!!" - using a penknife to do it, then the big reveal and some leftist faggots with crocodile tears and a message to the media.
Recycle the straws, it isn't difficult.

Kill every last juden, negroid, arab, pajeet, chingchong - all world problems solved.

perma b& from Zig Forums already
I don't mind it although
inform me again, how is it you are not a rulecuck?

Actually it is. Not only do these small plastic items need to be easily sortable (they aren't) most plastics aren't truely recyclable. Melting, and exposure to oxygen and sunlight degrade the plastics so that they cannot be reused for the same purpose. Most plastic objects aren't even a single type of plastic, so recycling causes those plastics to mix into an all but useless blend that can only be used for the cheapest objects. Plastics aren't glass they can't be endlessly recycled.

What the fuck are they going to make straws from now?

Actually, you know what? Fuck straws

wooden or cookie straw

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Yeah, lets pretend BPA and xenoestrogens actually matter


Paper. Same as the cups.

Straws cause overdeveloped buccilators and narrowing of the palate.

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I am fine with this, can't recycle plastic straws, and paper straws work just as well.

Cotton swabs have plastic sticks, you dense motherfucker

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You know what.
Anyone who wants a clean fucking straw.
Good look using swabs made of twigs you technology fearing luddite
You know those little plastic forks that you get with your fish and chips? It's fucking happening m8
They will tax "unhealthy fat riddled protein" just like they do sugar. I'm fucking calling it.
It's artificially flouridated, nationwide I believe.
I don't believe it's a conspiracy to weaken the population. I just believe it's uncalled for benevolence. Unless you called for any of this shit. Did you?

The root cause is always money aka theft. The UK is a country that is fine with theft, condones it even.

It was supposed to go to environmental charities. Instead it goes directly to the "charity foundations" that are the direct arms of those corporations. They get essentially extra money AND tax deductions.

Kinder on teeth though.

They taste like dirt.

What the fuck are you talking about, they're going to be straws made of paper, like Mcdonald's cups.
Is this what you really believe
Wooden chip forks have been a thing for longer than my dad could remember that's for sure
It's naturally flouridated.

i'm gonna kms now

He's making fun of your shitty nanny state banning everything, calm down faggot.

My swabs have hard paper sticks. Checkmate plasticists.

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You're right in that Zig Forums is cancer, but your reasoning as to why that might be is wrong, and in fact, that sort of idiocy is partly what makes this place a shithole.

Mcdonalds cups are made of laminated paper which is unrecycleable and worse for the environment. I haven't used any paper straws that resemble that material. The only paper straws I've used were more coarse, too easy to bend, and make drinks taste like shit.
I believe that plastic is used because it's a suitable material. Need I remind you that the ends of paper straws get dented easily? I could talk more about the disadvantages but essentially what you're doing is letting the government tell you that you can't have it.
Again, they're shit
They put extra in there because fuck you. This is not some well hidden secret. It's commonly done.

take your meds

Oi m8, where's your bloody straw license bruv?

So what are the U.K. Gonna use for straws instead? Are they even gonna have any?


They could always drink normally out of a cup, but that would be too hard for the average faggots.

Can't spell cuck without UK.



bake your breads

Drinking straws only only good for two things: shooting spitballs & snorting meth

Swizzle sticks are some bullshit

Q-Tips are dangerous to put in your ears

fuck all of those things… The only useful thing made out of plastic are the zip-tie handcuffs they'll use on Jim while he's being extradited to America to face federal H.B. 1865 FOSTA Bill charges after he's arrested in The Philippines for the child pornography…

and even then, a simple 4¢ bullet to the temple would be more effective.

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Vast majority of ocean trash comes from a handful of rivers.
Hint: none of those rivers are in developed countries.

Here's a source by the way:
"The Ocean Conservancy said in a report discussed in the GlobalPost that 60 percent of the plastic trash flowing into the sea originates from China, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand."

And hey, would you look at that!
None of those countries are majority white first world countries!
It's almost like ocean garbage is a result of poor care for the environment which is a cultural problem not present in the kinds of countries that would ban plastic and which already enforce their environmental laws!

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And here's yet another more damning source too:
"Up to 95 per cent of plastic polluting the world's oceans pours in from just ten rivers, according to new research.
The top 10 rivers - eight of which are in Asia - accounted for so much plastic because of the mismanagement of waste.
About five trillion pounds is floating in the sea, and targeting the major sources - such as the Yangtze and the Ganges - could almost halve it, scientists claim."

So again, it's shown that we would literally solve the issue of garbage in oceans if we could get thirdworlder lemmings to care about the environment and enforce environmental laws.
It's not a first world problem. Developed countries have the god given right to create all manner of polluting bullshit because we actually clean it up and sue each other with a strong set of laws

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underrated post

The absolute state of the cUcK.


Fucking disgusting.

Cookie straws

eat shit, you failed state of socialist cunts.


Heed the call. Bin that straw.

Do you wipe your ass with your hand too?

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Developed nations just export their trash to poorer nations where it gets dumped on coasts because they are too cheap to transport it further inland there it rolls off the giant heaps into the sea.

All disposable plastic items should be banned, yes they are cheap but they dont rot away properly. Only exemptions should be biodegradable plastics. The methane from those can be collected from land fills and used to generate electricity and heat.

You're fucking stupid, but what's worse is that you actually think you know what the fuck you're talking about. Hell, France banned BPA in anything that comes into contact with food because there's a wealth of information about how it can fuck you up. What's unfortunate though is that a lot of places are just replacing BPA with chemically similar replacements that probably have the same effect, but there's no laws or research on them yet so here we go again.


Yeah ? and your point is ? why should I care what happens to turtles ? no …seriously ?

Nice full house digits.

Tis you who is the true troglodyte. You may as well just pick up the glass and drink from it with your mouth, plebian.

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When I was a lad they made straws from waxed paper.
Plastic is cheaper.

Too late for oceans, too late for animals, too late for england and her children. Too little too late, just bullshit

plastic straws, gay frogs, hmmm…

little dab of veggy oil might have helped

plastic, shit, nuke waste, core exit, oil dumps, trawling, sonar, planets fucked. Just make sure your on time monday and taxes are in order, or else