Twitter Blocks Girl with Down Syndrome for Posting ‘Pro-Life Pictures’

Charlotte “Charlie” Fien, a British pro-life activist with Down syndrome, was reportedly blocked by Twitter for 24 hours this week after posting pro-life materials.
The 22-year-old English girl with just under 2,000 followers was up in arms over Twitter’s heavy-handed move, especially since the social media giant routinely allows pro-abortion users to post anything they want without censorship.

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Retard lives matter!

Guess how Iceland wiped out down's syndrome?

Mhm, I'm sure all those fetuses were retarded anyway and none of them would have turned out perfectly normal. Natural selection is for faggots & niggers confirmed. Can't wait for abortion doctors to advocate aborting fetuses that will surely have depression, ADHD, or a sense of free will as well.

Nice one, that surely won them over, you absolute drooling retarded.

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Shut up faggots.

The SJW concept of neurodiversity takes a backseat to femshevik kvetching. Color me surpised.

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Some vaginas are wrecked. That means you can feel air inside the vagina as you screw them. So gross.

no one cares

The Progressive Stack sure is a strange thing. It's how Muslims are allowed to rape white countries. Of course, NIMBY sentiments still apply, which is how none of these people want to live next to a migrant, how suicidal men and schizophrenics get no help or attention, and how this girl got banned

Great job Twitter, you made yourselves look like drooling retards while doing this shit
Can't say I'm at all surprised since you do this shit every day

I read that as

I'd fuck her

You should pay her first to have herself sterilised and eff her afterward.

also its telling that congenital retards are almost unanimously against the unethical failure to implement eugenics unless the retardation is mental

Abort them all, waste of fucking resources.

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Thank you for avoiding no-no-words and making 8ch a place to feel safe.

Because it's disgusting to think about effing the tards.

Twitter. More retarded than an actual retard

mfw people who claim to be "progressive" want to genocide everyone who isnt white and rich

It's remarkable. SJWs etc are not usually known for their trend projection or forwards planning skills, but the Progressive Stack is about as close as they can come to a perfect internal defence against the cognitive dissonance that their wild hypocrisy would otherwise create.

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I don't get why "White Genocide" is written in the fifth panel. Libtards screech that white genocide is a myth (while they actively work to achieve it), so why would they cite that as something to attack "cis scum" with.


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I assume that it's meant to be the cucks using it in a mocking tone. Or maybe it's one of the more self aware SJWs who actually acknowledge what they want.

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Looks like Twatter is down with abortion.

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Nice dubs leftypol


Kind of a biased sample, but yeah.

She's the reason for pro-choice.

You need the right to kill your own children if they are mental deficient or sick. It's part of your freedom and everyone else's to not have to pay for drains, or experiment on them.

People who argue for abortion are the most selfish fuckers on the planet. Concepts like the "value of human life" never enter their head before they start whining about how the baby will effect them (while never realizing the irony of their own existence).

Ask God about the value of Human life next time he Fuka a Shima Up. Human life is way less important than God's feels. Any innocent human life in Sodom or Gommorah before he glasses them when his faggy angels cried grape?

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I guess you can say they shut her down

Agreed user

It's not like they're not aborting at the 65th trimester.

This practice used to be legal very long time ago.

Dude we love abortion. It's the conservatives like glen beck who love the downies.

Did twitter not get the memo? Aborting downies isn't okay. Kikes are pushing laws against aborting downies through.

Lol what vaule does a retard add to Humanity?
They are a drain on the population, also really annoy. I rent and the retard upstairs screams jumps and Stomps all the time. Will never be able to work, which means we have the honor of paying the waste of space to live and waste our resources.

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< oh you selfish cunt giving birth to a retard instead of aborting
< and generating an eternally suffering individual
< and putting weight on society
< errr

anyway I just dropped twitter. Not because it censors pro life content, because it censors legal content.

(note I conveniently forgot that fukushima is mostly about human error)

So, the hypothetical god that decided E=mc2 for the entire universe should make exception so YOU survive. Except that your mere existence kills tons of food bacteria and stuff. I'd rather have god save the dinosaurs than guys acritically accepting retarded arguments like this. Quite ironic given the context.

no, Human life is valueless in god's eyes as he dodn't give enough of a shit to fix it

how shit is it to blame your progem insteading editing? and before you say jebus, come on now, one product update in 2000 years? great support ywvehehweh, 100% better than M$

Because it's absolutely the downie doing this and not her parents using her as a mouth piece to justify their own bad decisions.

Regardless of the feefeez in this thread twitter has no right to censor her like shes some kind of terrorist.

You can wipe anything by killing it. We should start by leftists and fags like you.