'Too expensive' to delete millions of police mugshots of innocent people, minister claims


Millions of police mugshots of innocent people cannot be deleted because it would be too expensive, a government minister has claimed – despite a High Court ruling that the practice is unlawful.

The work would have to be “done manually” by local forces, making the costs “difficult to justify”, a committee of MPs investigating the controversy has been told.

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The government minister should be introduced to the letters SQL.

What a dumbass

Its likely the mugshot databases have not been given useful descriptive names anyways so removing images would still be a pain in the ass.

if they can't write an auto-sorter that looks at shit older than X date and just goes through each person's file looking for a conviction tag followed by deleting it when there is none, then how in the fuck can they manage Big Brother?

>expecting (((them))) to remove the database
Everyone in bongistan has a folder

These are the same people expected to be able to write sensible legislation to govern a safe, secure, free, and prosperous 21st century nation (don't laugh, that is - technically - their job description).

Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength

Why would an organization make any power relinguishment easy?

A completely unacceptable lie.
Current AI could easily scrub the database using intelligence algorithms.
This is the nanny state just wanting to keep its dirty little file on everyone it possibly can.

Is image related to criminal complaint conviction?
If no delete

Wow, I am a master coder.

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It sounds like the Police are asking for bids. They need low bids because the only one they have so far is too damn high.

So who can write a program to fix this for them? Should be worth a few quid.
Publishing a program that would do this could make the British Police force look silly. Offering the program at a reasonable rate would make it illegal for the police not to continue as there is no longer the cost issue.

Force the British Policeman's hand. Help a Bobby out. They have important work to do binning copies of crocodile Dundee because there is a knife in it.

This. It's the sort of program that at least half of the users of this board could have solved before they finished puberty, and it's not like we're all coding gods or anything like that. I can understand a government doing everything it can to hold onto its power, but at least do us the courtesy of coming up with a better lie.

Shit happens.

Number One, you DONT have to be guilty of an actual crime to be arrested. Once the handcuffs go on, based upon the determination of whichever particular police officer that arrives, the gears turn and you get caught between the teeth.

If you research Robert Jordan's lawsuit, you might be amazed to discover that ALL law enforcement agencies have a secret policy where they will NOT hire anyone with a high IQ.



intelligent people make bad police officers. they get bored easily. they don't like blindly taking orders.

the U.S. Dept. Of Justice recently admitted that perhaps up to 40% of people in prison may actually be innocent. look it up.

However, shit happens… I had my charges dropped due to lack of evidence, but I'm too busy enjoying my existence today to worry about 'yesterday'…

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Oh, one more thing…..

It's not just America that has the IQ Limit for law enforcement.

Every county uses the cap on IQ. and if you're going to say the "only detectives have high IQs" thing, you'd be mistaken.

Detectives are pulled from the normal ranks. A detective must first be a patrol officer for a certain amount of time. The job title 'detective' has absolutely nothing to do with IQ

Hey johnny neptune which protective custody prison did you parole from???

This. If you don't understand this you are a fucking retard.

20 whole seconds of taxpayer money shot to Hell, can't have that

This was never about money.

delete from mugshot mg
join convictions c on c.prisonerid=mg.prisonerid
where c.result= not guilty
and mg.create_date > cut-off-date;

Done. Why the fuck would you need AI for that?

Do you even local government budget?

No, XP defaults folders full of images to Thumbnails.

Underrated post.


How else are they going to oppress the innocent track and prosecute precrime maintain their immaculately balanced budgets!?

Local government is about the only thing worse run than military procurement. For something like this assume that every local police station uses a different system - everything from current industry standard down to some of the more remote constabularies that are still using exclusively hard copies. I wouldn't be remotely surprised if you found a Police Force here that had one set of records stored in 1950's vintage punch-cards, and they haven't checked them since 1961 when the last punch card reading computer was taken offline.

Your weakness is your own mouth.


You just deleted all the mugshots of guilty people whose cases haven't been to trial yet.
Good job.

Done. The reason they are keeping those photos is clearly for their own agenda.

Filter test

Test 2

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You mean what a liar.

Looks like hookjewb is fucking up lately.

values in table
not guilty
pending trial

so only exclude the not guilty.


spaces that are extra
run post.exe

They are bad at lying. It is not hard to delete the innocent mugshots.

Why the fuck does it matter? They put themselves in situations where there was enough evidence to charge them: they get a mugshot.


How does me stating an inarguable fact make me a retard?

No they mugshot everyone regardless of what reasons.

Not a problem. People who have not been tried are not guilty in our system and must be presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

In the words of the Blackstone formulation: "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer."

Take pics of the convicted upon conviction. Circulate suspects photographs only in the lead up to apprehension. Print a hard copy for the trial filing, placing it in the confidence of the courts themselves. That way the image still exists in the event the suspect slip the system and become a fugitive - so you can re-use the image by re-introducing it to the system in that event, but the system itself complies with the court order.

Okay so change "charged" to "arrested". Everything still holds. They have nothing to worry about if they dindu nuffin wrong as the record will show that.

It's guaranteed their tables don't have a boolean value for innocent or guilty because they don't give a shit about the innocent. the purpose was always to harvest as much data as possible. You are a citizen, you are a prisoner in the system. That's the end of it.

If we weren't talking about a government database I would be posting a costanza about now. Wouldn't it be much simpler to just have a crimes table and remove all primary keys/record from the people database that don't appear on the crimes table?