Rudy Giuliani Joins Trump Legal Team in Mueller Negotiations to End the Witch Hunt

There are reports coming out of Washington, DC today that the famed New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani - a hero in the wake of September 11th, 2001 - may be joining President Trump's legal team to negotiate an end to the Special Counsel Robert Mueller “Witch Hunt” against President Trump.

Rudy Giuliani has a decorated history as a prosecutor, infamous even prior to his Mayoral tenure as the man who helped take down the La Cosa Nostra Italian mafia.

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witch hunt implies there's nothing. all the evidence, convictions, guilty pleas shows there's plenty. how many guilty pleas and convictions does it take for it to no longer be considered a "witch hunt"?

Show me the evidence
Show me the convictions
Everybody's guilty of something

Stupid Sexy Giuliani

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Drumpf? More like Donepf this time!!!!

wtf @ the scalp surgery shit his ugly bucktooth daughter talks about when she explains his bizarre baldness pattern?

It looks like he's had this strange alopecia type of situation for quite some time, because with the exception of the drag queen Giuliani shots, the other two photographs of trump & Giuliani together are not very recent, and in your photograph his hair seems to be doing the same bullshit.

I think it's fair to say that he's the most embarrassing, stupidest fucking piece of shit on Earth…

Not even the most embarrassing stupid fucking president in history, just the stupidest fucking piece of shit most embarrassing fucking loser I've ever seen in my life…

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dude you sound bent. hes balding. Hes fkn 70. Hes also got a billion bucks.

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lolno! the reasons why he was the only president to never release his tax returns is because 1. his business interests and politics would reveal his corruption and 2. he's not a billionaire, which would ruin his billionaire reputation. he's a vain sob who cares more about the fact that other people think he's successful than anything, even his own family.



The reason the fat stupid idiot refused to release his income tax records is because that would have shown he only has $337 mil

He is NOT a billionaire at all

NOT AT ALL……………………..

also, he's definitely balding, but he's not balding the way men bald… He has an entire strip down the back of his head where no hair will grow (the complete opposite of male pattern baldness basically) and he has areas on the sides of his head, and a large swath of one side of the top of his head where no hair will grow, either.

It's creepy. It's like some kind of disease. Because these irregular unusual areas of baldness exist on strange parts of his head, he grows and absurd hairstyle, where the hair is too long, so he can literally WRAP the 'walls' of hair around the sides of his head, and he tries to glue these wings of hair together at the back, along with other areas of hair that he literally COMBS FORWARD from behind.

he has a bizarre jigsaw puzzle of flaps and wings and walls of weird creepy hair, and he tries to interlock these panels and twist and wrap them all together too 'blanket' the 42% of his cranium that has no hair.

it's weird… sorry, dude, but it's weird…

I know some 70 year old men, and I know some 80 year old men. None of them has weird 'gaping sections' of random baldness (especially not the weird as fuck back of the head thing)

The old balding men I know all have varying versions of classic 'male pattern baldness', not the freakshow version.

(also, his stupid ugly inbred looking daughter has tried to explain it with a weird tale of 'scalp replacement surgery' where they cut away the sections of his head and stretch flaps of skin around the sides of his head, creating the original template for his bizarre jigsaw of hair)

Not to mention he's probably the stupidest person I've ever seen, actually making George W Bush seem like a genius…

(But since you were still playing with red ranger action figures when Obama was elected, you wouldn't know anything about George W bush or politics in general)

Guys like you simply like Trump because you're angry and sexually frustrated and disenfranchised, and you're easily manipulated into thinking you were actually finally part of something…

(Trump never even won the popular vote, and now it's questionable if he even got the electorate)

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another questionable character from the 9/11 fiasco steps in to apparently be a good guy now
no worries, he's only been lying to the public about what happened for 16 years, top bloke

*stands and applauds you*

BRAVO !!!!

I'm glad to see that at least some people here have a brainstem

Never posted before. Lurker/Digfag. This crumb seems to be crucial and I'm praying that 1 fagAutist can chew on this. God bless u and Q.

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"he's just balding, dude"


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RE: Giuliani allegedly putting La Cosa Nostra 'out of business'…

My friends in the Lucci family would get a good laugh out of that. The Luccis are a large family that changed their name a long time ago.

You might have heard about them before under the old version of their name 'Lucchese'…

(The actress Susan Lucci is part of this family) and although there are no longer in the same capacity as the old days, trust me when I tell you they are very much well ingrained… Giuliani didn't do shit. It's all smoke and mirrors on every level…

He's one of the most corrupt pieces of shit you'll never find, and he's the puppet snuggly pulled over the right hand of the Dragon…

If you think the Dragon's Hand is ever going to cut off the Dragon's Head, then perhaps you'd be better off pulling out that red ranger toy and keeping yourself occupied with something on your level.

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FYI: if you think
that I am a Hillary
Supporter, you
would be sadly

I hate that insane piece of shit just as
much as I hate the stupid idiot in office

fuck all of them

I simply hate the
human race
in general

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What are you even ranting about?

I recommend death.

That's a terribly unconvincing Photoshop.

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Hey johnny neptune when you got removed off the yard in prison did they send two hitters or three? Was it bad paperwork or the way you acted that got you fucked off to a protective custody yard?

I ate another lawn cigar today.

It was nice because the crust that had formed on it preserved the taste.

Hillary Clinton is mai waifu and did nothing wrong and should have won.

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Where have I heard this before

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I am well aware you've already seen this before, but I'm sure you somehow denied it to yourself…

so, just for old times sake, let's roll that footage again.

Ivanka Trump explains the hair and surgical areas of baldness:

she often described the mechanics behind it to friends: "an absolutely clean pate—a contained island after scalp-reduction ­surgery—surrounded by a furry circle of hair around the sides and front, from which all ends are drawn up to meet in the center and then swept back and secured by a stiffening spray.”



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part two

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part three

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I like to eat horse penis

I need attention because I'm a waste of life who tries to be a special snowflake on a moribund polynesian esperanto-learning email group

Boku no Pico is the best anime ever

Also stop acting like the bad guys from Harry Potter!


part four

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The flaw of your argument:

thinking that I would NEED what I already have so much of

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Even though people wish I'd deepthroat a shotgun I'm going to go back to deepthroating this giraffe instead

Also Trump is the best president ever and if you don't like pic related you're racist

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Another great work from my erotic colelction…

True art!

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Okay…. It's 1:08 am

Wendy and I have to be up early

you guys be well… seeya soon

Wendy's the name of the goat I fuck btw

Actually, here's some of my work. These are just ballpoint pen doodles, but oh well, right?

Everyone have a safe evening

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Irrefutable proof that Trump colluded with Giuliani's bosom.

The guy is a real estate investor.
All his worth is bound in real estate.
His tax records will show jack shit as a consequence. And don't even mention that they were under review and it isn't advisable to release them while they are.
So thank the IRS for reviewing him every single year.

For the 473,293,612th time in twenty six years:

Shut the fuck up

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Apparently you are unfamiliar with the special meeting arranged dozens of banks, where they hired a team of lawyers to represent all of the banks together, and meet with Donald Trump to read him the Riot Act, regarding the tens of billions of dollars he had defaulted on…

They decided it would be better to lose MOST of the money than to lose ALL of the money.

During this meeting, the lawyers quickly realized how INSANE and delusional Trump is.

He kept lying (they knew the real numbers) but more importantly, they realized that HE ACTUALLY BELIEVED HIS OWN LIES.

his behavior was crazy and childish…
Finally, right when the attorneys got to the most serious part of the meeting, informing Trump of the banks' new structuring of the assets and debts, Trump clapped his hands a couple times, and one of his assistants, who had been waiting for the handclap 'cue', suddendly walked in through the door carrying a large box of autographed copies of his stupid book 'The Art Of The Deal', which Trump been began handing out to the attorneys like it was a book signing or something….

Nope… I'll tell you who's an actual billionaire… Mark Cuban is a billionaire and he knows Trump in real life… Mark Cuban has made it very clear that Trump is not a billionaire at all, and he's actually a shitty businessman who always makes terrible decisions.

Trump won't release his income tax records BECAUSE HES NOT A GOD DAMN BILLIONAIRE… It's really just that simple

He's a liar

For example, in the 1980s Trump actually made a phone call to Forbe's magazine, and pretended to be 'John Barron' (who he claimed was an employee of Donald Trump) and wide about having $200 million, so he could get on the fortune 400 list

He only had $5 million at the time

You can actually listen to this recorded phone call online if you Google it…

Trump's a fucking IDIOT

sorry if thats not what you wanted to hear, but it's obvious you will continue to tell yourself that 'I am not telling you the truth'

but I am….

All of this information is publicly available, but you'll never learn about it if you don't look.

If you are so determined to believe the sky is green, that you refuse to even look at the sky, fearful it might be blue, then of course you'll always be able to tell yourself that you were correct about the green sky


pretended to be 'John Barron' (who he claimed was an employee of Donald Trump) and LIED* about having $200 million, so he could get on the fortune 400 list

He only had $5 million at the time

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Actually, I love trolling hot bitches on Periscope

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hairline will decide the presidents future said the local idiot

Wew lad! Try looking in the mirror.
Then check this out again:

JohnnyNeptune BTFO!

/lolcow/ extraordinaire, Johnny Neptune Andrew Lawrence McGovern continues to muck up every thread he can on 8ch with his overblown ego and megalomania.
That he's homeless and bankrupt isn't what's so funny. It's his need to convince autists on a Swedish vegan soy-meatball-recipe website that he has superpowers and hobnobs with the rich and famous, that makes milking this lolcow so delicious. If you're so new that you are unaware of this namefag's shenanigans and why he is disliked here so much, let me post a few recent archived threads as a reminder:

No biggie. Just another /lolcow/ namefag who has been warned repeatedly to stop namefagging on here and mucking up every thread, making it about him and his overblown ego. But now he has pissed off the userbase so much that, not only do his opinions and statements have zero meaning, but he is choosing to have this whole "game" upped to another level. It can go higher, Johnny boy!
Your move, Johnny boy.
I'll just leave this here for any user who would like to help Johnny boy get back on track and stop his incessant namefaggotry. Good luck, Andrew.
I have more 'data', but would prefer you curb your own behavior rather than have it curbed for you.
I'll just leave this here again:

Yes, this thread is still alive:

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Well, it is true. Liberals and cuckservatives are just misusing that fact to satisfy their short sighted egos, instead of seeing the bigger picture of history repeating itself by realizing angry, sexually frustrated, and disenfranchised males are always the spearhead for sweeping political reforms.

lol @ you assuming you're being perceived as 'intimidating', you powerless, effeminate little sissy bitch boy

you're exactly like a little girl. I'm not joking, Sally… You are EXACTLY like a little girl

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lol @ you assuming you're being perceived as 'intimidating', you powerless, effeminate little sissy bitch boy

you're exactly like a little girl. I'm not joking, Sally… You are EXACTLY like a little girl

It's understandable how you'd be so resentful, considering how girls actually LIKE me

I just took another load of horse semen!

Stay mad losers !!!

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no offense, but that's all complete bullshit. absolute nonsense.

my real question is WHY are you fixated on such far fetched hogwash ? the nature of the content of your fixation concerns me about your psychological well-being…

I bet you believe that the 'dropped' dark web Snizzlefitz video (or whatever the fuck those idiots call the non-existent bullshit) actually exists, right ?…

hmmmm….. yeah, I'm concerned for you

(there are SO many things about that graphic that can be contested, disproven, and debunked, the least of which is not that the 'adult woman' in the photo is NOT the same human as the child)

I'm really, really curious if the entire 'Shizzleflarp' HRC video bullshit idiots are simply trolling, or if they're really THAT fucking gullible…

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