One Of The Last Surviving Dodo Birds Was Killed By A Shotgun Blast To The Head

Sadly, the Dodo bird went extinct over 300 years ago, but science is now shedding some light on exactly how one of the last remaining Dodos was killed. The prized Dodo bird was thought to have inspired author Lewis Carroll to create a Dodo character in the famous tale of "Alice in Wonderland". Now, a special scanner reveals the Dodo in question was murdered in cold blood by a shotgun blast to the head.

The famous Dodo was loaded into a micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) scanner which revealed to researchers a number of weird fleck marks in the bird's neck and skull region. Upon closer inspection, the flecks were revealed to be tiny lead pellets proving the flightless bird was shot in the back of its head.

Paul Smith, the director of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History in England, said the findings came as a complete surprise. The specimen known as the Oxford dodo is on display and for years curators thought the specimen was the same bird that was brought to London alive in 1638. People would pay to see the curious-looking and rare bird on display and feed it.

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It is always been believed that dodo birds were eliminated by people because they were 'so stupid'…

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You evidently don't understand what natural selection is. Artificial selection is natural selection, it's just more specific. Humans are not the only species to make another species go extinct, cats are the reason why many small animals in the British Isles have gone extinct. The Dodo bird deserved to die when the tools used by another species that literally exploded wouldn't scare them away. At any time the Dodo bird could have had a population that had a panic response to loud noises but didn't.


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