What Else Can She Not Do?: Angelina Jolie Pilots a Plane Over Namibia


Who needs a Brad Pitt, or a partner for that matter, when you can fly? Actress Angelina Jolie is literally going to great heights in the pursuit of her latest conservationist project.

The 42-year-old celebrity who’s also known for her environmental causes and being an all-around Renaissance woman impressed fans around the world this week when she was filmed piloting and landing a small plane herself over the Namibian desert in the ITV special The Queen’s Great Planet.

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celeb goss from the peepeewater
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For once I'm in agreement with She's just another Hollyjew puppet, I wonder if she's on the HARVESTED list.

no, actually I just got here from falseflagging as him on other threads and saying I/he was gay for various animals

Didn't she suck her brothers dick?

probably but who cares either way tbh

I do. That's why I asked. I need to know for reasons.

Raise her children properly?

Not to mention sawing off the only two things about her I found interesting.


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She's basically one big surgical scar these days.

"What else can she not do?"
Is that a backhanded insult? It reads as her being such a shit pilot, that what are a list of other things she can try and fail at.

English tip: What can't she do?

trips check

user… if this was your sister… you wouldn't let her?

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What is the HARVESTED list, pray tell?


We're those rumours confirmed? I also heard she sleeps with knives under her pillows



>have tits

Apparently shut up or have any children of her own.
That's two things this leather faced trashbag can't do.

i dont get it
literally any retard is able to fly a plane if they have the money to take flight lessons and buy/rent a plane
why is it news that some rich retard took flight lessons and bought/rented a plane?

Just how "strong" and "independent are they if they need encouragement all the time?

fondle her tits?

I'm pretty sure it was her brother and her dad.

Read up on the Harvey Weinstein scandals and then come back.

Ahh, now I get it. Thanks user.

Was she dropping boms too? Another woman celeb satanist war criminal not in jail. What is that shadow on her shoulder, e.t. on a flying bike?

come on, she kept her breasts. Don't believe her lies.

dear basement user, flying a plane is actually not that easy, but she is actually sitting in the co-pilot chair (right side) meaning she's not in command of the flight and whoever took the picture was the pilot.


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Breaking News! Woman can put her hands on two dildo styled handles and drive a car with wings. More at 11.

>she didn't even have cancer, she was just worried that she might one day

I told the wife the divorce was imminent once Jolie cut off her suckle-sacs. The wife's reaction was predictable, demanding to know if I'd leave her if she got a double mastectomy. I said no, because sex is merely a fond memory to me, but Pitt and Jolie were infamous for all sorts of nasty bedroom games.

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