Newnan, Georgia: Antifa Rioters Arrested for Refusing to Remove Masks

The town of Newnan, Georgia is now bracing for premeditated attacks against Trump supporters by a band of radicalized alt-left extremists - who claim they're targeting “Nazis” - but now have the town on high alert fearing a dramatic wave of violence.

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wow I'm sure the pisswater will present a fair and balanced view of this let us all click the click bait my fellow kids

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You're just mad that they are not protecting antifa the way that the leftist mainstream media does.

Why am I not surprised?

Funny how antifa is left wing yet their actions cause further right wing attitudes to emerge. Now you can get arrested for wearing a mask. Its almost like george soros is right wing and antifa and blm are his useful idiots. They think they are making progress for the left but in reality are making progress for the right. After all soros was raised undercover as a christian nazi and spent his childhood collecting wealth from Hungarian jews. He said that was a good time in his life and where his personality was formed

rather unethical for the authoritarian policestate to demand that they remove their masks which would be very painful for them or face legal retribution

Gas these fucking jews.

Soygoy or soygoyl?

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When the civil war happens it will be a pleasure to shoot faces like these.

They're a terrorist group, be grateful they weren't shot on sight.

This is happening in Newnan, Georgia not very far from where I'm at. It's important to clarify how EVERYONE in this story are fucking idiots.

Antifa people are IDIOTS.
Trump supporters are complete idiots.
Law enforcement are idiots by design
(they won't hire you to be a cop if you have a high IQ)
The citizens of Newnan Georgia are stupid fucking idiots.
Democrats are idiots
Republicans are idiots
Everyone in Georgia is an idiot
Antifa supporters are God damn idiots
People who don't support antifa are also idiots…

they need to all stfu and eat my shit

The human race sucks so bad…

this is exactly why I love animals so much

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everybody can take their beliefs and demands and philosophies and indignancies and wants and needs and religions and sexuality and hopes and dreams and perspectives and morals and passions and lust and greed and pain and suffering AND SHOVE IT ALL DIRECTLY UP THEIR ASS…

fuck the human race…

this pic is a perfect reminder of how 'amazing' humans AREN'T

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No one cared who they were till they put on the mask

Unironically posts from Georgia.

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hi jim

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And the U.S. government isn't?

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Punished Soros is secretly /ourguy/.

So I suppose you understand perfectly why everybody hates antifa, right?

Hes more to the right than anyone here

You just called yourself an idiot

If he reveals he has been planning to exterminating the jews, I, I dont actually know what I would do.

what better news source for the ocean of piss?


Give them the death penalty.

You would realize that even the things you arr convinced of can be fake

quality animation!

if masks are illegal, how am i supposed to wear my white hood?

Idiots Nazis were never "right" wing anymore than Antifa is OR those Communists that EVERYONE keeps mislabeling as the "left" are American.

They're NOT American ~ at all ~ they're communists and the sooner the rest of America accepts that fact the sooner we can eradicate the problem. These people want Americans dead and the Constitution destroyed just like any other Communist from Russia or China so why pretend that they're somehow different? They're NOT.

We've become far too tolerant in the US. We didn't used to tolerate Communism ~ consequently it wasn't a problem. Then we became tolerant and NOW look. They've seized control of the entire social structure of the US. The govt, media, education, churches, ALL of it. That's ONE lesson that the Communists CAN teach us ~ intolerance. Intolerance of their ideology. It's got NO place in America ~ ANYWHERE ~ EVER.

Except it is.

There's your problem, m8. Being antifa is criminal.

Piss off and yiff in hell, furfag