More ISIS Propaganda Posters: Hilarious

Indonesian ISIS propaganda posters were spread by supporters of the extremist group calling out several American companies for being Satanic. The radical terror group warned that Satan was behind United Nations, the Federal Reserve, Universal Studios Hollywood, CNN, NATO Allied Command Transformation and NASA.

The bizarre posters featured an Islamic fighter firing an antiaircraft gun at a giant statue of Satan. At the base of the statue are several icons representing the accused companies. In the background of the image was the burning eye of Sauron from J.R.R. Tolkien's the Lord of the Rings when it was made into a trilogy of films by Peter Jackson. And of course, there are at least a couple ISIS flags.

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…I'm waiting for the 'hilarious' part…

or even the 'vaguely interesting' part…

As much as I hate Muslims and ISIS and everyone who defends anything about these things That also goes for people who defend Assad and muh Shia dindu muffin!

I have to respect them for being so passionate about their culture and history. If there's one thing globalism and post-modernism in general has done particularly well its sucking the heart and soul out of everything. I want to see Christians have the same vigor to them again. Muslims efforts are all for naut anyways because they will meet a similar fate as the Middle East becomes more westernized. If the Jews push for Islamic migrants to Europe means anything, it's that. To strengthen ties between the west and the Muslim world. To westernize and pacify them at the expense of everyone else.

I get all of these others, but why NASA?

Islamic fundamentalists still think the Earth is flat and the moon landing is western propaganda. Not even kidding. A lot of it has to do with certain Muslim holidays being heavily time sensitive and based on when the sun rises and sets in the middle east

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They kind of got it right, but are horribly misled. The Illuminati, Federal reserve, and NASA are actually part of the same organization led by the IRS. But their real name, is actually the IRIS. The Internal Revenue Intelligence Service. They're supposed to be the watchdogs of the government, uncovering corruption and protecting it from the shadows. That eye on the Illuminati logo? It was the symbol of IRIS, the vigilant eye of the Freemasons.

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why don't you become a reporter for this board I think you would be good at it

if I were ISIS I would ask myself a lot of questions.
pic related: isis the world's luckiest terrorists and all that has been done to help them out (by a. orsini, italian only I am afraid)

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I wouldn't mind at all, actually.

I really wouldn't mind doing that at all. And thanks for the vote of confidence.

Oops I didn't mean to post twice. I didn't think the first post went through

is it still a valid point if I refuse to acknowledge the concepts of 'satan' or 'god' or 'jesus' or 'julian calendars' or any other religious nonsense?

ISIS is just following the script put down by Mohammad

wow Jim thanks for posting crap that'll get us bumped up the watchlist, your bosses must be pleased



One of these days, I'll need to find a nearly sane muz and ask him why the prophet of his god takes precedence over the god himself. It's like the board of Disney going up the the poor slob in the park's Goofy suit and listening raptly to his ideas to take the company in a whole new exciting direction.

nah fuck you and fuck your narrative

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Here's the problem. I'm not a member of Isis, nor am I a member of a terrorist organization, but I would celebrate if a meteor from the heavens smited each and every one of those organizations. because I believe that they are corrupting the natural world like a cancer. Am I going to be treated like a terrorist and arrested under the patriot act or some gay shit because I "sympathize" with terrorist organizations now? Could Mossad or the CIA make fliers like this in order to justify adding certain ideas to terrorist lists of some sort?

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Based ISIS