Body Mod Fans Claim Drilling Holes in Heads to Expand Their Minds

Today’s young generation is becoming more adventurous in stuff like body modifications, but on the other hand they are also increasingly turning to more dangerous, far riskier things never before imagined. One trend becoming more popular in the body mod scene these days is trepanning, or the act of drilling a hole into our skull and allowing it to heal over.

Ryoichi Keroppy Maeda, the man responsible for promoting the “Bagelhead” movement, and body mod expert, said the process dates back more than 8,000 years. He said that it could still be a bridge too far for extreme modding.

The body mod expert even makes the prediction that trepnation is simply the first step, and that new modification of the brain of the skull is coming in the future.

Keroppy Maeda added: “Humans started trepanning millennia ago. Why would they do this? I’ve been told it expands your mind. Elevating our consciousness.”

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Sounds like something I'd invent for laughs

They did it to relese the headache-causing evil spirits that were trapped in their heads.

So, how did it work out for them? There is a reason the cultures that actually advanced stopped doing retarded shit like sticking pointy things into their faces.

i hear it gives you a hole new perspective on life

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It works, it reduces cranial over-pressure and improves bloodflow.
Not everyone needs to do it, but chronic migraine sufferers sometimes benefit from it.
When the brain swells, pressure can be dangerous, the usual practice is to remove part of the skull, temporarily or sometimes permanently to return pressure to normal and allow healing.
People doing it to themselves isn't a new thing. There was a documentary on people in Canada doing it in the early 90s, it is nothing to do with body modification faggots.

The people that did it back then did it to stop chronic headache and seizures.

Did it work well for them? Most died within a few days

Johnny's dad?

Pop a cap in your head, works wonders I heard. Much cheaper and faster than drilling as well

Believe it or not, I used to have that photograph (the actual photo is of two twin brothers) as the album art for one of my songs.

Anyway, trepanation has been around forever. They've been doing this shit for centuries. Even to this day, the monkey-people in South American countries still perform it on cocaine addicts, believing it releases the evil spirit trapped inside of them that causes them to do cocaine.

This isn't exactly what I'd call 'news'.

I found the album art I was talking about.

The song opens with a phone call between my worst friend Jon Fox and I discussing fucking girls in the ass.

that's my ex-wife in the video (my son's mother)

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I can't tell if this is a very elaborate arg or not.


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This is fucking troll science


My wife and I know a woman who was in a bad relationship with a real piece of shit husband. He would beat her up all the time and she finally told him she was going to divorce him.

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After attacking her, the husband got into his car with their small child and took off, fleeing the scene. He slammed the car head on into a building at top speeds, killing himself and the child.

………… I'm sure you're probably asking yourself "what does this have to do with trepanation?"……

NOTHING… absolutely nothing… That's my point. This 'body modification trepanation' story is not newsworthy.

… By the way, after suffering so badly, being disfigured for life and having lost her child, the woman somehow manages to keep a smile on her face… She's been through so much, but she seems to have a much better outlook on life than you or I…

She's one of the most positive, sweet, caring, amazing people I've ever met. It really just goes to show you how silly it is when people try to blame their past or to blame others for their current self-imposed failures…

The biggest whining cry babies I've ever known were actually some of the luckiest, most privileged sheltered pampered people you could imagine…

Again, this has nothing to do with body modification trepanation, because body modification trepanation is a bullshit topic…

next round of hole in the skull is on me, carlos

Does not know how to embed a video, so I'm going to assume that is your son and ex-wife in the picture you posted, Andrew.

Lol sure I don't know how to embed a video



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If I'm not mistaken, 500 members is about 20 times more people than have ever logged in here….

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More like johnnyneptune sperg out thread

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Click the arrow next to the name. When the dropdown list shows up, hover over "add filter" and click "name".

They did it to remove clots on the brain cause by head trauma. Successfully as it happens, as evidenced by totally healed procedures found in old skulls.
As for expanding the mind, this is based on pretty simple bio-physics. Most people's heads become hermetically sealed as the skull plates fuse, which creates a state of hydraulic lock inside the skull, limiting blood flow.
When you create an opening (many people have one naturally btw), you allow the vessels of the brain to pulse to their full capacity, increasing blood flow, increasing oxygenation, increasing metabolic energy available to the brain for work.
Personally I think it's a bad idea and the the hermetic sealing of the skull probably serves an evolutionary purpose to limit the expansion of the blood vessels of the brain, reducing the chance of hemorrhage from over-pressure.
Wouldn't like to do a bungee jump for example, without a fully sealed skull.
If you want an example of this, fill a bottle with water, put a balloon in the open end, seal around balloon, and try to inflate it. Inflation will be limited by the hydraulic action of the surrounding water, same deal in a closed skull.

Wow Johnny you are so cool.

On THIS, we indeed see eye to eye….

and RE: you not appreciating my style?

'eye' can live with that

Thank you, sir. that's very kind of you.

so you're saying we should push it?

Click the arrow next to the name. When the dropdown list shows up, hover over "add filter" and click "name".


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…like a god damn hole in the head…

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I've noticed how the Zig Forums BO has been ever-increasingly frustrated and unhappy recently…

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Isn't that odd?

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They made a whole manga around that idea. It was called Homunculus. The hole in his head gave him the ability to read people's emotions on a deeper level… Or did it? It's a great psychological story.

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That's bullshit
People can lie all they want on the Internet, especially you, Andrew

fucking savage

Duh, self-sufficient people are quiet. They don't ask questions they didn't ask themselves 100 times before seeing outside council.

The people you have conversations with and pause before replying are the ones that think for themselves. Anyone that replies immediately is a "responder" and just found something they heard a trusted source say, and they repeat it.

Like a script. I was a techie and the type of person that wouldn't get help because everyone would just say "I'm sure you'll figure it out".

I didn't realize I was a responder until I started trying to rationalize how you test AI. Turing test is a good start but coming up with a solution yourself ends up breaking you out of your cage.