Climate change leaves birds hungry as chicks hatch too late to eat caterpillars

Warmer springs due to climate change are leaving chicks in UK woodlands hungry, according to new research.

As springs get warmer earlier, caterpillar numbers spike too soon meaning by the time many birds' eggs have hatched later in the season, there is not enough food to go around.

The study adds to mounting evidence that the changing climate is playing havoc with the seasons and causing problems for animals and plants whose actions are calibrated to annual rhythms.

When animals rely on seasonal shifts to feed, grown and develop, these mismatches can be fatal.

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while many species of plants and animals will never recover from our encroachment, I'm certain that not long after the human race was eliminated, nature would slowly begin reversing the damage we've caused.

Personally, after studying the cruelty and destruction by humans to basically every living thing on this planet (including each other) I've reached the point where I'd sacrifice 10,000 humans for every baby bird…

Hell…. I'd even sacrifice 10,000 humans to save one caterpillar…


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start by sacrificing yourself

Number of birds is increasing here. Warm winters kill less birds than lack of food. And there is plenty of food to go around, birds don't just eat caterpillars.

No snow also means birds can find worms, maggots and spiders easier.

Really, just a bunch of bullshit.
Just environazis making shit up again and forgetting winter is when absolutely nothing grows and most living things die.

Then they will adapt or die, as millions of species before them.
Climate always changes, it is a natural feature of our planet. Species come and go, so it will always be.

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Again how do they think they can possibly stop the Chinese

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For once, some really good news.

All those carbon emissions are finally accomplishing something. Our plan to eliminate hatch-lings has come to fruition.

Our next climate change objective will be the elimination of llamas. Evil, stupid llamas.

I live in Southern Ontario and the trees literally aren't even budding yet.
It's almost May.

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