Boy, 7, dubbed 'super human' after getting five new organs in single operation

Little Jay Crouch is called “super-human” by his mum after having five organs transplanted in one op.

The seven-year-old is one of the youngest patients in the world to have the “incredibly rare” procedure.

He received two kidneys, a liver, a pancreas and a small intestine from an even younger donor child.

The five organs were removed in one “block” – meaning there were just six connections needed to attach them to Jay’s arteries in the ten-hour operation at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

He is learning how to eat and swallow, starting with a slice of buttered toast.

The young Leicester City fan had been in and out of hospital his entire life after his small intestine twisted and died when he was just six weeks old.

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What? Why would you need 5 new organs?

"by his mum" I thought we had a confirmed case here

can't you read? it's because he's a 'super human'. not 100% sure, but reading between the lines i think he must have falcon punched himself by accident whilst larking around and now he's effectively absorbed most of a smaller boy to regain health.

just as well he has a blue shirt on or i'd assume the wall was retarded and smiling at the camera.

Unfortunately, his mother will dub him 'super dead' in 14 months when he contracts a common cold, and takes an everyday antibiotic to treat the secondary bacterial infection, which will trigger his immuno response rejection of the implanted organs…

Good news and bad news….

The bad news: Jr's funeral will be a financial setback

The good news: even though she's not exactly a beauty queen, she still has bleach blonde hair, meaning Iranian men will pay her for sex…

You can call him super human when he turns 70 without the need of another transplant.

But reality is that he probably won't make it past 30, probably not even past puberty.

With all the new flesh eating bacterias he will be on a constant stream of antibiotics throughout his life, even though many of them are worthless now. In fact thanks to aids drugs and aids victims constant use of antibiotics and greedy farmers pumping their animals full antibiotics as well, they have become all but useless to the rest of us.

only a matter of time until we see a massive increase of deaths from bacterial infections. check out the news now and there are dozen or reports of people getting a scratch or splinter and then losing half finger and limbs etc from untreatable infections.


While trying to recoup the losses incurred by his funeral, one of her 'clients' is likely to get her pregnant.

Better luck next time, right ?

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Just snotted beer out my nose, thanks.

lol thank you, sir

Okay… So we all agree the kid's as good as dead, so it's time to move on to something more important….

like WTF kind of hairspray is this bitch using?

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interesting, it looks an awful lot like a nylon wig or at least hair extensions. wonder if she has very thin hair or it's falling out. she might have a hereditary genetic disorder and after getting preggo from her brother or dad the disorder got stronger in the kid. that's what i'm going to assume anyway.

and honestly, 5 organs failed, that's pretty much god saying he did not want that kid to live.

can you do a face swap?

name test

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Hahahaha !! Is it possible to get a headache from laughing too hard?

You asshole !!

I might have been known to do it a time or two, yes…


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He's becoming the first space marine. He needs those extra organs.

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Came here to post this.

More like untermensch.

A real superhuman would be someone with strength and speed that goes beyond the norm or someone with the ability to heal from any wound.

sounds like mom was shaking and baking his ass when she was pregnant.

George Soros still has the record with 6 kidnapped goyim children's organs.

""" donor child """

He'll be dead within a year when his body stops reacting to the anti-organ rejection meds.

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