Russian 'doomsday machine' nuke could wipe out coastal infrastructure with 300ft tsunamis

Russia's new nuclear drone submarine could be capable of causing 300ft-high tsunamis, able to wipe out coastal cities, experts say.

The existence of the drone, believed to be the Status-6 system - also known as 'Putin's doomsday machine' - was confirmed by the Russian President himself in his annual state-of-the-nation speech in Moscow last month.

Experts say a 50 megaton underwater nuclear bomb would be able to create tsunami waves reaching more than 320ft - the 'Status-6' is allegedly able to carry a 100 megaton warhead.

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Feels good not being a coastfag

I got to get out of Florida.

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Thankfully Hillary selling Russia American uranium means any nuclear attack that can point to America can now be shared with an enemy.

I wish this transaction was publicly acknowledge by Putin so we don't need to question if it wasn't just disappeared, for future use.

If you lookup Marianas Trench nuke you can learn its more like a 400' wall and then guess the impact on the coasts.

I hope they bomb jew york and israel.

Calm down Gorbachev

Those "experts" cited in the article are full of shit. Using nukes to create waves has long been experimented on, and they do not create conventional tsunamis. What you get is a short lived wave, that might be that high due to the blast, but if you were that close you'd be dead from the general effects of a nuclear fucking explosion anyway, and if they detonated it too far away, the wave would peter out, because it's not pushing as large an amount of water as a submarine earthquake on a fault line over 100s or 1000s of kms.


Chances are high that america will use their own 200 megaton one preemptively, as is their peaceful way of peace and enlightenment.

Also, I thought the US already detonated one off the coast of Indonesia in about 2004, so they could buy up all coastal land in south east asia and fill it with fucking macdonalds and ugly hotels.

Not to mention fukishima.

Include saudi arabia, pakistan, detroit, seattle, los angeles, miami, san francisco and a few others for clean up.
Rio de-Generacy for certain, and Mexico city can go too.
Then put London in for good measure.

Shame about the monuments in London, but offing 10 million of the niggerpaki hordes would be worth it.

Drop the bomb deep enough and it creates a void too large for the ocean to not recede then expand.

What I don't understand is how anything would live after a nuke dropped that deep.

Doesn't a little tnt in a pond kill everything because of the shock? Wouldn't this kill most life then radiate anything left?

humanity breaks everything again

Yes, it would do exactly what you described.
The concussion wave would kill everything for miles and miles.

The ocean can handle it, the ocean is big

Didn't we learn sonar was killing wales?

No Whales killed themselves because of Chinese plastic and nigger farts

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I'll just leave this here.

No such things manifested in underwater nuclear tests. Russia also doesn't have warheads that big. This weapon was made to attack carrier groups, nothing more.

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I'll just leave this here.

No such things manifested in underwater nuclear tests. Russia also doesn't have warheads that big. This weapon was made to attack carrier groups, nothing more.

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I'm ready

The coast lines would become unihabitable with radioactive fallout for sometime. Cutting off part of the food suplly and major souces of military cannonfodder. If only russia would destroy that tiny shithole country of israel. There are oligarches that raped russias wealth that fled there to avoid prison.

Based Putin. I hope he does it and wipes out most of the degenerates on the coasts.

Only shitskins live on a coast without sea cliffs. Case and point: Bangledesh

This map is wrong.
I would tell You all how USA and Russia and with what they plan to target each other with, but Im pretty sure if I did… it would be 100% night night for me.

But I can say One thing, You all think that Russian doomsday submarine is Scary =) on no….. You all think America doesnt have the same thing the Russians have… Its all a lie… Just ask Yourselves, What exactly is it that a Super power has that other country's cannot afford? What exactly is it that Makes a Super Power a Super Power?
Even I don't know what it is =)
Be afraid of the Politician.


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it took gods 7 days, to color this rock in an instant we threaten to fall off of this earth and disapear under the sea. how low.

Britbong here, and I concur. Heil'd.

We can tell you're simple minded and use the word nigger to make nonsense funny.

Anyone with a brain knows niggers are far from water, its the reason they didn't leave Afrika until we offered them rides

Doesn't Russia have the largest nuke ever made and now a nuclear sub done with nuclear drone missles?

I'm gonna put this here :

from :

Read the illumaniti "cards" that have a tsunami plan made in the 80's, same set of cards that have so far come true.

Bundle with the uranium1 deal and the wikileaks tsunami :

Bundled with what we know about Qanon and IQT we also have this Cherry from last month :

Finally we have NOAA sending an alert about a tsunami in Feb 2018, just outside NYC, the same distance the Russian project was testing in 2014


You also have some videos about now questionable leaders joking about nuking NYC

And some Russian leader talking about how easy it would be to take care of "Turkey" and "kill all 9m people". Except as this video outlines, Turkey has 15m and seems to be OK with Russia, NYC however has 9m people

What are you thoughts now?

I live in NYC and can ASSURE you that there's traffic lights literally cracked and lying on the sidewalks for months never even roped off. We have garbage not getting picked up and I hear the places nyc ships garbage to doesn't accept anymore.

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Using an abyssal trench would be ideal.

Cis-White males with a functioning pair of balls?

Oh look, more cute illustrations and computer animations of Russia's non-existent weaponry.

Good. Use ASAP asshole

I've heard this before somewhere…

lmaoing @ retards that think nukes can create waves. the nuke vaporizes the water so theres actually a giant hole that has to get filled in. think moses parting the red sea. lmao he didnt create tsunami that destroyed israel, did he? fucking retards will fall for this obvious fear mongering though

I'm confused about how a vacuum can be created underwater. How do you create empty space where there was no empty space before?
Seems impossible.

Sounds like you don't know the fundamentals of what a bomb does. Wait until someone invents something to save you a trip to the library and you won't have to wait until college to learn about it

Okay: how can force push away the water leaving emptiness. Was emptiness always there and then, at the same time, existing in the same location, was water? This genuinely baffles me for some reason.

If any of Puttin's super hackers are reading this let him know most of the US would be very happy if he used it to destroy New York, Commiefornia and Florida.

Emptiness/vacuum is the absence of stuff.