Kim Wall murder: Danish inventor Peter Madsen given life sentence

Danish inventor Peter Madsen has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall on his submarine.

Prosecutors said Madsen had planned to kill Ms Wall, 30, either by suffocating her or cutting her throat.

Her dismembered remains were found by Danish police at sea on 21 August last year, 11 days after she interviewed him on board his homemade vessel.

Madsen, 47, was sentenced on Wednesday at a court in Copenhagen.

He was found guilty of premeditated murder and sexual assault after previously admitting to dismembering Ms. Wall's body on the submarine and throwing her remains overboard.


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I'd like to remind people, in Denmark, life sentence means 16 years. It doesn't go above that here. So it's not really a life sentence.

What a fucking retard.
If you own a submarine and plan to kill someone on it, you could dispose of the body in an untraceable way.
Send it through the propeller, drag it whole behind you and let fish eat it, chop it up so finely it will never be found, the every piece of it to lead weights and leave it at the bottom of the sea.
Fucking retard, he deserves life in prison, better if he's suicided though.

Must be an absolute shithole if life expectancy is only 16 years.
I survived longer in a gulag.

Funny, but that isn't how it works.
It's literally 16 years.

retard didnt even sail out into international waters before doing this lel
i honestly dont get what the next step of his master plan was. how did he expect to get away with it?

he did chop her up, but just not small pieces. He weighed down her limbs but divers found them on the sea floor as it's not very deep there.

he stabbed the torso to try and stop gas build up from causing it to float, but the internal vaginal stabs were probably sexually motivated as well.

he'd fantasized about torturing and a woman for years, even discussing it in detail with one of his regular prostitutes who he thought he could trust.

i think when the opportunity arose he could not withhold his passion and fetish and he took her life.

16yrs is what he hot but if he is considered a threat they can keep him in as long as they like. As he has shown no real emotion or remorse and seems to be a psychopath the chances are he will not be released until he is old and infirm.

my guess is that he will attempt an escape as soon as he can.

on a side note, a chopped up woman was also found washed ashore in the same area many years ago, but peter would have only been about 14 back then. small possibility that he was involved with that murder, maybe an older man made him help. possibly his father whom he hated for abusing him as a child.

what ever happens, this story is not over yet.

he did not expect some of the victim to wash ashore. so his 1st story of dropping her off alive at a closed pub could have been plausible. but i think what happened was that he had another story lined up 1st.

I think his original story was that the sub sank and she got caught inside, but the sailor had used a telescope to seen peter sitting patiently waiting for rescue, once the boat got in visual range of peter he was seen going back in the sub for several seconds at which point the sub began sinking rapidly and he managed to escape out the top. the sailor said it seemed suspicious and peter realised he could not use his drowning story and in a panic said nothing.

it was not until pressed by the police, after they were contacted by the journalists concerned bf, that he came up with the 'i dropped her off safe and sound at 11pm next to a closed pub' story. peter did not realise the pub had cameras all around it and once the footage was viewed it proved his sub was never there.

his next story was that there was an accident and the hatch slammed down on her head and crushed her skull, killing her outright. he panicked at the death and said he was unsure of protocol of having a dead body on a submarine at sea so assumed the best course of action was to bury her at sea. he claimed he lied the 1st time due to ptsd or something.

then the cops found the arms or legs weighed down, so peter changed his story a bit say he could not lift the full body up the hatch so had to chop her limbs off to her her all out. he did not want the limbs washing ashore and frightening anyone like children so that is why he weighted them down, you see he was doing a good thing..

then the cops found the head and it was in no way crushed. peter then changed his story again and said there had been a carbon monoxide leak on the sub and the journalist had suffocated to death. he said he panicked and thought he might get in to trouble so chopped her up in the sea.

in every story he is never to blame for the 'accident', he can't bring himself to admit that he is a massive pervert and murderer. all of this proves that he is a narcissist with a personality disorder living a lie.

back to the 1st story he never told, i'm sure if he had of seen the rescue ship 1st he would have sank the sub and claimed he went back down into it risking his own life to try and rescue the victim and nearly died in the process thus making himself a hero.

he sounds like quite the pantomime villain

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i have a theory on it all. so when he was a teen, he was supposed to be in bed asleep, or in the house at least. His dad came home drunk with some hooker, or took her to the barn or whatever. The kid who was mixed up anyway used to watch his dad fucking the whores, hidden away somewhere.

But one night his father had had a little to much to drink and as the whore was all naked in front of the dad trying to give him oral and little peter was jerking off, the dad could not get it up, the hooker mocked him and the father, known to be violent to women and children, lost it and punched the whore. He either kept up a sustained attack or accidently killed her.

The kid could do nothing without giving his hiding place away so had to sit in silence as his father dismembered the corpse whist possible fucking it at some point. Little peter continued to jerk off.

This would explain the dismembered body in the river when peter was just a kid, and why he chose that area of all places to set up his submarine project.

What he saw was such an intense visceral display that it imprinted on his young mind forever. The naked slut all bare before him showing him all he could ever want to see, but then the death and gore. No idea how he got turned on by dead, chopped up chicks but best guess is the trauma of it all fried his brain a little and the thing got mixed up in his arousal triggers.

So strong was the experience that he was never able to have a normal relationship, sexual or otherwise, with a woman in life. His only outlet was so called 'snuff' porn, faked or otherwise.

He thought he could trust his regular prostitute and maybe whilst drunk mentioned part of his fetish, as she was not repelled by the idea (I'm betting hookers hear all sorts of horrifying things, but have learnt to keep emotions hidden as to not piss of their client) he kept talking. Peter even went as far as suggesting to one prostitute they pair of them get a 3rd woman to torture and kill, which should have set the hookers alarm bells ringing but she must have been more interested in the cash)

As the prostitute had seemed ok with his disturbing 'pillow talk', it emboldened him, making him think that it was not such a sick fantasy after all. This then set in motion the build up to him getting a lone female on his sub.

He will have played the fantasy out in his head dozens, maybe hundreds of times whislt mastubating, each time tweaking it in his mind to make it the ultimate murder he could get away with.

Eventually when everything was in place he carried out the vile act. So faultless, specific and, in his narcissistic mind, perfect was the crime that he did not even think of a back up plan incase things went FUBA. It was the speed at which the random sailor came to rescue him, and the fact the man had a telescope that fucked the plan up. The rest is history.

What you think?

not true, a life sentence is in fact a life sentence in Denmark. However the law stipulates that after sixteen years the inmate must be considered for parole every year. A man who shot and killed 4 policemen sat in prison for 33 years. When they let him out he was 71 years old and not considered a threat to anyone anymore.

I just thought of this as well. Probably the dad left the room to go get cleaned up and get tools to chop up the victim, or had to go do something. Peter then had enough time to leave his hiding place and touch the dead woman. His first sexual experience was with a dead hooker.

Another thing that may have happened is that the father had dismembered the body and then needed to go to the shops to get plastic bags or whatever and Peter went and played with the torso of the woman. This is what fixed in his head as powerfully sexually arousing.

Really hope he never gets out, as this is something so deep inside him that he will offend again given the chance, and will in fact try and create a situation for the opportunity to arise again but in his mind he will have an even better plan to get away with it.

there is also a sentence with no end. This is when the offender is considered criminally insane and they are usually confined to a psychiatric prison for the rest of their lives or until they are so old and decrepit that they are considered to be harmless.


Although the sentence is only 16 years, the final say goes to psychiatrists. In other countries it's like being so mentally ill that they put you in a secure mental health facility. The quacks there are used to lying, convincing and manipulative sociopaths. They understand that sociopathy is incurable and something as ingrained and Peters sexual urges is not treatable.

Only if some liberal sjw types get into a position high enough to release him will it ever happen. But those types of people tend not to get that far in jobs that require huge amounts of hard work.

actually i was surprised that they "only" gave him a life sentence. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he goes on to serve the full life sentence because of the media attention and the international dimension.

Had he killed her in Norway, he'd be out before he finished his PS4 backlog.

Seriously? What's the max sentence there? I understand that Anders Behring Breivik only got something like 21 years?

and also, why is this the image they used on wiki?

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….. What do I think?

I think you've got an overly active (and very telling) imagination

Well I've got another theory now about how he was into constriction in tubes because apparently he said the best way he could hope to die was in a small tube full of cats and naked women.

Don't think I'll bother typing it out though as I'll end up with another theory in half an hour.

>Swedish journalist’s ‘killer’ wanted to ‘make a snuff film’ and >‘described his perfect death as being locked in a tube with
>kittens and naked women and kept awake so he’d die from lack of >sleep’, trial hears

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It's a shame, really. She was a pretty chick, and seemed fairly cool…

meanwhile, he's a completely worthless pile of shit and apparently quite a coward.

lol okay, okay…. now I'm starting to like you….

bloody good show, old chum

if there's any justice on this planet, he may have to forgo the cats, but he can play the role of the 'woman' and go without sleep, wishing he was dead, all while other inmates take turns 'tightly packing his tube'….

Totally, he's to dangerous to ever be allowed out.

I also have a theory that he may have hurt cats. That is not acceptable under any circumstance. His ultimate fantasy is him, in a tube (he built a submarine), with women (he fails to mention in his fantasy they would be dead and dismembered), and cats…

I'm pretty sure the sick little fuck killed cats.

I think you've got an overly active (and very telling) imagination


yeah, like I said, he's probably going to have several Interlopers pushing their way into his Small Tube, but I doubt it will be small for very long…

chances are he'll get some sort of gratification out of it. If I was king of the world I'd have him cored.

literally worse than elliot rodgers

What a faggot.

Yeah, no. It's 16 years.
Everybody who gets put up for that fucking parole shit is 99% sure to get freed.
You're retarded.

Well if he does get released after only 16 years we might get some sort of interview or book with some insight into his thought process.

Any idea what the prisons are like over there, like are they civilized places with stuff to do and academic pursuits etc or is like the USA where they are sectioned off according to gang allegiance and everybody is raping each other and people leave as worse humans than when they went in.