UK among worst in Western Europe for freedom of press after 'staggering decline'

The UK is one of the worst countries in western Europe for press freedom because of new media-muzzling laws and a climate of hostility towards journalists, a new report has found.

The country ranked 40 out of 180 in the 2018 World Press Freedom Index, a report compiled by influential non-profit organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF). It dropped to that position last year.


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We can only sincerely hope that every journalist and anyone working for any media company is killed outright in the street in the next couple of weeks.

After that, we might be able to take our countries back, and not be brainwashed every fucking day by the lugenpress.

I wonder (((who))) runs this, along with all the other "non profit" highly influential organisations.
Kikes should be internationally banned from having any property or influence whatsoever.
They can live on reservations in nog-land, forbidden to have technology of any kind, and routinely emp striked.


You can't just revoke rights because other people are abusing them. That's not how rights work.

Luckily nobody in the UK has any rights to begin with.

You're right. It's the other way around. People lose their rights when they're too weak to defend them.

At least in America the government hasn't completely stripped away our rights to free speech and to bear arms. We just have to deal with the TSA and NSA gutting the fourth amendment, which west Europe has an even bigger problem with. I'd suggest moving to Poland or Hungary if you want to have a government that cares about your rights.

lel when I read the title I assume they meant orwellian self control and propaganda put out by the media.

But no, the problem is the goys that don't like their propaganda red and rainbowy

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These laws came in to place because the press were hacking phones of dead soldiers and murder victims and stuff to get an inside story.
I dont like the idea of creating new laws. But the press is not following the rules of common decency. Its fucked either way.

Yeah, the 10 million kikes in charge of the US certainly haven't stripped any of your rights, and they really care about you.
You're demented if you think you live in the "land of the free™".

What are you talking about.
The (((press))) are nothing but kikes and kike puppets. That's it.
Not a minority, or a few bad eggs, all of them.
If I don't see every last journalist in England hanging by the neck from a lamppost by next week, I'll be disappointed.

At least I don't live in a police state like yours, Yurop. I can at least make a joke without being fined 800 UK funbux and possibly jailed.

tfw wanted to be a journalist as a kid because it seemed like the best parts of being a spy and a knight
tfw just want to see them all die now

did he actually get sent to jail? last i checked they pussied out and gave him an $800 fine

its a two way street. the press were becoming like vultures but it shouldn't be up to government to hold them to a standard because that's rife for abuse. citizens need to hold press accountable instead of hoping big daddy government can coddle citizens and fight all their battles

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>(((Press))) runs rampant and completely out of control for decades
>"Oy vey! Freedom of the (((press))) goyim!"
UK (((press))) reaped what they sowed.

No, just an 800 pound fine and a criminal record. I hear he is appealing.


These subhumans are not American, they dont have rights.

hey dumbass,
America ranked 45.

What do you expect from the far-right Tory fascist government. They want to take away our rights and turn us into corporate slaves.

Do you genuinely believe that ranking is deserved when their only concrete evidence is Trump calling out the cable news vultures?

America was literally put down in the polls because Trump is "media bashing." And I'm supposed to take it remotely seriously?

The fact that the poll correctly pointed out that the UK is an Orwellian police state doesn't make the rest of it any more believable. Regardless of the degree of absolute freedom in either country, America is still more free than the UK, or any other western European country really. Which is sad, considering that England is where our concepts of limited government and inalienable rights comes from. It's like some sort of sick jewish joke – deliberately turning the birthplace of limited government and freedom into a police state where people are arrested for a joke and need a permit to get a butter knife.

Some where on this place, Argentinians are laughing their asses off.

Imagine my shock

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