US falls to 45th on press freedom index, Trump labeled 'media-bashing enthusiast'

Reporters Without Borders has dropped the United States to No. 45 in its annual ranking of press freedom for 180 countries around the world.

In the report released Wednesday, the United States received a "fairly good" rating, which falls below the category of "good," in which only 9 percent of countries rated were placed.

The ranking continues a downward trend for the U.S. in recent years. The country finished No. 43 in 2017 and No. 41 in 2016.

The report pins part of the blame for the U.S. slide on President Trump and his regular attacks on the media. The president often uses the term "fake news" in describing the American media.

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You know why I know this list is bullshit? The news has been unhindered in publishing this crap. Meanwhile watch places like UK score higher even though you can get imprisoned for certain news


This is why the UK is higher up on the list even thought it's one of the most Orwellian hellholes next to Best Korea.

At least they are truthful about subhuman races.

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pic related. also, them digits!

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The same country with talk show hosts openly bashing the president is ranked 45 on press freedom index because Trump says mean things back to them?

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It shouldn't be a free press though, they abused that privilege beyond the point of forgiveness long ago.

Never change, kikes.

They're totally not serving an agenda on this.

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This right here.

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Gee, I wonder where Kikelandia ranks.

(((commies without curtains)))

meanwhile, trump isn't letting some of the press to his speech because we all know they would try to stir shit completely unrelated to whatever he was going to say, and suddenly that's inhibiting the freedom of the press. how about the press actually did what they were supposed to do instead of being a propagandizing, spinning shithole of auctioneering loyalty, and genuinly started to report and investigate instead of getting your 'contacts' from the fucking internet?!


If they put the USA last on the list can they start hanging reporters? That would be a great place to be.

the FAKE NEWS aka the US media should return to bipartisan ship
and not as only the PR arm of the DEMOCRATIC party

Fox News is the PR arm of the Republican party and has been since its inception, your point?

At least they aren't DRUMPHFHFHF WATCH 24/7

Oy vey goys! Dont you know that "freedom" is tyranny and (((tyranny))) is free-dumb?!

As the other user said, that list is not about freedom. It's about how easy it is to push your bullshit.