Kim Jong Un Might Have Canceled His Nuclear Program Because He Accidentally Destroyed It

Researchers have found that a nuclear test site in North Korea may have collapsed after a fifth blast last fall and this may be the true reason for the agreement to end the nuclear tests. Researchers also believe the blast led to the creation of a massive "chimney" that could leak radioactive fallout into the air. This potentially puts China and other nearby nations at risk of extreme radiation levels

The last five of the country's six nuclear tests were all carried out under Mount Mantap at the Punggye-Ri nuclear test site. This is the mountain researchers believe to have collapsed and now leaking radioactive fallout into the atmosphere. The group believes the most recent blast tore a hole open in the mountain which then collapsed on itself. Another group also affirmed the theory and concluded that the breakdown has made a "chimney" that is allowing the radioactive fallout to leak into the air.

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opps i accidentally my nation

The latest spin on why Trump deserves no credit for making NK chill out a bit and why he's still Hitler.

It all fell apart without Gero around, didn't it?

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Is this a serious shill narrative? That nothing really happened and you're still the best despite a 3rd world country trheattening your existence?
Are they hiring interns to be MSM manipulators now? This is lazy as hell. Oh CIA look at yourself, what a waste.

as if ANYBODY was actually stupid enough to think a moron like Trump gets respect from any real world leaders, or that he has anything to do with policy change here or elsewhere.

He's the most embarrassing idiot we have ever had in office, and the rest of the world is laughing at us…

by the way, nice work on uploading one of the worst quality pics I've ever seen…

And WHO the fuck is this douchebag?

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Found the shill! Lol hes using jony derptunes name and everything. Ol jony boy sure makes these guys triggered.

Found the shill! Lol hes using jo.ny derptu.nes name and everything. Ol jo.ny boy sure makes these guys triggered.

We've been laughing at your country for a loooong time. This is just the latest in the comedic line up.

wew lad. Almost all your presidents especially the last few have been jokes. And the same goes for most western countries (Prime Ministers etc). The fact you get sooo butthurt over one that you literally have Trump derangement syndrome makes you the joke.

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As much as I think this is the corporate media trying to attack Trump, I wish this was actually the case. The idea of the norks being so incompetent that they destroyed their own nuclear program is glorious.

Of course, the truly big-brained among us know that, as per the Zig Forums party line, this is all just 1949D mahjong and Kim is just dismantling his entire nuclear program and agreeing to end the Korean war because it's part of his secret strategy to enact world socialism.


Just like how Reagan's SDI trolling ramped up Soviet's paranoia fueled defense spending until they killed their own economy


So much aids in one post.

Yeah, this sounds true.
Just like the other 8,000 stories a day that come out of the supposedly completely sealed off country that still doesn't have a kike bank installed it in.
Kim jong fed his secretary's sister's daughter who is also his cousin's aunt to a dragon that he tried to make but lol he is so incompetent that the dragon shits itself every day with diarrhoea, and once shit on the flag of korea lol fucking lame!!! ha ha he always does things wrong lol ha ha xaxa ja ja
Also he spent 15x the yearly food budget of his WHOLE COUNTRY on having his dogs trained to stand up and hold their dicks to piss in a urinal because he's so crazy!!!!!!!!!
also, also listen, also, right, he made a bomb but then a big flsg popped out of it that said bang, and he found out that the weapon factory he had paid all the money in the world to was really a cartoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and and and and also and listen also he found out his ex-girlfriend's dad, right, once laughed at his shoes having s speck of dust on them, so he made a space programme and imported all the dust from the moon with a special space-vacuum cleaner to clean it up, then dumped it in the swimming pool of the man who laughed and then he disappeared mysteriously along with an entire university full of 15 year old girls who all have the same exact name by coincidence and are electro shocked by electric eels every morning because kim jong personally inspects all of their bicycles to make sure none of them are bigger than his custom made bicycle!!!!!!!!!


I'd rather go with the narrative that trump caved in to jong un's threats. they worked. trump went from calling him little rocket man to a great and honorable man. SAD!

you're right, it's better to believe non-msm like north koreas, because it's totally true that jong un once had 15 holes in one in one round of golf.

I'm not going to say it's likely, or that I believe it, but it is possible to do from a strictly technical point. I know so little of the country and its leader that I can neither wholeheartedly accept this news as truth nor, in honesty, completely denounce it. There's a slim chance that he is both an autocratic ruler and the greatest golfer that ever lived, who only wants to golf but is trapped by his leadership responsibilities. Like a reverse Trump.

How long after Trump ends the Korean war and opens NK borders are we going to see articles that Trump had nothing to do with it?

i wouldnt rule it out

Woah, the nuclear testing site has suffered damage.
Amost as though they were setting off nuclear bombs there. I bet they werent expecting that!

I guess Kim cant get the permits for a new site a mile down the road.

How does a bomb under a mountain carve a chimney? I think it is more likely they (United States) hit it with a bunker buster missile.

and that's why you're a fool posting things like equating NK news with mainstream north american news on an image board. the odds of something like that happening… you could try it as many times as there are atoms in the entire universe and never accomplish it.
there are so many critics and thanks to trump cries of "fake news" but it's all a smokescreen. in countries with actual fake news, like russia and NK, the news sole responsibility is flatter their leader and talk about how great he is (holes in one, hunting shirtless on horseback, etc) in the US the news actually serves it's purpose which is as a check against government power. it's natural for the news to constantly examine and criticize the president and government and guess what, they did it to obama and bushes and clinton and every president ever, every day, all day. the only reason trump calls them fake is because he doesn't like that part of the job, though it's been around for a hundred years. trump doesn't help himself by the fact that an even closer lens is cast on him because he is quite frankly pretty fucking stupid and tweets his stupidity on an hourly basis. the press has NO CHOICE but to be hard on this kind of ineptitude. If they ignored it they'd be no better than a russian or NK news trying to keep any negative news quiet.

Maybe now but back when Obama was in power the newsmedia was a lot more like North Korea in reverence for the leader. He could have taken a shit on the whitehouse desk and the press would have spun it as a great thing.

So Trump needs to announce the Star Wars program part 2: Attack of the Rocketman

Reminder that it's a big no no anywhere on the internet to talk about Trump's connections to Israel

Why believe either, when they both act like faggots.
Stop looking for a fucking teet to suckle on and try finding your own food you spineless cunt.

We would be laughing at your country nonetheless, but Trump is a fucking lolcow I give you that.

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wouldn't you be shocked to learn that I live in a much cooler place than you do, and I have a history of injuring and hospitalizing men much, much bigger and tougher than you…

So OUCH… your words were needlessly painfu

We must have been in different timelines, I remember Obama being constantly criticized after a year or so in the White House.

CIA nigger is at it again.

Nokor bows to ___
I think you know something?
Yes, I know.

I guess its because im from the UK.
If you heard our news during that period you would think he actually deserved the nobel prize he was offered.

t. butthurt liberal

t. still thinks he's on Fecesbook

Nice to know you're STILL making up stories about yourself……………….

Do you think everyone here in the states thought he deserved it?

I miss him so much… :^(

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not by the msm or pedowood. fox-news are the only ones I remember ever talking smack about Obama.

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The "experts" will say anything to detract from Trump negotiating peace in Korea. I'm pretty sure he can find a place to test nukes, we set them off all over the place, the ocean, underground, above ground etc.

Is this today's designated Chinese/Russian crying thread?

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If that's the only news stations/political talk shows you watch/listen to then your statement makes sense

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Rods from God
Apparently, among the ~200 ppl killed were their top nuclear scientists
So yeah, it sunsetted their entire nuke program

tbf the west is utter garbage.
Not that it suddenly makes vodkaniggers and chinks better.

apparently you didn't watch the news. Criticism was part and parcel of the daily discourse on any news program.

this makes it pretty obvious that you are a fox fan, so if you barely watched other news, you barely saw the hour-long programs breaking down every single decision obama ever made and picking it apart.


liberal deetected