NBC is Losing Millions as Megyn Kelly is Turning Out to be a Big Failure


NBC took a big gamble on former Fox anchor Megyn Kelly, gave her an important project and poured millions into “Megyn Kelly Today”, but unfortunately for them, they have yet to see any promise that their investments are paying off. Instead, they are struggling with Kelly’s massive drop in viewership.

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Not that I really care about NBC and this bitch, but who is ThePisswasser.com to talk about losing money? Has Yogapig ever made a single cent of profit from Zig Forums or ThePisswasser that doesn't involve selling our useless shitposting metadata?

Trump curse proceeds unabated

I would imagine Goldwater is profitable due to having quite low overheads.

she's cunty
she doesn't appeal to womyn because jealousy
she doesn't appeal to men because she acts like a man when she should be in the kitchen
who is left to like this overcooked bitch?

She's been with Fox Jews too long to not be seen as a flip-flopper by both sides.

Megan Kelly… initials m.k. LOL…. MK Ultra today. NBC is total shit.



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NBC viewers are too liberal. They hate her for being a priviledged white woman.

Good to hear.

While Jim is a complete faggot, and The Goldwater is indeed THE WORST fucking piece of shit excuse for a 'news organization's, apparently Jim is making enough to have paid me and a few others to be here.

I'm making more than the other idiots because they don't know how to market themselves. My wife and I have actually wondered how he can afford to pay us and how he manages to keep his faggot ass afloat in the first place. Our best guess is the 'journalists' at The Goldwater double as prostitutes, which is pretty obvious. My wife just corrected me, and said 'the Filipino Prostitutes double as illiterate journalists'…

Anyway, it's important to note that while ALL news organizations are piles of shit, especially Fox News & CNN, a lot of people fail to realize that the DOD is secretly behind the brainwashing broadcasts…

For example, NBC was owned by General Electric, who made TV sets while they also built cruise missiles as defense contractors. They have subsequently been bought out by Comcast Universal, but the GE ties to the Dept of Defense still exist.

CBS was owned by Westinghouse, who built washing machines while they also worked on nuclear misses as defense contractors. They were bought out by Viacom, but the DOD ties still exist.

Freedom of the press, my ass… They don't tell you anything that they aren't allowed to tell you. If they started telling the truth, the government would come down on them.

Megyn Kelly looks like a Weird-Nostril Fruit Bat With Bleached Hair.

I judge an anchorwoman on her fuckability, and I wouldn't fuck Megyn Kelly with YOUR dick.

Fuck her
Fuck NBC
Fuck Television
Fuck The Goldwater
Fuck the entire human race

But most importantly, FUCK JIM

I hate how Auto-incorrect always wants to fuck with my words. Whenever I use single quotation marks around a word or phrase, it always wants to turn the final single quotation marks into an Apostrophe, and it adds an S

as in: 'news organization'

What idiot wrote the code for this Dalvik piece of shit?

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I thought this was already long known?

y didn't u listen 2 dis man?
now we have to expose and kill ypipo to protect ypipo

Pretty much this, and no one likes a fence jumper

God this. Why does womyn pretend to be conservative when they should all belong to the lefty's hands anyway. Womynz only turn us into more soy.

Well duh.
Nobody liked Megan Kelly.
Right-wingers saw her as a piece of ass talking-head that spouted the news and had little value beyond her tits, while the left-wingers saw her as useful idiot they could employ to attack someone they didn't like.
Nobody wanted to see Megan Kelly with a show where she's covered up and spouting left-wing rhetoric.

Hi again kike. Spamming that shit across boards now I see?
Come on, get yourself another proxy and come back to Zig Forums. What could go wrong.

… you're joking, right ?…

somebody actually thought she was 'hot' ?….

weird… I fucking HATE her face

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Did that Dollar General spammer come back?

Megyn Kelly was always only going to be either a failure or a master brain washer

She (or the nose that runs her) didn't have to keep pushing Sandy Hook as a real event, and she certainly didn't have to run a puff piece on someone the public is seriously concerned about.

Just like Alex Jones.