Court rules gravely ill UK child cannot travel to Vatican hospital

A British court rejected an appeal on Wednesday from parents of a gravely ill 23-month-old boy to take their son to Italy for treatment, a case that has drawn international attention, including from Pope Francis.

Alfie Evans has a rare, degenerative disease and has been in a semi-vegetative state for more than a year.

Medical experts in Britain agree that more treatment would be futile but his parents want to take him to the Vatican’s Bambino Gesu children’s hospital in Rome, which has offered to care for him.


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I wish for nothing but public ridicule and pain for those responsible for this until their death.

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Holy fuck what is up with Britain right now? Do they even realize how far down the rabbit hole this shit has gone? They're still in the EU, criminal violence is skyrocketing, apparently 84 men a week are committing suicide in London alone, they're the most heavily surveillance laden country in the West and they're still not safe. What in the fuck is going on, the people ruling you have demonstrated nothing but an endless chain of incompetence that is so pervasive it seems less like incompetence and more like contempt.

And now they're restricting the flow of people out of the country. You need to stay here and die in this miserable shit hole full of knife wielding maniacs who want to wholesale exterminate you for your religious beliefs (or lack thereof) not matching there's - oh and by the way they're multiplying freely as the borders are functionally open to them coming in.

I don't even understand how it gets like this unopposed.

It's the end phase of a dying civilization. If you have ever read the poem the hollow men by T.S. Elliot it's exactly like that


Why the hell do they need permission??? Is this Britain or North Korea? I mean I knew we had more freedom over here, but is it really that bad in the UK? Can any bongs explain wtf is going on here

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When England is ashes.. then you have my permission to die


Its like V of Vendetta, but exactly the opposite.

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They let in the rapefugees but won't let the legal citizens out. Britain is a fucking prison if youre white.

bongistan is a frightening place

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Do not take a sick child to a hospital in Britain they will basically take ownership of the child and fuck you.

can't tell if truth or discarded footage from Brazil(1985)

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Not taking your sick child to a hospital is illegal. In the UK there is something called 'duty of care'. It's treated as neglect of the child which is a crime on it's own.

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Educate Me About Zig Forums, Please.

Since this kid has already died, don't you guys delete threads that are no longer valid?

I posted this in a similar thread:

This is the NHS trying to cover up the fact that it is a third world health service in a first world country.

The NHS is defended aggresively by the left in the UK, because it is a massive state bureaucracy that overpays managers and admins. Anything that hints at the fact that it is garbage is ruthlessly suppressed so that the gravy train can continue.

Look up the case of Ashya King, the best the NHS could provide for his brain cancer was radiotherapy that would leave him retarded. Parents 'kidnap' him and take him to the Czech Republic that isn't a shithole where he gets proper treatment and is now cancer free and not retarded.

While I agree totally about declining quality and increasing incompetency regarding bureaucracies and every aspect, including but not limited to Medical Care…

I was just curious of the process here at Zig Forums, specifically regarding threads that become obsolete.

I'm just trying to get a better understanding of how things operate around here.

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Threads have a limit to how many posts can be made in them, say, 400 posts. It varies from board to board.

Also I think there is a limit to the number of threads that can be made in a board, say, about 100. When this limit is reached then threads with the oldest posts in disappear first.

Other than that threads can last indefinitely.

Ahhhh… I see

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Now that he died is more valid than ever

By this pic you call yourself whtie nationalist, by this logic you're asking someone to dox you

Nah. I'd rather educate you about something important…