Melania Trump gets her moment in the spotlight at Macron state dinner

There were no celebrity guests, Hollywood entertainers or superstar chefs. But as she stepped out of the background to host her first state dinner, Melania Trump sought to sparkle in her moment in the spotlight.

After ditching her trademark dark sunglasses for a white skirt suit and hat earlier Tuesday, the first lady appeared in a Chanel gown to greet President Emmanuel Macron of France and his wife, Brigitte, as they arrived for the first state dinner of Trump's administration.


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She's ugly as shit, stupid as fuck, and completely irrelevant. She's beginning to look like Joan Rivers after the plastic surgery.

Only the Brits would include such creepy gay shit like 'white skirt suits and hats' or 'Chanel gowns' in a news story…

What's the deal with you guys, anyway?
…. I mean, seriously… Just be honest…

All of you British guys are secretly gay, right?… That's the way it appears to the rest of the world… None of us have ever seen a masculine Britain man… You're all limp-wristed, with lisps, and you're overly effeminate… It's kind of creepy, to be honest with you…

So why don't you just be honest and tell us, what the fuck is the deal with you guys anyway?

Melania is smart, elegant and great looking. She's a wonderful FLOTUS, unlike previous Michael Obama

If you think I dislike Melania Trump's looks or lack of a brain stem for 'political reasons', or think that I am a 'Democrat' or whatever, you would be greatly mistaken…

I just don't like her weird face… She looks like a weird Joan Rivers-esque $50 Russian prostitute if you ask me…

And she's a moron…

I think Michelle Obama was disgusting.
I can't stand her fucking face, either.
I think all first ladies are gross as fuck.
This isn't a Democrat versus Republican topic

I'm not a Democrat
And I'm not a Republican
And I'm not an independent party
And I'm not a libertarian
I'm none of those things…

I'm a human being, unfortunately…
I say 'unfortunately' because the human race embarrasses me. I find all human beings to be disgusting and stupid and ugly and greedy and vulgar and worthless…

Yes, even myself….

I hate the entire human race with a passion, and it's not some 'trendy effort'… I have earned my hatred for the human race over several decades, and I earned it the hard way… I actually having to deal with humans, and watching the same repeated patterns take place over and over and over and over again… There's nothing new Under the Sun, and none of this shit is original or interesting or surprising…

None of this shit matters…

And she's ugly as fuck.
She looks like a cheap fucking prostitute
And she might have been hot when she was 16, but she sure as fuck is not hot anymore.

Still, I feel sorry for her, because she's married to the most embarrassing fucking baboon on planet Earth.

I don't care about 'his billions' (he's not actually a billionaire at all) I think he's the most embarrassing idiot I've seen since George W. Bush, and that's saying a LOT.

He's a fucking moron.
And he's married to a strange deformed face monkey Bulgarian call girl.
They look bizarre together.

You are just butthurt that your one true love Barbara Bush passed away.

Your retarded comments don't help to restore my faith in humanity either


Tsk, tsk johnny…

Throwing temper tantrums because your a bitter beta cuck

Jealous of Donald Trump's catch (and his big dick(incomparison to your tiny weewee))


2 words
Elton john

An uppity faggot

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I know. Why can't we have a first lady who is attractive, has grace and poise, and can peel a banana with his feet?

I want Michelle back.

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Assmad buttblasted coloncrimped flatulance factory frustrations for all liberals. Even the ones that pretend theyre not. This presidency is gr8 b8 m8. Id r8 triggering 88/8

This is NOT a fake 'face mapping' video.

It's actually Donald Trump's wife in one of her porn videos.

There's no such thing as a 'porn star'. There are only PROSTITUTES who allow cameras in the room while they turn tricks.

He married an ugly prostitute

By the way, it's important to remember that banned all fake 'face mapping' videos.

That's actually Milania, the 'model'

Pic VERY Related

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that's how we feel about Wendy!
Nonetheless, Johnny, you are the dumb nigger who spoke glowingly of the Obamas just a few days ago, and, in fact, stated that Obama was the best president that the U.S.A. has ever had in all of history!
So, your opinions have been discarded.

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too bad trump doesn't have sex with melania. she doesn't even like holding his hand in public (look for the video) and he spends his nights alone in his bedroom eating cheeseburgers (look it up)
also, he has a tiny dick, which is why he has to force himself on women.

RE: Stormy Daniels

when a PROSTITUTE openly admits she was 'embarrassed' over fucking someone, that she actually had to ask herself "wtf am I doing?" while he got naked, that's usually not a very good sign…

lol @ Trump marrying a 'joan rivers lookalike' $50 Russian Prostitute

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What I said was Obama was the most articulate, classy, distinguished, intelligent president we've ever had…

and he certainly WAS…

as far as being a 'good' president, I don't think we've ever had a 'good' president…

(How can you 'Make America Great Again' when it was never great in the first place?)

of course, I couldn't give any less of a fuck about Republican vs Democrat, because that's all imaginary distraction bullshit they use to brainwash people and to make you think that you are somehow 'participating', while the military industrial machine continues to steamroll everybody equally…

What I say is at least for the 8 years that we had that nigger in office, the rest of the world saw an INTELLIGENT, ELOQUENT, DISTINGUISHED, CLASSY REPRESENTATION OF OUR COUNTRY…

If you're going to deny that Obama was the most articulate talented orator in the history of the Oval Office, then you're a fucking liar…

If you try to deny Obama's magnificent oration skills, then your transparent self delusion becomes self evident.

There are two men who I find to be THE STUPIDEST, MOST EMBARRASSING fools I can think of off hand, and coincidentally both of them have helped the office of President of the United States…

George W. Bush and Donald Trump

And it's almost impossible to decide which one is more embarrassing.

Speech to text causing you to accidently tell the truth now, Johnny boy?

Embarrassing how stupid you are, Andrew.

Whatever you say, Little Guy….

*pats you on top of your head*

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Look at the whores you married, Andrew!

She's already had her moments in the spotlight.

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I look at them all the time, Little Guy…


This definitely ISN'T her first time in the spotlight

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What happens when you marry ugly prostitutes like Milania and Ivana ?

You make ugly children.

(all of Trump's kids look inbred)

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Scalp reduction surgery rocks

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So THIS is the Jimmy Neutron containment thread?


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….you keep telling yourself that I can be 'contained', dude….

'keep the dream alive', right ?

Keep getting triggered by the word "containment" and I'll keep using it, little girl!

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dude, I'm so fucking 'triggered' by your amazingly painful choice of words…

you're extremely gifted at triggering me…


Wew lad! You are the very definition of triggered!

Yeah, man… Sure, sure… Whatever you say, Little Guy