“Lyin’ Comey” Admits He Released Classified Memos to At Least Three People


Former FBI Director just made a stunning admission - that he released classified text messages to at least three people - all of which makes his decision a criminal act - with the premeditated intention to leak known-classified materials to the media while employed at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

James Comey has made numerous ill-defined decisions during his life, but tonight during a Fox News interview he may have unintentionally admitted to violating both the oath he swore to protect as FBI Director as well as broken the law.

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Of course nothing is going to come of this as long as the (((news))) aren’t reporting on it. As usual.


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The post.

Quick question, how is saying I took notes about an unclassified conversation a leak of classified information?

"A news leak is the unsanctioned release of confidential information to news media."


It was releasing the notes to the media via his friends that people are pissed about.
Just taking the notes and not doing anything with them isnt nearly as bad.

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why are we being subjected to this theatre ?

we know he's lying
the media that are interviewing him are lying, if they just aren't flat out screaming at him until a segment ends they're in on it
congress knows he lied

everyone knows, and he knows too

So why is he tooling around on a book tour thinking he's not going to get lynched ?

The whole situation isn't real. So why is it happening ? What is there to possibly gain by having this situation continue like this where the only sort of explanation is some Qjew telling you stuff is happening in the background

None of it is good enough, if these people want to be hated so badly by putting on such a shit play, why can't we figure out a way where there's a real fucking penalty for them ?

remote- detonatable
they are insane
let that sink in
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another thing

i'm tired of this leak bullshit. I don't care about the leaking of stupid shit and I WANT THE LEAKING OF THE CRIMINAL SHIT THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN GETTING UP TO.

If you expect me to watch TV and go on some crusade to help TrumpNeocohen go on some crusade against whistleblowers, it ain't gonna happen.

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