Nevada Scientologist Couple Running For Public Office In Nevada

The Jones' are not the only Scientologists trying to seep into politics under the conservative banner. Alex Jones, who has supported several prominent Scientologists and Scientology front organizations has recently offered some platform to Joy Villa who was apparently planning on running for Congress. Her address listed was a Scientology owned property. Scientology owned, just like any seat in politics she or any other devotee to CO$ would be.

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SWAT when?
how i long 4 the olden golden days of yore.

Further proof of what a fucking idiot Alex Jones is. Much like Cosby was confident that he'd never be found guilty of the charges against him, Alex Jones fans are erroneously assured that Jones will never be found liable for defamation in the civil court room.

LOL it's going to be sweet when fat ass idiot Alex indeed IS found liable.

(Scientology actually seems like something a lot of you guys would be into, because it's almost as delusional and transparently failed as the belief system I see so proudly paraded in here)

You mean, like the belief system where you believe you actually are somebody and your opinions actually matter, Andrew?

When Alex is found liable, it will be yet ANOTHER nail in your coffin of incompetence and misbelief. It's going to be almost as funny as the day you hear Trump has been impeached, or the day you're finally forced to admit to yourself that the whole 'Qanon' thing was bullshit.

It's understandable why you were so easily swayed to be such a predictable, trend following fool. After all, you've spent your entire life as a disenfranchised lonely child, never being picked to play on either team by your peers, having girls laugh behind your back as you walked down the hallways at school, watching the other boys begin dating girls, hoping your parents would stop asking "have you found a girlfriend yet?" as you sat in front of your video games, etc etc…

yep… totally understandable… You finally felt like 'you were part of SOMETHING'….

Wew lad!
So much

They are talking about a different Alex Jones you fucking newfag.

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I'm not…

I couldn't possibly give any less of a flying fuck WHO 'theyre talking about', douchebucket….

Wew lad!

welcome to nuwsplus

You are a SCHIZO in denial, johnny neptunia

Scientology holds the power and structure required to the be one entity that can go up against (((them))) and prevail, we should support this effort, tbh.

Actually, the simple fact that you even said that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about psychology…..

as in: N O T H I N G

You obviously have no clue how to spot the symptoms of schizophrenia, but that doesn't stop you from 'throwing around the terminology', trying to sound like you're some kind of expert…

May I suggest that you actually study psychology a little bit before the next time you want to act like a big shot, and put your foot into your mouth again?

There's no need to BACKPEDAL, sourpuss…….

Says the dumbass whose name is Johnny Neptune…….

Check it out johnny you have histrionic personality disorder end of story. How was protective custody in prison? Was your removal off the yard a stabbing or a smashout? Did it happen as soon as the whites checked your paperwork or did they have to figure out you werent mainline material?

Histrionic Personality Disorder is characterized by shallow and labile affectivity, self-dramatization, theatricality, exaggerated expression of emotions, suggestibility, egocentricity, self-indulgence, lack of consideration for others, easily hurt feelings, and continuous seeking for appreciation, excitement and … being a name fag.


Bump for neptune getting btfo

If you read the article it mentions Jones being a Scientology enabler. Even links to another story directly about that. What is your point? This article is about BRENT AND AIMEE Jones who happen to be Scientologists.

Do you have reading comprehension issues Josh?

Found the Ziontologist

…except that L Ron Hubbard was an occultist who did research on mind control with US intelligence. Scientology is just another piece of the Beast System.

Exactly, Hubbard wanted to be the new Aleister Crowley. He scammed Jack Parsons who would have been the heir apparent to Crowley's Thelema. If you've studied Thelema and Scientology you'll see one is built out of the other. Not to mention it's a friggin mind control cult as you mentioned. CIA loves working with cults. See also The Finders.

"A division of the controversial Church of Scientology has been fined £14,000 for leaking raw sewage into a West Sussex river, poisoning aquatic life.
The Church of Scientology Religious Education College in East Grinstead was found to have breached environmental regulations after local people complained of pollution in a tributary of the River Medway.
The stream bed became coated with grey sewage fungus and dead invertebrates were found more than 350 metres downstream after the college replaced its sewage treatment plant in August 2015.
An initial inspection by the Environment Agency in September found the new plant was working properly, but by October 2015 residents in the Saint Hill area raised concerns about pollution."

You are a SCHIZO in denial, johnny neptunia

not johnny but there are no mental illnesses, all "mental|" illnesses are caused by engrams which are the souls of dead aliens which were dropped into volcanose by the evil space lord xenu 75 million years ago and can be only be cured by dianetics TM develped by lron himself