NASA Cancels Moon Mission, Frustrating Scientists

Scientists helping NASA put a rover on the moon are scratching their heads about why the mission was canceled and why they were told to end their operations within the next month.

The mission would have involved sending a robot to the moon’s polar region in 2022 to probe for things like underground water and hydrogen.

But, according to the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG), a group of scientists that perform analyses for NASA lunar expeditions, the mission had been halted on April 23 and told to wrap up by the end of May.


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how can they go to the moon when it is also flat?

If you look at the picture, it's clearly concave.

thanks for keeping us up to date David Wilcock I enjoyed your sarcastic storytelling
t. greedy earthling after the 12 dimensional treasure

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What is up there that they are afraid of? What threats does the moon hold that makes NASA so hesitant to go back?

Give NASA $1 and they will get to the moon with a $1 rocket.
Give NASA $10 and they will get to the moon with a $1 rocket and pocket the other $9.

people have to understand only the elites and those in the bloodlineof the Annunaki are allowed to go to the moon. Silly humans

>Scientists helping NASA put a rover on the moon are scratching their heads about why the mission was (((canceled))) and why they were told to (((end their operations))) within the next month.
I think I know the answer

Wasn't supposed to reply to

This is very disappointing news. I'm eager to hear the developments on this story.


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We were told to stay the hell off the moon and Nasa knows this. That's why we've never been back. The only conclusion I can come up with is that is was all a scam from the start just to get the funding money and then put it towards something else.

Don't underestimate the clout of Moon NatSoc's

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:( no moon trip



Not since we found them.

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Are you suggesting it would be somehow impossible to leave one disc world for another? Why wouldn't we be able to visit other celestial bodies?

What so Texans are related to the Annunaki, are they?

And literally all of these people are 'elites' or related to the Annunaki

At least the shipping rate will be too.

The moon is old news anyway. Orbital construction is where it's at. Without a proper spaceport, we are limited by the payload we can get off Earth in one trip. NASA isn't thinking big enough.

Still can't figure out the sizing issue.
I am also a flaming phonefag and have no idea what I'm doing. An hero when?

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It's happening there too. 😾

the higher ups remembered that the scientists today are not in on (((it))) and would figure out the truth so they cancelled the whole project.