Russia's floating power plant branded 'nuclear Titanic' sets sail on controversial first voyage

A controversial floating nuclear power plant built by Russia that environmentalist has dubbed a "nuclear Titanic" has set sail on its first sea voyage.

The plant, Akademik Lomonosov, was towed out of the St Petersburg shipyard where it was constructed on Saturday.

According to the Lomonosov’s owner, state-controlled nuclear energy firm Rosatom, the craft will be towed through the Baltic Sea to a base in Murmansk.


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How in the fuck does that even stay afloat

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"…was towed out of the St Petersburg shipyard where it was constructed on Saturday."

It was built in one day?

Considering Russia agreed to not fuel the fucker until it was safely at its destination, this is a big non-event.

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Proper grammar:

"It was towed out of the St. Petersburg shipyard, where it was constructed, on Saturday."

Of course Jim's ladyboy journalists can't be bothered with proper Engrish.

Good. Too bad it's not also a nuclear powered whaler.

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chernobyl was sabotaged, its increasingly clear to win the cold war.

there are hundreds of nuclear reactor powered submarines floating around the world, the only difference here is that the floating reactor is plugged into the transmission grid.

russian nuclear power is no worse than french or american, if you are european or north american you are probably using electricity generated at those plants now with no problems. this just runs a line to a submarine dock instead of an ap-1000

The question is why do you need one?

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There are nuclear naval ships all fucking over the world, how is this any different?

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US Aircraft Carriers have 8 nuclear reactors. Environmentalists are just pitching a fit because this one is purpose built. There are dozens, possibly hundreds, of nuclear reactors at sea as we speak.

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