London mayor warns Trump that Britons will voice their ‘freedom of speech’ during his UK visit

London Mayor Sadiq Khan's war of words with Donald Trump escalated after he called on Britons to take to the streets in a show of "freedom of speech" the president's visit.

Trump is set to visit the U.K. in July, it was announced on Thursday. He had previously canceled a trip to Britain over concerns in Washington that his visit would prompt protests.

"If he comes to London, President Trump will experience an open and diverse city that has always chosen unity over division and hope over fear," Khan tweeted Thursday. "He will also no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear."


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Except bongs don't have freedom of speech and that whole island is fucking cancer.

Not true. Bongs are free to express vigorous support of government policy or to vilify those the authorities want vilified whenever they feel like it.

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who cares what some arab from some bumblefuck arab country thinks?

wanna gas the jews?

Hilarious considering they just finished a 2 year court battle against a scottish guy that told a joke.

UK SUBJECTS have no rights. just privilges endowed to them by parliament and whatever inbred Hanoverian is on the throne.

englishmen have the right to bear arms, for example in the english bill of rights. whereas the 2nd amendment protects this, in the british system, parliament can rescind whatever rights you have at their discretion.

what is the magna carta?

just because it is violated doesn't mean that it anulled by parliament.

Since when UK cucks have freedom of speech? If they go in the street and say anything about Islamic rapists they get thrown in jail by the cucked police.

Notice how the muslim cuck uses practically a hyponotic suggestion via the (((media))) to incite manufactured outrage.


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I'll believe they have freedom of speech when I can criticize Islam or teach a pugger to heil without being arrested.

since when did brits have freedom of speech? funny that the london mayor of all people thinks so. everybody wants to be a yank.


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The kikes have turned England into a testbed for every orwellian nightmare tool in the book. Free speech is a fucking joke. Why are thousands of Englishmen arrested for posting on twitter.

This fucking disgusting muslim cunt needs to be assassinated. Someone do it, don't just an hero and waste the potential. Kill the fucking achmed shit.

I thought the US just had all its famous statues pulled down because a few faggots and dykes said they didn't like them.
Wasn't a teacher just kicked out of her job for saying the word 'pray' in school.
Funny how the selective memory of an ameri-drone works.
Meanwhile, a shaven headed crisis actor duke spic is ripping up your faggy constitution.
Admit it, you are as buttfucked as England, you just have different branding.

He's talking about bongland, right? That's hilarious…


convince the >>>/suicide/ fags

Britain needs cleaning.

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Public property, public property, pro 1st amendment not con.

Is there freedom of speech in Britain? Show me where it is written in their constitution and laws.

You really believe that's still law in England?
''10. If one who has borrowed from the Jews any sum, great or small, die before that loan can be repaid, the debt shall not bear interest while the heir is under age, of whomsoever he may hold; and if the debt fall into our hands, we will not take anything except the principal sum contained in the bond.

11. And if any one die indebted to the Jews, his wife shall have her dower and pay nothing of that debt; and if any children of the deceased are left under age, necessaries shall be provided for them in keeping with the holding of the deceased; and out of the residue the debt shall be paid, reserving, however, service due to feudal lords; in like manner let it be done touching debts due to others than Jews.''

The isles died when the windsors displaced the Stewart's

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i'm still waiting for backup from the Donald

I still have some vague memory that David Cameron the Prime Minister of Britian declared war on conspiracy theorists, and I may be the shittest one on the planet but it's not something I think should be taken lightly.

Honestly, I still respect him immensely for actually saying it point blank, for the heads up, and it's certainly much more refreshing to know where you stand rather than never knowing what is going on.

In my obviously moronic opinion, it's not meant to be changing any outcomes, it's an opinion if you care to hear it. Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this.

They aren’t britons, they are your goatfucking brothers and sisters that turned london into a hell hole and drove actual Britons into the cities surrounding london. I doubt Trump gives a fuck about what the rats infesting your shit hole have to say about him. Personally, I think if anything is to happen to Trump, if he is to be blown up by an “extremist”, run over by a truck of peace, breaks his neck after tripping on a fucking rock, whatever, I think thats grounds for US occupation of London in which Sadiq is to be dragged through the street and hung like a true Arab.

when did Brits get the right to free speech?

This is an exception in which they are allowed to talk shit about President Trump without fear of arrest.


And they won't get arrested and convicted of hate speech crimes?

I like that it's in quotes. Very appropriate.

Unless they happen to disagree with khan then they go in the cheeky bugger gulag

I can use knives and forks without a license, how about you?


Why would Trump bother going to the UK anyway? Even I wouldn't go there, and I live right next door. Anyway there's enough muslims here to see.
Now if it was like the 80's or earlier, I could see taking a trip.

He means Trump is gonna get a visit from a van of peace.

Reminder this what they want.

In Britain people are allowed to gather and freely express their hatred for a foreigner in the hopes of driving said foreigner out
as long as that foreigner is Donald Trump :^)

Can you even imagine causing this much butthurt? He should take the stage, address the crowd, and tell them that he is quintessentially British and has a right to be in their country. Then he should apply for refugee status and benefits before returning to the US for a "holiday visit"

So a white van is going drive three inches from the rear bumper of his limo for miles before angrily overtaking at a junction?

God, if you exist, I want this piece of shit mayor to die more horribly than any other person in history.
People need to part and fucking parcel this fucks head.

Nah, they'll just wait until Trump goes to meet with supporters and put a jihad on them. Attacking defenseless civilians are what the adherents of the (((religion of peace))) are best at doing.

Thus why he put freedom of speech in quote boxes - this is not blustering and saber-rattling, it's an outright threat to any Trump supporters in the UK. After all, Sadiq Khan is the mastermind of most, if not all terrorism and sex trafficking that happens in the britbongistan today.

Translation: we will have plenty of protestors paid off.

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This is dark comedy if I've ever heard it.

Paki. Or as they call them in Britain, Asian.

Pakistanis don't even speak Arabic.


lol good luck trying to buy anything rated 18+ over there retard

Trust me, we'd rather live in an Orwellian dystopia than the US.

Consider it done

good luck, faggot.

Nobody wants to be a yank despite the shit state of our government.

N-no body here wants to be a yank anywayss!!

Ok, then don't complain when everyone else doesn't take anything you say seriously because it's safe to assume it's all government mandated spew.

why do brits love to cuck?

Their police got a page on the internet where they threat to jail civilians who express offensive opinions, T.H.I.N.K or something

Dude, UK is literally US but smaller and with less freedom of speech, there is entire muslim Neighborhoods too dangerous to pass

That's even worse, at least Arabs have some distant history to be proud of and some of their countries are rich

cuck island.

ITT: trumpbabbies pretend unconvincingly to give half a dead moose's last shit about frozen fruit

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All the anons in this thread saying they would rather live in britbongistan are either trolls, or euro so cucked they might as well be women. I have a brother in-law from the UK who moved to the US,a dn he says he will never go back.

my uncle works at Nintendo's UK branch and can confirm this

ITP: incoherent babbling and a reference to a sjw meme

The keks are endless.

United Kingdom more like Paki Rape Island

then why are there so many britfucks on american tv now?

god bless the american founding fathers and their struggle for independence from you spineless fucks.

pic related. couldnt have said it better myself.

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Don't you have a tv license to renew? better go do that OI IS THAT A BUTTER KNIFE?!

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