Illinois - Unarmed Social Workers To Replace Security Guards At Schools

Lawmakers in Illinois voted to pass a plan to replace armed security officers with unarmed social workers. The Illinois House voted to pass the new legislation with some changes that put schools in jeopardy. The new legislation seeks to provide additional funding to schools that replace armed security officers with unarmed social workers and behavior therapists to keep order in the hallways.

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The irresponsible changes dangle funding as an incentive to put children's lives at risk. Doing so invites more gun violence since kids will know there are no guns to defend the students. When another school shooting takes place at one of these schools that prioritized funding over student and faculty safety Democrats will be calling for more gun control.

The plan was proposed by Democrat Rep. Emanuel "Chris" Welch after hearing from advocates who argue that investing in mental health resources is the best way of treating the epidemic of violent attacks. This approach certainly carries some merit but not at the expense of the safety of student's lives. Welch's plan was backed by 16 other House Democrats and would allow schools to apply for an optional grant if they promise to reallocate funding for school law enforcement to mental health services.

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Seeing as Social Work is where marxism is most infested and students are taught to have no "lens" for reality or statistics, this will end in bloodshed. work degree

Ok but why does this also involve making the schools softer targets than they already are?

I can totally see these unarmed social workers taking a bullet (or five) for "The Chilluns"

TBH the security guards weren't doing anything anyway


Why don't the US just give every child a lobotomy at birth.


You mean sociology, but you're right. Ironically, the field with the highest ratio of psychopaths is psychiatry.

I would hope so.



The jews are at it again. The brainwashing industry will be sued for shekels and the brainwashing industry are destroying the students's ability to get the gun legally by writing false medical history against them that they are crazy.

because guns are yucky and evil


this is a long game, set the school up to be an irresistible target for those abused by peers, the mental health thing will only target those bullied, and will be a MKUltra-lite. The victim seeing how the source of his grief is ripe for vengence, attacks the school, thus giving the poloticians more ammo for their gun-ban gun-control policies.

Maybe they'll push for more students to be put on psychiatric drugs. Like the ones that the majority of crazed gunmen were reportedly taking.
They pump the unstable kids full of drugs that alter brain chemistry, such as SSRI's that dramatically effect serotonin levels. Seems like it may be a bigger problem than a solution in many cases.

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Guns aren't the problem.

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kys nigger

Chicago needs a cleansing.

When I was in school they put me and all the other misfit kids into a class for group therapy three times a week. Forget what they called it but we called it the school shooter's club. Made some good friends in there.

as it well should, American School Shooters (ASS) have become a national staple.

Those "unstable" kids might be the sanest ones or the most resistant to brainwashing, since they don't cave in docilely. Let's review the purposes of schooling with John Taylor Gatto.

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These might be a bit too much reality for this venue. Let me post a video that will get everyone here back on their 'level'.

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They have a cleansing every summer.