San Diego - Border Patrol: Point Of Entry Has ‘Reached Capacity’ As Immigrants Climb Wall (Video)

By now, the images and video of the hundreds of migrants travelling together in a "caravan" which have been prevented from entering the US and of which some have climbed the wall on the beach near San Ysidro have reached national and even European news headlines.

The US Border Patrol agents have now told the group of people (of whom many are travelling with little children) that the Mexico-US border crossing at this point was already full. The large group of migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador is trying to ask for asylum in the US as they claim being persecuted in their home country.

CBP Commissioner Mr Kevin McAleenan stated: "we have reached capacity at the San Ysidro port of entry".

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Man, if only Trump had become President. He's never let this shit happen.

But he did by deploying the National Guard. This is in California, where California refused to deploy their National Guard.

Trump has a rigged deck to clean up.

He made changes that, whether these people get in or not, won't allow these blue states to retain the extra seats based on illegals.

This is why Q is talking about 11.11.18, so long as we get legit leaders, the quantity will be reduced so they have less control over their own cities.

Then he can change laws to prevent them from coming in again. For now he can just drag his feet

The audacity of these scum
if they want to flee persecution
maybe they should fuck off from America.

Maybe they're fleeing to Canada

Just deploy the US army Rangers and order them to start gunning down the illegals. Israel did it and no one gave a shit. You could literally kill the entire caravan - children included - and get away with it.

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Trump is a pussy.

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nobody cares. not even you.

you're parroting false indignation, mimicking complaints about them 'taking away American jobs', while YOU don't even have a job, sitting on your ass in Zig Forums & manipulating your mother to pay your rent and buy you more video games.


This is Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko as filmed from the Rosetta spacecraft…

The streaks in front that look like rain are dust particles, while the quickle moving 'dots' in the background that look like snow falling are actually stars, seen as the Comet rotates.

These few hundred human beings, their plight and desire to cross an imaginary (universally speaking) border, and the opinions of other human beings who live in an imaginary country (universally speaking) on a blue planet millions of miles away IS COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT

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This is Pluto, as seen from the New Horizons spacecraft.

The image showcases a beautiful blue "haze" which, according to planetary scientists, is smog produced by sunlight interacting with methane and other molecules in Pluto's atmosphere. These larger molecules scatter blue sunlight.

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so, you finally figured out how to operate the TEXT function of PicsArt ?….

good work !!


start with one imageboard

add a disenfranchised fragile user

mix in one part Johnny Neptune

Makes multiple servings

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Stop talking about yourself in such a negative manner. We don't want you to an hero over this!

Just got a few minutes to play with the app in the last half hour. Haven't had a chance to do much since I dl it ystdy. Been busy as hell and fulfilling my overly obtuse sex-drive on my gf. She sore now, so thwarting my latest advances. Hence, back to fucking with Johnny boy!

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Also, I can't find the smile function on this app! Hook me with the know-how!

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"an autonomous marketing machine, who's notoriety and brand name recognition are fueled solely on the reactionary responses of butthurt anons who erroneously claim that they are ignoring him as they unwittingly promote him."
-Editor, The Wall Street Journal

"Sheer Marketing Genius! A Must Read!"
-Troling Times Magazine

"A magnificent demonstration of how to trigger the weak of mind, getting the most dynamic reactions, with the least amount of effort. Bravo, Neptune. Bravo!"
-Shitposter Aficionado Gazette

"LOL @ what this one man has done to my shitty website in such a short amount of time. He's had more impact than anyone else, literally derailing Zig Forums as we knew it."
-Jim Watkins

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Never said I wasn't as autistic as you are!
Protip: I don't go to doctors and get diagnoses.

But what fun, eh?

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Why the fuck aren't we just shooting them? What a blatant act of disrespect towards the country they're wanting to shelter and provide for them. It's like breaking into a man's house while you insult him an then expect him to treat you with hospitality. Absolutely fucking disgusting.

Also, filter all namefags.

K. Did that. Why do I now have no content? No fun! No shitposting!

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lol this one's special just for you, buddy!!


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This. Too bad Trump is such a weak faggot. If we had a real leader these spics would be made an example of and gunned down. We need to send a message to the world that the southern border is closed.

Causing problems and frustrating others is my passion.

When my real-life friends tell me "they don't understand what pleasure I get out of doing this to people", I always get a good laugh out of it…

There's nothing else I'd rather be doing

(feel free to download this complimentary wallpaper for your phone)

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I always do!

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Obviously haven't yet learned the transparency / cutout functions yet, but I am not as autistically dedicated as you. Kinda have more important things to do at times. But you wouldn't understand that.

I come from a long line of professional illustrators (what most simply call artists) and musicians and entertainers..

(Believe it or not, in the 1940s my mother modeled the first two piece swim-suit in America, before it was even called a bikini … She was 16 years old, her parents were in the entertainment industry in New York, and she was cold to model the new fashion for the buyers at the Garment District. It wasn't a 'magazine' modeling gig. We still have the New York Times with the picture on the front cover)

All of the boys in my family were 'born with paint brushes in our hands'…

I've never taken an art class in my life, and I did my first paid professional art job when I was 6 years old, believe it or not. I'm from Memphis Tennessee, and after MLK's assassination, the city of Memphis held an event where dignitaries flew in, and I was selected (in the 1st grade) to draw the illustrations of MLK's Life Story that they projected on a big screen behind the guests who spoke onstage.

Anything artistic or creative is what drives me, and it's how I made my living.

but yeah… You'll walk your way through the app and be entertained… And they're always updating it, so you'll have no shortage of new options..

she was CALLED* to model the first two piece swimsuit

Post pic of 16 yr old milf mom in bikini NAO!

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still, JN will not be able to resist this b8, and WILL post his bikini mom here itt, mark my words…

Trips confirms.

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No, you fuck off!

I don't.
I call bullshit.
Nonetheless, still waiting for pics of your 16 yr old bikini-wearing mom, Johnny boy.

Johnny we at /poointheloosplusgood/ love you, please post more on this thread and board, especially all the other peepeepoopoowater threads. I'm sorry to hear your phone is a PoS btw.

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Forgot pic

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I hate Mexicans and Hondurans and Guatemalans and Argentinians and Peruvians and Ecuadorians and Venezuelans and Costa Ricans and Brazilians and El Salvadorians and Guatemalans and Hondurans and Nicaraguans…. AND PEOPLE FROM EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH, TOO….

I hate them all… They can all eat shit…

I hate Americans probably more than any others. Americans suck!!

This 'caravan' (I hate trendy catchphrases) originally consisted of approximately 1,500 people, but has subsequently dwindled down to around 300 people…

That being said, as I type this, there are at least 1,500 legal U.S. Citizens within a one mile radius of me who are willing the system, riding on taxpayers money, collecting welfare, committing food stamp fraud, and abusing their rights in every way conceivable…

But I don't ever 'feel the pinch' from these scumbag U.S. Citizens and their behavior. It doesn't really effect me. It doesnt really effect YOUR day to day life, either. Never.

The U.S. Government is the guilty party when it comes to our economy, lost jobs, wasted trillions, etc etc etc

These 300 or so people who have made this current public pilgrimage are NOT a threat to you, as you sit in your computer chair, sheltered, safe, and content.

In fact, in the time it took you to read my post, over 1,750 illegal immigrants crossed our borders. I don't see you whining and complaining about THEM.

I'm looking out my window right now…
The weather is perfect. The sky is brilliant blue, with a few billowing white clouds, the birds are chirping in the trees, and there's a nice spring breeze blowing in my open window.

Everything is just fine….

Perhaps you guys would be happier if you stopped looking for reasons to complain…

try it one day

Wew lad!
Mom pics when?

Nope… Mom was called down to model the two-piece at THE GARMENT DISTRICT in NYC… It had already been debuted in Europe, and the garment district was now shopping the style to the American clothing manufacturers.

Mom was only 16, and she was a knock out… My grandmother and great aunt were also models, and they were 'stage moms' who had urged my mother to go into the modelling business.

I actually would post a pic, but the newspaper is at my mother's house.

You know (((hate))) isn't good for you, rite?

Good! Fuck imperialist Amerikkka. You fascist fucks are finished!

1946: Burlesque dancer Micheline Bernardini shows off her belly button in Louis Réard's skimpy two-piece made of cloth with newspaper print at the Paris swimming pool Piscine Molitor. Réard names his creation after nuclear test site Bikini Atoll — fittingly, as the design creates a shock heard round the world.

the one mom modelled covered the bellybutton, and only had a small band of exposed skin around the torso just above the bellybutton, but it was still considered very risque at the time…

It's worked pretty well for me, actually

>You know (((hate))) isn't good for you, rite?
Neither are Dunkin Donuts.
You don't see me complaining!
Oh wait. But not about the donuts. About me being dumb enough to let a nigger walk away with my phone.
And I had important pics on that phone!
Some of them were of my mammy in a bikini.

Let us be the judge of that.

America has been finished for decades, ever since Nixon took us off the gold standard.

In fact, it never really was 'great' in the first place… That's all a myth


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As you realize, I'm not one to shy away from posting pics… Next time I'm at mom's house, I'll take a picture of the newspaper…

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AGAIN: I welcome this dwindling 'caravan' of immigrants…

4/5ths of them already gave up and changed their minds…

This final 1/5th of them have demonstrated a lot of determination and will power to have continued making this journey… Obviously, they are dedicated to becoming Americans..

That type of tenacity is ALL AMERICAN in my book

we should give them citizenship immediately. They'll be hard workers, I guarantee it.

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that johnnyneptune guarantee :^)

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Working at what?
Selling heroin in my neighborhood?
Most likely.

Also, can we get a more recent "risque" photo of your mom?
I likey da grannies!

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Do you even know where you are, Johnny boi?

Of course I do…. I'm balls deep up in Zig Forums's gaping collective fuckpit….

I want each of you to write a 500 word essay titled 'HOW ANGY I AM THAT TRUMP IS A WORTHLESS LYING IDIOT' and drop them into my 'told you so' box

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Me too.

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The difference is that Zig Forums doesn't give a flying fuck who you are. They don't even have a clue who I am.

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Is this the Johnny Neptune containment thread today?

giving a fuck 'WHO i am' : not required

giving a fuck WHAT I'm doing: priceless

sings, "that's entertainment'

(I don't see why everyone's being so nit-picky)

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Johnny Neptune a.k.a old man shouts at AWS cloud.

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Tears apart teenage virgin autists for being teenagers, virgins and autists, and gets worked up beyond all comprehension when someone makes a spelling or grammatical error.


if you think these people are 'illegal immigrants' who just walked from Honduras to America in the baking Sun, you're gullible as shit….

Look at their clothes, carrying flowers and expensive cameras…

wow…. I thought you were supposed to be 'smart'…


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take your meds gramps

I don't blame you for being resentful right now. After all, you're still 'in shock' trying to come to grips with the fact that I just debunked everything you 'thought you believed'…

This image shows the ocean in the background… Yet this event is taking place at the San Ysidro border crossing…

Did you know that over 20,000 Mexicans walk into America every day at the San Ysidro border crossing ?

idiot… I asked you a god damn question…


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In fact, here's the San Ysidro border crossing

And it's it's not next to the Ocean. In fact, it's quite some distance….

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You're just a butthurt little bitchboy, frustrated and angry because the rest of the human race would prefer THIS GUY over you…

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you're a powerless, weak, lonely, little, cowardly, inadequate, introverted, sexually and socially failed man who's angry because the world disregards you and overlooks you, the same way girls treated you in school….

You're pissed off that people actually enjoy THIS GUY's company, bending over backwards to make him happy, while you sit there with that video game controller in your hand waking up alone morning after morning after mind-numbing morning….

Attached: 6d55e5b7b0daccfc9eb4c7d137862c9b.jpg (1024x829, 397.82K)

When all of the other children were forming teams to play friendly sports games against each other, you were the one that never got selected.

That uncomfortable silence as all the other young boys had been picked to play on one team or the other, and there you stood all by yourself…

The Dungeons & Dragons-esque 'fantasy' World of Science Fiction and effeminate magical elves in Enchanted Forests that you created for yourself acted as a distraction as you Grew Older…

And although you are now an adult, technically speaking, your disenfranchised social status has left you stagnated between the metaphorical ages of 9 to 11 years old.

In fact, just like a 10 year old boy your days revolve around a base activity of video games and anime, and the only faithful lover you've ever known was your obsolete computer, and this pathetic image board….

So when the idiotic uneducated delusional Trump movement begin a couple years back, having been designed specifically for disenfranchised angry sexually frustrated white males, of course you saw it as your first and only opportunity to ever actually 'be a part of something'….

Although you're certainly not very knowledgeable or experienced with politics, have you spent your life sheltered by your mommy and your childish video games, it wasn't really 'politics' that appealed to you in the first place…

You simply saw this ridiculously embarrassing right wing conservative Trump bullshit as your opportunity to 'fit in' with other angry disenfranchised inexperienced frustrated self-entitled sexually failed white men…

This was your opportunity to finally 'lash out at the world'…

Unfortunately, it's not working out quite like you planned….

…… fact, it's only made you even less likable, and even more easily overlooked…

You're actually a bigger dumbass today than you were last night, and you've got even less of a chance of getting your dick sucked than ever before…

Wew lad!

Did you notice that all of your posts before these 3 were deleted, Johnny boy?

He makes it too easy. He rides in here bareback.

Neptune finally got btfo?

All too easy to do what ?

You can't do jack shit

Commiefornia didn't want to comply, 'cause they love getting blacked by beaners.

OP is a completely insufferable homosexual

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My mother, and my father who was a drill instructor in The Marines… Dad was cool as shit, the life of the party, a total womanizer and a badass. When I was growing up, I saw my father beat the ever-living shit out of several men… He didn't take shit from ANYBODY

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Friendly Reminder

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Attached: silent 2.webm (592x480, 1.02M)


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I began with my mugshot

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Then I got this pic

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I put them together

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I got this pic

Attached: main-qimg-31a280f38daf5cf3671b8136dd935c3a-c.jpg (602x401, 19.51K)

I added the words

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I added myself to it

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Attached: silent 1.webm (654x480, 1.25M)

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