UK – Serious Catfight Slap At London McDonalds (Video)

Footage emerged online from a McDonalds in the south of London where a woman, apparently in a drunken mood, went behind the counter as she thought the preparation of her food was taking too long. A security guard wanted to escort her back to the waiting line, but the female customer could not be moved.

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Another loud angry black woman, color me surprised

Calling this 'news' implicitly downplays how often this happens. I see shit like this every time I unfortunatley find myself in a WalMart or McDonalds or some other nigger warren.

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Jim, you know there are literally thousands of far hotter free catfighting vids online and that your lurid badbutt bullshit will therefore have limited effectuality in attracting clicks, right?

testing parentheses meem around newsplus to see if he's triggerd by that too


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The goldwater, everybody. What a joke.

THAT is London? My heart just sank.. it's just like America. That's extremely sad. The world is doomed. This is what have we collectively done/allowed


What'cha sliding Ivan? Loving the taste of Putin's balls in your mouth?

I guess it's a step up from the usual stabbing these days

would be a downright shame if someone memed those chavs and niggers into chugging boiling oil, now wunnit

Wherever Black people go you need security guards and police. Shoot first, ask questions later is the best tactic to dealing with them.

Don't blacks in the UK have fathers? Why hasn't anything changed?

Niggers chimp out anywhere in the world regardless of location. It's all cuz of systematic racism.

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And yet there is a subtle difference. Those girls are all under 200 pounds.

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You do realize that Bayer bought Monsanto. That subtle difference will be gone in a decade or so.

The security guard is like 2 times her size

Not a white person in sight except biker man

I doubt this, given that europeans generally tend to walk around more than americans (who jump in their SUVs to drive down to the 7-11 at the corner).

Knew it was a negress from the title.

WE have done?
Nice naivety.
The kikes have been shipping in coons, nogs, wogs and chinks since the 50s.
NO ONE wanted them, not one Englishman said "plz send more fucking third world apes! and hurry!!!".
As was said by Enoch Powell and others, "we were never asked".
Simple, hold a referendum, ask if people want to have niggers and pakis, and show them photos of what africa and india looks like in normal day to day life.
Then give them statistics for murder, rape, cannibalism and so on.
Then let them decide.

We didn't do a fucking thing.
What we should have done is killed every last one of the politicians and their (((friends))), and protected our countries ourselves.
Every European capital is turning into this, the other cities following, and WE are not bringing them over, the kiked, demented scum governments are doing it. Merkel is one figurehead, an eastern european communist childless dyke, ruled by people like Soros.
I guess you haven't been here long.


The Goldwater is a fucking piece of shit

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You seem upset.
Who hurt you user?

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Want to know how I know you're not from around here?

What if 7-11 is 8 miles away from your middle class suburbia? Dumb eurocunt.

Sorry lad, each and every nigger is still 100% nigger.

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Most "white" Americunts have negroid blood though.

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Why are you going to either of those often?

None of those niggers should be in that country.

says the europaki

fun prodding or actually believe it?

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