Fewer people are visiting Las Vegas. One insider thinks hotel resort and parking fees are to blame

Daily resort fees and parking charges are rising and spreading in Las Vegas, adding as much as $45 a day to visitors' hotel bills. The publisher of Las Vegas Advisor blames the extra charges for a recent decline in the number of visitors.

"Everyone hates resort fees, but the parking [fee] is even worse," said Anthony Curtis of Las Vegas Advisor. "Everyone wants some kind of comp, [and] the most basic comp is free parking. That was the one comp that everyone got."

The Advisor, a decades-old, monthly newsletter highlighting what's new in Vegas and featuring deals for visitors, provides lists of parking costs and resort fees across southern Nevada.

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totally unrelated to the mass shooting…

and it's a 40 year old irl version of IAP

People are not making enough money for shit like that.

People aren't rich enough to blow money in casinos any more. Vegas may as well be Sodom anyway.

Yes, probably.

Either that or people are getting wiser to how gambling works, ie, the money only ever flows in one direction. It's basically like a tax on stupidity.

I couple of my friends were addicted to those fruit machines you find in bars. Every so often they would win big (well big for a fruit machine) and the machine would chink away giving them £30. They act all proud like they were some skillful master of gambling, then you'd watch their glazed over expression as they pump all that money and more back into the machine over the next hour or so.

Stopped hanging around with then, people like that are just to dumb to be around.

Of course it's totally unrelated goy…i mean guys!
We all know it was a lone wolf, there was no involvement with the Saudis a couple of floors up. And he was clearly the only shooter, despite video evidence to the contrary.
You all saw the body cam footage of the breach, where Paddock was already assas..I mean commited suicide right?

Dude, you're such an idiot

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I really like this picture I don't know why..It makes me feel funny in my pants.

Going to vegas sucks unless you're fully COMP'ed.

whores are cheaper outside the US. gambling on cryptos>>>gambling in casinos.

When I worked for ZZ TOP, we we're shooting the video for their remake of the Elvis song Viva Las Vegas, and I had never been to Vegas before, so I was all excited about finally getting to go there.

I was checked into Caesars Palace, where I would end up staying for the next two months, while we did the advance production design for the video shoot. It took me less than an hour to make up my mind about the city.

I fucking HATE Las Vegas.

It's a piece of shit. You'd have to be a real loser to think Vegas is cool. It's like a cheesebag carnival with no soul. Gambling is for idiots, and if you're not gambling, there's absolutely no reason to be there. It's awful.

Because people don't smoke, drink martinis, wear tuxedos to dinner or listen to Frank Sinatra anymore.
Las Vegas is a relic of a different age.


You talk a lot about the "thousands of dollars per job" you made but what ever happened to all of it? Didn't build any equity? You are a senior citizen who made so much money and you have to rent an apartment now. Oh well, I heard from a bassist who played with Lonnie Mack from Canada to Mexico that rags to riches often only leads back from riches to rags.

because drugs and marrying thots

You should probably stop doing meth.
Wendy won't let you come home until you are off meth for at least 6 months, she told me.
Also, fuck you. I can't find the "settings" on this app, nor can I figure out this sizing issue yet…

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pretty sure if I wanted to gamble I could go to a casino around here instead of flying around the country to give my money to an overpriced city.

B-b-but legalized prostitution just outside of town! Sounds like you could use some.

I seriously hope you don't do this

The reason people are no longer going to Vegas in the same numbers as the past has absolutely nothing to do with parking rates…

and EVERYTHING to do with Las Vegas being a piece of shit

Hee Hee !!

I'd be pissed too, if I were you

casino customer: i win, i win
casino: no you didn't win. it was machine malfunction but thank you for playing.

Says the guy in the park wiping his ass with a piece of bark because his stinking whore of a wife kicked him out…

Trust Me….

When Warner Brothers, Miller beer, and Lone Wolf records all three pay equal amounts (scale) for every project that you do, you're NOT getting paid 'hundreds of dollars'…

Bill Ham, their manager, hired me under an extremely unorthodox situation, and he structured a very unorthodox payment schedule for me. Somehow, he got Warner Brothers and Miller beer to both match every dollar I got paid from Lone Wolf records.

So if I got $3,500 to illustrate a doodle, Miller beer would also pay me another $3,500, and Warner Brothers would also pay me another $3,500, all for the same doodle…

What on Earth makes you think I'm the type of idiot who would want to OWN a fucking house?… That's the total opposite of the way I want to live my life, because I'm always changing my goals and directions and locations.

For example… ..

Eehhhhh forget it… I'm not going to sit here and explain to you about where I was living, or what I was doing…

I'll just leave it to your imagination

Hint: it's not like you think it was, I can guarantee that

The Punchline:

Where I live is MUCH nicer than where you live

I can absolutely guarantee it !!

K A B O O O O M !!

No one has disposable income anymore

The park? In Georgia? I highly doubt it.

Sorry bro, but it's all over now.
You're down here in da shit wid da rest o' us…

Absolutely correct…
At least that particular phase of my life, the funniest part is working for ZZ Top was actually a matter of declinism, at least as far as I was concerned. It was lucrative, but it paled in comparison to my years prior to that. I started doing portraits for celebrities when I was 12th years old, and I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with all of my 'idols' and 'heroes'. Getting to know people like Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Jay Leno and Andy Kaufman might not have had the same 'prestige' as actually being employed by Warner Brothers, but for me personally, it was much more rewarding. So, you in many ways being hired by ZZ Top was a downward spiral from my former life, and life is not like wine, it doesn't improve with age. It oxidizes end corrodes and fades, so I've considered wife to be a 'downward spiral' in general ever since I was a teenager.

And I can live with that

lol yeah… A park… You 'got me', huh ?…

(hint: we live in an actual real-life Antebellum Mansion that was built in 1885, and is on the National Registry of historic places)

I guarantee I could fit three of your houses into ours…

But yeah… That's where I park my ass…
(Like I said, I would be angry too, if I was you)

I've considered LIFE* to be a 'downward spiral' in general ever since I was a teenager.

not 'wife'….

My wife is more like an upward spiral

If your life is so amazing then why are you on Zig Forums bragging about it? Even if everything you say is true, it's obviously not enough to fill the miserable void in yourself if you gotta use it to validate yourself to internet strangers. I'm retired at 37 with a 7 digit net worth and watching you brag about your wealth is just pathetic.

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The funniest part about working for ZZ Top was experiencing the phenomenon (as an artist) where the more you get paid, the less you care about the actual art itself…

My best work of my life was given away, and not sold… Artistic inspiration has nothing to do with money.

While it was definitely an amazing roller coaster experience, it was not the artistic highlight of my life.

The Elvis portraits I did for celebrities were much more of a 'highlight', because I really put my heart into the paintings, and they had special meaning.

These days, my client base is a lot different than it was in the past, and I only paint or illustrate here and there, very selectively…

In fact, I turn down almost every offer I get, because I have to really be passionate about something to invest any creative effort into it these days…

Have you ever noticed how it's always 'you guys' the actually decide to make every Thread about 'me' ?….

Seriously… All I have to do is explain how I lived in Caesars Palace for 2 months (actually a little bit longer than that) and how I hated Las Vegas with a passion, and you guys decide its your 'cue' to make the thread about ME…

Then you turn around and accuse me of trying to make the thread about myself

……. Isn't that ironic?

………………… I really don't mind, not at all

….. But isn't that ironic?

ok. stopped reading right there.

You come across as a gigantic narcissistic asshole. You spent 2 months in one of the most fun places in the world and couldn't find any value in it at all. Even if you don't like gambling, surely you could have found something fun or redeeming about it. I grew up in Las Vegas and there are million fun things to do. You just seem like an entitled twat. If you meet just one asshole a day, they're just an asshole. If you meet nothing but assholes, YOU'RE the asshole.

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….. See what I'm talking about?

I never bragged my 'wealth', not even once…..

In fact, I think it was made perfectly clear that I was discussing my past, and simply answering or responding to comments made by other people regarding my past….

I simply I told the truth, and I even responded to a comment which suggested I 'lived in a park', correcting that person, and explaining that I currently reside in an antebellum mansion that was built in 1885.

(It's not that rare where I live)

….however, if I'm not mistaken, it was YOU who just 'bragged about your wealth', dropping numbers and bragging about retiring at an early age……

(Which doesn't mean jack shit to me because as I've already made it perfectly clear, I don't give a fuck about material shit, and owning your own house or how many figures you make doesn't mean anything to me. I'm not even vaguely impressed)

Because your accusation that I am 'a miserable person and that's why I'm here' is patently untrue, because I'm actually extremely happier with my life… In fact, ever since my most recent arrests, everything has fallen in place for me, and I'm more content right now than I have been in many many years.

If you knew me in real life, you would realize just how mistaken you were.

(And if somebody needs to be 'miserable' to come to Zig Forums and 'brag' about 'wealth', may I remind you that describes you perfectly right now)

I come here because I have fun… I'm entertaining myself, and I couldn't give a less of a fuck whether anybody else is entertained or not….

lol there was nothing written after that you dumbass

Quit sounding magnanimous, you phony. Bragging about how someone could fit 3 houses into yours. You're in denial.

That was the end of the sentence…

lol @ you being 'offended' that I found Vegas to be a bore

Uh huh….

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That's a peculiar name.
it fucking triggers me whenever people write in cyrilic but just use whatever letters look like the latin ones. Fuck me, just google "cyrilic alphabet", Джонни Нептун

You are a try-hard.

I never suggested that 'my existence was better than yours', because that's really a matter of perspective…

And I never said anything that should have threatened you, although you seemed to perceive it that way…

All I did was address the accusation that I live in a park, and I think it's fair to say that I could probably fit three of your houses into ours, but contrary to your girlfriend's complaints, size isn't everything…

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Really?.. I'm not even trying at all, but I think the beginning maximum results

*takes a bow*

Yes it does trigger you, indeed!

*takes another bow*

But I think IM GETTING* maximum results

See?… I'm putting such little effort into it, the time using speech to text and not even paying attention, really….


(while the width of our house is huge, it's the DEPTH that's so surprising)

You'd really have to see it to grasp just how massive it is….

But my happiness has nothing to do with our house or how much money I may or may not have at any given moment, or how many art jobs I do…

I'm happy as shit for internal reasons and because I'm surrounded by people who I love very much…

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Hmmm. Millenial much!
The blame factory is in full production.

I've got pubic hairs that are twice as old as you

Wew lad!

how to tell someone is not the type of person you'd like in real life:

they say 'lad' online

Alright… This has been a blast !!

….you guys be well……………………………

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Wew lad!

or more eloquently, wewlad

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Oh yes I'm sure that's totally it and not the fact the economy has been in turmoil for years.