NO FLUKE: Illegal Immigration Back To Obama Levels After 200 Percent Year-Over-Year Surge

Arrests of illegal aliens along the southwest border ticked up slightly in April from the previous month, marking a sustained rise in illegal immigration that has reversed gains made in the early months of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Border agents arrested or turned away 50,924 people in April — up eight percent compared to March — according to Customs and Border protection figures released Thursday. But when compared to April 2017 — a month that saw a historically low number of illegal crossings — southwest border apprehensions spiked by an astonishing 233 percent year-over-year.


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So much for the fabled wall, fucking Trump is taking his sweet ass time building it.

I imagine you'd have a lot of trouble getting something like "the wall" through, if the democrats keep knocking down attempts to get it erected.


It's one of his main promises, if that were to not take place due to opposition parties then that would only serve as a way to prove how little power a president can actually have.

Thinking sure is hard

You realize that border arrests are better that not arresting them right guys? these numbers are not telling us how many get through unchecked, and they definitely don't tell us how many got through when Obama was president. My guess is we are doing a better job now than in the past. And once the wall is finished crossings will drop substantially as we have seen in Eastern Europe and Israel.

This is true. He really needs to pull out the full nutsack and Andrew Jackson these bitches.
I have a feeling he will after he's finished negotiating peace in Korea.

Your stupid border is the exact reason you have so many illegal immigrants. Back when people were free to come and go you had less immigrants. You stop them getting to and from their country and this is what happens.

Go away. Baitin'

Which reddit did you escape from

The School of Trudeau Thinking

obama wasnt COUNTING or keeping track of illegal immigration. this is a retarded comparison to make. its like if obama stopped counting murder when niggers did it, then trump starts again, then blame trump for the increasing nigger murder rate.

I want cannons on top of the wall that can fire all the way to mexico city.

If obama can get an illegal executive order through congress & scotus then trump has no fucking excuse

literally a fucking meme you retard if your kike rulers keep importing shitskins all the wall will do is stop you when you try to flee from their failed experiment of a misceginating nation


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You mean its back on the number than were "counted" back then,
not talking about all the ones that were completely left unchecked and through during that time, which is way higher and is properly in check these days



Quit bullshitting, Eli

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So, basically, the Mexicans in Mehheeko figured out that Trump wasn't the racist that the lying media tried to convince everyone he was and feel safe to trespass into the US again.

This was shit that was figured out back in the 20s… It turns out a lot of people don't particularly care to live in areas they can't speak the native language in. But they'll put up with it in short burst to following the working season. Illegal immigration became a problem when nativist retards decided to make it difficult to cross the border. Immigrants decided, rightfully, that they better not risk going back and not being able to return to work the next season.

Except this doesn't tell me if the spike is a result of an improved border patrol or not, because it's not giving me the numbers for the alleged "sustained rise in illegal immigration" for comparison. It's lying by omission that entices the reader into filling in the blanks with their own biases, thus reinforcing said biases. This is why people call Fake News the Fake News.