Does This 3,000-Year-Old House Confirm King David's Lost Biblical Kingdom?

Archaeologists have discovered a sprawling, possibly 3,000-year-old house that suggests a biblical kingdom called the United Monarchy, ruled by King David and later Solomon according to the Hebrew Bible, actually existed.

The archaeologists who excavated the house, at a site now called Tel Eton, in Israel, said in an article published online March 13 in the journal Radiocarbon that the date, design and size of the house indicates that a strong organized government existed at Tel Eton around 3,000 years ago. They added that this government may be the United Monarchy. The site is located in the central part of Israel in a region called the Shephalah.


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No proof its jewish or biblical, just old. Its probably Cannanite.

Apparently, they couldn't build houses worth a shit back then.

and LOL @ those bullshit artists in declaring that a 'strong organized government existed' based upon the 'date, design and size' of a piece of shit pile of rubble, that they claim to be a 'house'…

They're wrong… Jesus never existed, the Bible is entirely fabricated, and nobody is capable of producing even a tiny single shred of evidence to prove otherwise.

(This pile of shit is not good enough, if you think this proves Jesus was real)

This piece of shit chunk of petrified wood proves that Jesus was a spidermonkey that played saxophone on Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd.

"The size, age, and the color of this wood proves that Jesus played the alto sax on 'money' after flinging his feces around the recording studio".

(If you believe in the Bible, you're a fucking idiot)

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Looks pretty chill….

What's the rent there ?…

I bet you'd save a lot of money on air conditioning bills……

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I wonder how much the pet deposit is

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It's probably Arab.

Something that has trails all over the place since always "gets discovered"

Jewish tricks and schemes …

also, filtered :^)

Daily reminder johnny neptune is actually a jew

yay! religious propoganda!
where do I sign up for my religious pilgrimage to the United Monarchy? What a hip name! The ancients really knew how to rule in style, eh?
Come! Come! Sign up for the tour! yay! Free money for Israel!

United Monarchy.
It just drips of spin.

That's the true Temple of David. Once it's reconstruction is complete it will fulfill the first requirement of the prophecy. IMO this is a huge indicator of the Second Coming. Better start repenting Jim. All dogs don't go to heaven.


actually Jesus did exist because they have Roman state records of the first time he was brought to trial on charges of heresy or some such other before the Tetrarch of Galilee, case dismissed by the tetrarch because tetrarch thought he was a harmless deluded sage
all the OT is bollocks tho

jesus may have existed

that doesn't mean he walked on water
made bread multiply
or floated up to heaven after being dead

just saying

What prophecy? Wasn't Jesus' body a temple in john 2:19? Wouldn't Him being raised from the dead have counted as the third temple after herods? Why do we need three temples destroyed for this so called 'prophecy' that I don't even know where I can read about it?

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we wuz da real jewz n shit

Jesus didn’t exist in the Old Testament

sorry sweeties, you don't get to pick and choose

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Archaeology isn't naturally formed like fossils, retard, and there's way more to identifying who made it than looking at today's borderlines and going "yep, it was [my choice of ancient people]"

STFU and follow the torah bitch! Keep yo mouf shut!

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jesus doesn't real

The Original Culture is Sumerian, This is the place where the First Man was born.

Fossils from the remains of a kill seem to suggest that early hominids were sailing from island to island in SE Asia over 500,000 years ago.
Glacial melt in northern Europe has revealed 7000 year old skis.
Your argument is invalid. There was no first man. Different races of humans evolved independently much much further back than current culture and science is willing to admit.

The idea a God created the universe and the Big Bang Theory aren't mutually exclusive though. The scientific community initially hated Stephen Hawking for the Big Bang Theory because they thought because he was implying a God because the idea of the Big Bang theory is the entire universe being created in a single event.

maybe possible with a god
but not possible with the God of the Bible though

In what way?

How many jews could a /jews plus/ jew if a /jews plus/ could jew jews?

It's weird you and others have to attack the divinity/existence of Jesus in an story about archaeology. Almost like your following a ((script))
just saying

Not any of them, but…

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